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Angola: 15 deaths due to undiagnosed disease - possible yellow fever? - probable malaria

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  • Angola: 15 deaths due to undiagnosed disease - possible yellow fever? - probable malaria

    Published Date: 2017-05-18 07:03:06
    Subject: PRO / PORT> Unidentified disease - Angola (HL), deaths, outbreak (?)
    Archive Number: 20170518.5044604
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    Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017
    Source: DN [17/05/2017] [edited]

    Unidentified disease killed 15 people in recent days in Angolan village
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    A disease still to be identified caused the death to 15 people [between how many affected? - Mod. RNA], in the village of Camunhandi, Mulondo commune, Matala municipality, in the Angolan province of Huíla, local health authorities announced in the last days.

    The situation was reported by the provincial director of Huíla de Saúde, Altino Matias, who heads a team of technicians from the Ministry of Health, who has been in search of research work since that day [May 17, 2017].

    According to the Angolan news agency, Angop, the victims are mostly children, who present symptoms similar to those of yellow fever [jaundice? Bleeding? Shock? - Mod. RNA].

    This situation is the first recorded in that locality, which is 200 kilometers east of the city of Lubango, capital of the province of Huíla.

    Communicated by: ProMED-PORT

    [Depending on the clinical picture and temporal distribution of cases, the yellow fever hypothesis could be considered. However, it should be ascertained whether, as a result of the recent outbreak of yellow fever through which Angola passed, the patients were not immunized against the disease. In that case, the hypothesis would become less likely.

    As always, without more precise and complete clinical, epidemiological and laboratory information, it is difficult to pinpoint the most probable hypotheses. However, meningococcal disease, malaria, typhoid ... viral haemorrhagic fevers (including ebola ...) should be potentially considered.

    Additional information would be welcome.

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    21 May 2017 | 16h29 - Updated on May 21, 2017 | 16h29

    Huíla: Deaths in the Mulondo were caused by malaria

    Lubango - The traditional treatment of patients with malaria, in detriment of hospitals, was the main cause of 15 deaths recorded in recent days in Camunhandi, in the municipality of Matala, Huíla, according to the health authorities.

    The provincial director of health, Altino Matias, explained that children, with symptoms of malaria, lost their lives because they were taken to chemo.

    According to the information collected, he continued, "these children, with a probable malaria picture, lost time going to the kimbanda instead of the sanitary units, where they should be diagnosed and treated correctly."

    There was a resurgence of malaria cases in the municipality of Matala, where in the first four months of this year 13,000 and 400 cases were detected, with 190 deaths.
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