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Burundi - Unidentified disease kills pigs in the province of Mwaro

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  • Burundi - Unidentified disease kills pigs in the province of Mwaro

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    Unidentified pig disease continues to wreak havoc in Mwaro

    Wednesday, 16 January 2019 07:16

    One month after the attack of a pig disease in the province of Mwaro, this disease is still unknown. The disease continues to kill pigs and the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock announces that it is still investigating the causes and treatment of the disease.

    This disease that attacked pigs in the province of Mwaro began a month ago in the Fota and Buziracanda hills of Ndava commune. Veterinarians in Mwaro Province give as symptoms of this disease lack of appetite, fever, and vomiting in the attacked animal, which dies within a period not exceeding two days. As for the piglet, it succumbs within 24 hours.

    Blood from pigs infected with the disease was collected and sent to the Bujumbura Veterinary Center. These veterinarians reveal that they have not yet received the test result, which prevents them from attempting any treatment. However, these veterinarians point out that the disease spreads easily, as contamination can occur in the air.

    Given the nature of the disease virus, these veterinarians reveal that even chickens can catch it. And, pending the results, veterinarians in Mwaro province are urging breeders to separate the affected animal from healthy animals and not to eat sick pork.

    For their part, some farmers in Mwaro province have already begun to move their cattle to the border provinces for shelter.

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