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Tanzania: 8 elephants' death mired in confusion

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  • Tanzania: 8 elephants' death mired in confusion

    10 DECEMBER 2018

    Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)

    Tanzania: 8 Elephants' Death Mired in Confusion

    By Hazla Omar in Loliondo

    EIGHT elephants have perished so far, in the wake of the emergence of a strange disease which only seems to affect jumbos in the northern tourist circuit.

    Scientists at the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), based in Arusha have taken up the case, saying the unidentified disease as well as the death of large mammals, is the first to be experienced in Tanzania.

    Wildlife officers are just as baffled. Mr Joseph Meng'oro, the Deputy Wildlife Officer at the Ngorongoro District Council, where most of the deaths have been recorded, is worried that, more deaths could be occurring without notice.

    "The jumbos started to haemorrhage through their trunks and then collapsed and eventually died in Arash Ward, from the 20th of September this year. Lately, we traced seven carcasses in different parts of Loliondo Division," he said.
    Samples of blood from the carcasses found in Loliondo were taken to the Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLA) centre of Arusha, where chemists who conducted an analysis said no disease was detected.

    The TVLA Test Report Number, ARTR 2018/949 as approved by Mr Paul Sanka at the Laboratory, indicated that the 'Microscopical Examinations,' samples using Polychrome Methylene Blue Stain were 'negative of anthrax,' it seems many had suspected cases of anthrax.

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