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Morocco - US student died quickly from malaria after travel in Africa - June 11, 2018

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  • Morocco - US student died quickly from malaria after travel in Africa - June 11, 2018

    Noor Died "In The Plane" Before Reaching Lebanon ... Malaria Virus Was Faster!

    2 hours ago

    he surprised everyone by her shocking departure. How could Lebanese young woman Nur El Tahir die of malaria before she could reach Lebanon ?! It is hard to believe what happened, from America to Liberia. Nur went all the way to meet her family and spend Ramadan with them before they boarded the plane for the Eid holiday in their home country. But as soon as the country began to take its course, its health began to deteriorate. Thus, Nour's health was tormented by death in Morocco before she could reach Lebanon after booking a place at the American University of Beirut.
    Noor has landed at the airport in Morocco

    The news of the death of Nur in the south, specifically the town of Joya, was killed by malaria before it succeeded in eradicating it. She was studying microbiology in America and died because of a mosquito, it's really ironic. "Noor lives in America to complete her studies in bacterial medicine. After visiting Lebanon for a day, she traveled to meet her family, who lives in the United States. In Africa. She intended to spend Ramadan with them and then spend the Eid holiday in Beirut. But when she arrived until her health deteriorated, she did not have to enter the hospital and give her a solution before her family decided to transfer her to Lebanon for treatment. "
    verything happened quickly. It was unbelievable. When I arrived in Morocco, I got very sick and began to vomit blood from her mouth. Her mother was forced to bring her to a hospital in Morocco where she stayed for four days in intensive care and her condition was wobbly, "every hour," until a private plane was secured for transfer to the AUB hospital. For a whole night we try hard to secure $ 100,000 to book a bed for her. No one owned the money and the banks are all closed. Despite that, we succeeded in securing the sum.

    Her uncle speaks with great emotion. It is not easy for him to speak on the subject: "The wound is a new and soft enemy. "Noor died in the plane, she did not hold any more, she was kidnapped by death before she reached the hospital in Lebanon, the tragedy was great and she was on her way here," she said