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Coronavirus adds extra strain on Africa's supply chain

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  • Coronavirus adds extra strain on Africa's supply chain


    Coronavirus adds extra strain on Africa's supply chain
    Poor infrastructure, logistical hurdles and high prices are some of the challenges that have affected Africa's food supply. With border closures and night curfews, the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated these problems.
    Date 06.08.2020
    Author Cai Nebe

    In the busy market of Baba Dogo — a town located northeast of Nairobi, Kenya — Irene Kwira sells clothing she imports from China, Uganda and Tanzania.

    Kwira's supply chain broke when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world and forced many manufacturing industries to shut down businesses and countries to close borders.

    Kenya took similar measures to limit the spread of the virus.

    "This meant that we could not get our goods easily because they could not reach us," Kwira told DW. "So the returns were low and we would buy goods at a higher price because the demand could not match the supply."

    Kenya closed its borders and allowed only essential goods to be imported and transported throughout the country.

    The government's decision on what counts as essential services also made Kwira's job of selling her stock exponentially more impossible. "It's difficult to send goods timely to my customers within the country due to the curfew," Kwira said...