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Algeria - 2 hospitals attacked in recent mob violence - at least 1 partially closed - August 20, 2016

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  • Algeria - 2 hospitals attacked in recent mob violence - at least 1 partially closed - August 20, 2016

    third process of assault and vandalism of equipment in a matter of days

    Drunk mobs destroyed the plants of blood donors in an attack on a hospital Khenchla

    08/20/20161911 11

    Long live the interest of medical reminders, the institution hospital sheet, Ali Bozhabh, Bouknclh, midnight Friday to Saturday, an assault operations targeting the medical staff on duty, the interests of the medical reminders, and vandalism and damage to equipment, medical gear, by a group of drunken consists of five members came to the hospital to lose fellow them, and then rose up in the face of the medical staff, who tried to prevent them from approaching the sick, to turn the visit into violent confrontations, affected medical staff. Events began the entrance of the hospital and moved to the benefit of reminders of where the injured nurses injured, especially that the attackers used wooden sticks, and summoned up intervention of the security forces, who arrested three of them while two fled as long vandalism different devices, including the locker blood Remember that contained a significant amount of blood donors , disinfectants and the doors and windows-interest emergency, the Department has established over the Director of rotation in the case, rushed yesterday morning, the crew on duty doctors and quasi-medical, to the correspondent Minister Abdelmalek Boudiaf, for its call to protect them as he had promised in the last visit led him to Annaba, and reported that the attack is the third of its kind in a matter of two hospitals in the city, wondering about the secret of indifference sector officials Bouknclh who did not task a breath even navigate to the spot, to check on the alternates, and preview the prestigious losses recorded in the assault, threatening to stop working and Mlhan the need to provide permanent security task force, instead of rotating the individual security agents, so that they can intervene as soon as needed. This assault incident, is the third of its kind in 48 hours, after that preceded a similar incident, touched medical recovery room, medical reminders, after the death of a woman pregnant with twins, was hit by a traffic accident, where it was developed, under medical care, the hospital despite the unavailability the competence of gynecology and obstetrics, and surgery by virtue of the operations wing is closed until further notice, and after death the people sabotage and attacks, as a reaction to what they called negligence leading to death, which was denied medical staff Ali Bozhabh and Fatah security investigation when, as witnessed Hospital Ahmed Ben Bella, a reported attack, targeting a doctor alternate medical Balastajalat, by the patient's family, ended a protest movement of the medical staff, and the size of the losses that touched the equipment, according to sources daily sunrise in the recent attack was the first on the estimated one billion centimes in the Department of reminders were all a organs and the blood donated by citizens.