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Madagascar - Doctors die from Covid-19

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  • Madagascar - Doctors die from Covid-19

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    Madagascar: Epidemic - Doctors die from Covid-19

    APRIL 28, 2021
    Madagascar Express (Antananarivo)

    By Miangaly Ralitera

    “To our brave colleagues who have fallen in battle! », Published on his Facebook account, the president of the Order of Physicians, Eric Naivolala Andrianasolo, yesterday. Reached by phone, he has not confirmed the causes of the death of several doctors, which have occurred in recent times. “We cannot say whether or not they succumbed to the coronavirus. We do not know the causes of their deaths, ”he says.

    Dr Abela Ranaivosoa, president of the Union of Civil Servants, meanwhile, estimates that around ten doctors have died from coronavirus disease recently. “These doctors are not all at the front in the fight against the coronavirus. Some have caught the virus in the community, ”said a doctor in a hospital. Several health professionals contracted the virus in this second wave of the epidemic. Private doctors, doctors from public hospitals are on the list of carriers of the virus. Because carriers of the virus also go to private practices and clinics. Many doctors are still being treated.

    Staff less

    “This is not a personal protective equipment (PPE) problem. Because we have enough PPE. The thing is, the current virus spreads very easily. A small gesture of inattention can be a vector of transmission ”, underlines a doctor.

    With these many deceased health workers, those who are undergoing treatment, those who cannot work because they are vulnerable, the number of health personnel at the front in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic is decreasing.

    “Certainly, the brave have fallen. But the troops get up and resume the fight, ”reassures Dr. Eric Andrianasolo. “Today, the question is no longer to find those responsible, but to sensitize everyone to take part in this fight, with the means at our disposal. The Nation needs us health professionals now. Let's go to the front to save our compatriots! », Launches this president of the order of the doctors, at the place of his colleagues.

    Read the original article on L'Express de Madagascar .
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela

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    China was right.

    It must be approached as an Ebola, at the level of the medical system, or it is the stampede.

    So we limit the constraints for non-professionals, and professionals show that they are at the level ...


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      Translation Google

      In Madagascar, hospitals that are under-equipped and overwhelmed by the influx of Covid-19 patients

      The country is facing a deadly wave of coronavirus, caused by the South African variant, with nearly 10,000 cases and 200 deaths in one month, according to official figures.

      By Laure Verneau (Antananarivo, correspondence)
      Posted April 28, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. - Updated April 29, 2021 at 11:10 a.m.
      605 deaths listed

      For three weeks, the South African variant has been wreaking havoc in Madagascar and saturating the country's health capacities, modest and already undermined by the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020. Ambulance sirens have been ringing regularly in the city center from the capital. The funeral directors are overwhelmed.

      Since the arrival of the coronavirus in March 2020, only 36,000 cases and 605 deaths have been officially recorded on the island. Figures that do not reflect reality. Less than 120,000 tests have been carried out since the spring of last year, according to a diplomatic source.

      Everything is missing on the island. Doctor in a hospital in Antananrivo, Andry has a 24-hour shift every two days, for lack of nursing staff. “I saw people literally die at my feet when they got out of the ambulance because there was no room in the hospital,” he says. Medicines like anti-hypertensives or tonics, we don't have any more. We have to bring them in from outside. "

      In Covid Treatment Centers (CTCs) - often high schools and gymnasiums turned into treatment rooms - staff are equally overwhelmed. “People come here before going to the hospital ,” explains a doctor. We end up with serious cases when we are supposed to treat mild forms of the disease. The amount of oxygen is really not enough for everyone. There is a lack of drugs in intensive care. Medication for comorbidity is the responsibility of the family and some pharmacies are in short supply. "

      The violence of the South African variant

      Faced with these shortcomings, the authorities, failing to stem the spread of the coronavirus, are trying to limit the expression of discontent. “People are afraid to speak up and testify ,” says Andry *. Criticizing the government or the management of the health crisis with an open face can lead to pressure on social networks, or even dismissal. "

      On April 22, an interministerial decision banned for fifteen days, in the name of the state of health emergency, the broadcasting of a dozen interactive programs comprising the interventions of listeners or political debates, for fear of "unrest. to public order ”. A “disproportionate, illegal and illegitimate” decision , according to Arnaud Froger, head of the Africa office at Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

      “All the regimes that have practiced over-control of information have contributed to the spread of the epidemic, like China. Official communication does not replace journalistic information , ”he emphasizes. Finally, the ban was lifted on Monday April 26, subject to the media respecting a letter of commitment filed with the Ministry of Communication.

      The violence of the South African variant has forced the government to change its health strategy. Until then, Covid Organics, a traditional remedy made from artemisia, was at the heart of the response. The Minister of Health announced the arrival of the first doses of vaccines in early May, without specifying the brand or the number. They will be intended primarily for caregivers and the elderly.

      After months of procrastination, the executive resolved to join the Covax initiative on March 30. The first doses should arrive in July on the island. President Andry Rajoelina returned for two weeks to total containment over the weekend and the country is again closed to external flights for an indefinite period.

      Laure Verneau (Antananarivo, correspondence)
      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
      -Nelson Mandela


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        the context :
        Madagascar: no vaccination campaign, for the moment

        Madagascan president prefers local remedy to Covid-19 vaccines

        It is true that the Madagascan president criticized the WHO. In an interview on the international channel France 24, Andry Rajoelina said that the rejection of the Malagasy remedy Covid-Organics by the World Health Organization was linked to a problem of contempt for Africa:

        Le tétanos néonatal fait partie des maladies sous surveillance active par le PEV. Au 1er semestre 2017, seulement 03 cas ont été notifiés et investigués dans le cadre de surveillance cas par cas. Des activités de renforcement sont mises en œuvre par les appuis des partenaires techniques et financiers dans les régions/districts pour maintenir le pays au statut d’élimination du tétanos néonatal depuis 2014


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          Et douze pays ne vaccinent pas encore : sept en Afrique (Tanzanie, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Tchad, Burundi, Centrafrique, Erythrée), trois en Océanie (Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati), un en Asie (Corée du Nord) et un dans les Caraïbes (Haïti). Il y a parmi eux plusieurs cas de figure.