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Kirundo: children die in incubators due to lack of fuel

April 8, 2022 Jean Ntumwa

Between six and eight infants died the night of Thursday to Friday at the provincial hospital in Kirundo (northern Burundi). The three incubators of the neonatology service have ceased to operate due to lack of fuel which was running the generator at this health establishment which has been experiencing a power outage for days. INFO SOS Media Burundi

The actual number of children who died the night of Thursday to Friday at Kirundo hospital remains unknown. But our sources do not speak of less than eight infants who died following the failure of the hospital's only electrical distributor. It was around 10 p.m. when the incident happened.

The generator's fuel ran out and we were all plunged into darkness. Infants in neonatology were the first victims. I counted between six and eight dead, ”says a nurse. Emergency patients were forced to seek consultation at private facilities or return home.

“The patients who were waiting for a doctor for consultation in the emergency department went home or went to private homes,” noted employees of the Kirundo hospital.

It has been a few days since we observed repetitive power cuts at this health establishment. The situation is decried by patients, nurses and employees who accuse management of “not taking the situation seriously”.

What aggravates the situation, regret our sources, is the malfunction of the cold room since last weekend. "The remains give off a foul odor and we are afraid of catching diseases", deplore the patients, their guards and hospital employees.

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