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Puerto Rico - COVID-19 cases - 34,533 cases; 477 fatalities

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  • Puerto Rico - COVID-19 cases - 34,533 cases; 477 fatalities

    hat tip to a friend of FluTrackers

    Pedro Mart?nez
    Gobernadora hace llamado a la calma en lo que se esperan los resultados del primer caso sospechoso de #coronavirus en #PuertoRico. Pudieran tardar 24 a 48 horas. #COVID2019 #covid19 #coronaviruspr


    ? 16m
    Puerto Rico Governors says the 1st suspected case of #coronavirus on the island involves a 68yo Italian woman who arrived on the island via a cruise ship. She presented with pneumonia symptoms. She's isolated at a hospital in San Juan. CDC will test samples to confirm infection.

    David Begnaud
    NEW: The Italian woman who got off a cruise ship in Puerto Rico with symptoms that officials suspect is coronavirus was onboard a Costa Luminosa cruise which made its very 1st stop in PR, ever. 2,500 ppl were on ship; about 40% walked around Old San Juan, says Tourism Director.

    David Begnaud
    ? 1m
    To reiterate: The Puerto Rico Governors says a woman got off a cruise ship on the island even though she felt sick. There's a suspicion that she has coronavirus. The island will now rely on the CDC to confirm whether thru testing whether or not the Italian woman has the virus
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    Governor confirms the first three cases of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico

    Governor Wanda V?zquez Garced confirmed this Friday, late at night, the first three cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Puerto Rico, and that she accepted the resignation of the Secretary of the Department of Health, Rafael Rodr?guez.

    The Government of Puerto Rico handles 11 suspected cases, three positive, five negative and three to be determined. Meanwhile, the Veterans Hospital treats another 6 cases, four negative and two to be determined.

    At a press conference tonight, V?zquez Garced also announced new island-wide prevention measures before COVID-19.

    -From March 16 to March 30, they announce school closings for 14 days. The goal is to "protect" the most vulnerable populations.

    -Also the total closure of the entrance of cruises to Puerto Rico, including the ferry.

    -Public services will be offered only to essential employees (police, fire and health officials). Tomorrow, Saturday, the Constitutional Cabinet will meet to determine how they will proceed with public services.

    ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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      Cases continue to rise
      There are already five confirmed cases, while they wait for the results of four other people with and without a travel history
      By Lyanne Mel?ndez Garc?a
      Monday 16, March 2020 04:30

      As tension continues among Puerto Ricans over the emergence of the coronavirus, COVID-19, Puerto Rico authorities confirmed that there are already five positive cases of the pandemic disease.

      The most recent of them was a 65-year-old woman who traveled to New York and had symptoms, for which she is being treated at a health center in the Mayag?ez region. The test was performed in the Public Health Laboratory of the Department of Health.

      Other confirmed cases are the couple of Italian tourists who arrived on the island on the Costa Luminosa cruise, the 87-year-old Californian tourist transferred by helicopter from another cruise ship to Mayag?ez and a 72-year-old Puerto Rican, cancer patient, with no travel history.

      The Italian woman is 68 years old and had symptoms, but her husband of 70 years is asymptomatic. At Saturday's press conference it was not clear how Dr. Fernando Cabanillas' cancer patient was infected, who has no travel history, because although he has a family member who had traveled to California, this has not been tested to confirm if he has the disease, or if the man could have been infected by another route. Officials referred the question to state epidemiologist Carmen Deseda, but was not present at the conference.

      Despite the first suspected cases being reported since Sunday, March 8, the first confirmations were delayed by evidence sent to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.

      According to official information provided by the Department of Health, in addition to the five confirmed cases, there are nine others that yielded negative results.

      In addition, there are four cases (two with a travel history and two without a history) awaiting results: an 86-year-old man from the metropolitan region and an 85-year-old woman from the Ponce region. In total, there are 15 cases handled by the authorities. Three are patients over 80 years old; two are over 70 years old; two are in their 60s; two others, in the 50s; one, in the 30s; and four, in their 20s.

      Until the closing of this edition, there was no new information about a man from Ponce who presented symptoms and was on National Zalsa Day, presumably sharing with a Panamanian who tested positive for the disease and who while visiting here had the symptom.

      Nor had the case of a person in Canada who traveled to Puerto Rico and tested positive been reported. Authorities said Saturday that they had been unable to communicate.

      For its part, the Veterans Hospital directly handles their cases, it has reported six, of which four gave negative results.

      The Government promised to offer daily update of the cases. As of Wednesday, it was determined that hospitals where patients are in isolation will not be reported. It is considered to designate a single hospital to attend to these cases, but that determination has not yet entered into force. Governor Wanda V?zquez indicated that an announcement in that direction would be made earlier in the week.


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        Puerto Rico 14

        Puerto Rico, which has taken some of the United States’ most dramatic measures to control the spread of the coronavirus, reported eight new positive cases on Friday, including several with continental U.S. and Florida ties.

        Read more here:


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          Puerto Rico confirms the first death from coronavirus on the island
          18 mins ago

          The Puerto Rico Department of Health confirmed this Saturday the death of a 68-year-old Italian tourist with previous pathology as the first fatality from COVID-19 in Puerto Rico.

          The woman had arrived on the island on March 8 with her husband on the cruise ship “Costa Luminosa”.

          The first to report on the death of the woman was the local Health Department, but later confirmed by the Secretary of Public Affairs of La Fortaleza – headquarters of the Executive – Osvaldo Soto, in a press release.

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            Latin Press]
            Sunday March 22, 2020
            Covid-19 cases in Puerto Rico rise to 23
            San Juan, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) With a slow rate of evidence, Covid-19 cases in Puerto Rico have risen to 23 today confirmed by the Ministry of Health, so the government will reinforce social distancing.

            "It behooves us to be rigorous with the measures established by the government to stay at home and regularly incorporate those behaviors that allow us to avoid contracting the virus and stop its spread," said the acting Minister of Public Health, Concepci?n Qui?ones de Longo .

            The official specified that the two new cases correspond to a 54-year-old woman and a 75-year-old man, and belong to the western Mayaguez region.

            With the new figures, the total number of cases in Puerto Rico is 275 tests carried out, of which 23 have been positive for Covid-19, 183 negative and 69 awaiting results.

            Among the negative cases, there is a deceased woman in the neighboring municipality of Carolina with suspicion of having the virus, whose samples were taken by the Bureau of Forensic Sciences, which confirmed that she was not infected.

            One of the positive cases is that of the 68-year-old Italian tourist who arrived on the Costa Luminosa cruise ship and died in a hospital in the capital's tourist area of ​​the County.

            Her husband of 70 years remained in isolation in the same hospital center, because after being asymptomatic she tested positive for the coronavirus.

            Qui?ones de Longo recalled that hand washing is essential, in addition to cleaning surfaces and avoiding leaving the house in case of illness.

            The director of the Covid-19 Task Force, Segundo Rodr?guez Quilichini, expressed that our call is to social distancing and we ask the citizens to stay at home.

            "Those people who, due to an extraordinary situation, have to leave their home to buy an article of basic necessity, must follow the recommendations that the health professionals offer us to avoid the spread of Covid-19," said the doctor.


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              The Latest: Germany approves aid package for small companies
              MARCH 23, 2020 08:03 AM


              SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The second death from COVID-19 in Puerto Rico is a tourist from the United States.

              The Health Department says the victim is a 73-year-old man who was vacationing in the U.S. territory with his wife and had other health problems.

              The island has 31 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 69 pending test results. Police have detained and cited more than 200 people for violating a two-week curfew imposed last week.
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                Positive cases of coronavirus rise to 39 in Puerto Rico
                The Department of Health assured that this represents that there are between 195 to 390 infected in the community without identifying
                Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 6:45 AM
                Updated on: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 7:04 AM
                By ELNUEVODIA.COM

                The Health Department confirmed this morning that positive cases of coronavirus increased from 31 to 39, while deaths from the disease on the island remain at two.

                According to a press release, this responds to five positive results obtained by the Public Health Laboratory and three by the Veterans Hospital.

                Given this, the director of the coronavirus medical task force, Dr. Segundo Rodr?guez Quilichini, urged citizens to stay at home to contain the spread of the virus, since the number of infected could be higher.

                "This represents that, at this time, in Puerto Rico we have approximately 195 to 390 unidentified people in the community, and these people have the ability to infect others exponentially. Therefore, we ask that you stay at home. . The goal of everyone in Puerto Rico should be to reduce the spread of this virus to the minimum possible. We all have to unite as a people in this effort, "said the doctor ...


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                  Puerto Rico resident, 48, becomes the island’s third coronoavirus fatality and its youngest
                  BY JIM WYSS
                  MARCH 27, 2020 08:17 AM

                  SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO
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                  Puerto Rico reported its third death due to COVID-19 on Friday, saying a 48-year-old woman on the island’s western coast had succumbed to the novel coroanvirus. It’s the first time an island resident had died due to the growing pandemic, which has killed more than 24,000 worldwide.
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                    Two more deaths from COVID-19, and positive cases increase to 127
                    The deceased are two men.
                    By: CyberNews
                    Posted: Mar 29, 2020 09:24 AM
                    Updated: Mar 29, 2020 10:24 AM

                    Health Department Secretary Lorenzo Gonz?lez Feliciano reported on Sunday two additional deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

                    “With these two additional deaths, there are already five regrettable events of this type that we have to face due to COVID-19. It is noteworthy that the death announced this week, as well as one of those reported today, correspond to people at relatively young ages, which makes us think about the importance of protecting ourselves by taking the appropriate measures to avoid contagion and community transmission on the Island. This virus does not discriminate, so anyone can be a victim of its lethal consequences. So the advice must be consistently reiterated: stay home and maintain social distance, wash your hands, avoid touching your face and clean surfaces, "said Gonz?lez Feliciano in written statements.

                    Both deceased were reportedly men and were in isolation rooms of two different hospitals.

                    The first of them, 68, was being held in a hospital in the San Juan metropolitan region and had already been diagnosed as a positive case for COVID-19. The second, 42 years old, was being treated in a hospital in the Fajardo region and the positive result for the coronavirus was released on the day of his death. Both presented comorbidities.

                    In turn, the total number of positive results reported increased to 127, after the Public Health Laboratory reflected 27 new ones, the Veterans Hospital one, and an additional one obtained by private laboratories. Of these new ones, 14 positives correspond to males and 13 to females.

                    On the other hand, the total of negative results increased to 841 and another 817 are expected.

                    A total of 1,785 COVID-19 tests have already been carried out in Puerto Rico, a significant increase compared to those that were being carried out weeks ago. This reflects the government's effort to obtain the tests and make them more accessible to the entire population.

                    “Undoubtedly, the efforts to obtain diagnostic instruments for the COVID-19 have been titanic, having to compete for articles of world scarcity for which there is a high demand today. The fruits are already being seen and as we continue to receive more results from these tests, we will be able to move to a more robust epidemiological study with which we can analyze the behavior of this coronavirus on our Island to finally succeed in overcoming it, "he concluded.


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                      BY MIAMI HERALD | MARCH 30, 2020

                      Puerto Rico saw its largest single-day increase in new COVD-19 cases, a sign that testing is ramping up but also that the virus is spreading amid some of the most restrictive measures of any U.S. jurisdiction.

                      FULL STORY..
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                        Puerto Rico sees 8 dead, 239 infected, as pace of coronavirus outbreak accelerates
                        BY JIM WYSS
                        MARCH 31, 2020 08:43 AM, UPDATED 3 HOURS 43 MINUTES AGO

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                        The Health Department on Tuesday said it had confirmed 65 new cases, taking the total number of those suffering with the novel and deadly virus to 239. There were also two additional deaths: a 53-year-old woman from Bayam?n and a 66-year-old woman in Caguas.
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                          Puerto Rico shutters police stations amid COVID-19 curfew
                          by DANICA COTO Associated PressWednesday, April 1st 2020

                          SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico on Wednesday closed its fifth police station in a week, raising concerns about the U.S. territory's ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic as officers accused the government of exposing one of the largest police departments in a U.S. jurisdiction to COVID-19.

                          More than 150 officers are under quarantine as dozens await test results on an island that has reported 11 deaths and more than 280 confirmed cases amid a month long curfew that has shuttered beaches, parks and non-essential businesses.
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                            Deaths increase to 12 and 316 positives from COVID-19
                            Here is the most recent report from the Department of Health.
                            By TELEMUNDO PR • Published on April 02, 2020 • Updated 5 hours ago

                            The death of an 84-year-old man yesterday raised the death toll from coronavirus (Covid-19) to 12 on the Island, the Health Department reported today.

                            The man was initially confined with symptoms of Covid-2019 in a hospital institution in the Mayag?ez region, the test was performed and he tested positive. Subsequently, his clinical picture worsened, causing his death.

                            On the other hand, 30 additional positive cases were also reported, for a total of 316. Of those 30 new cases, two correspond to minors; a 4-year-old girl and a 17-year-old teenager.

                            While, the positive results of adults correspond to 13 women of the ages of 20, 64, 61, 26, 74, 62, 78, 49, 53, 55, 81, 82 and 84 years. Also, 15 men are added; two of them 33 years old and the others 30, 42, 49, 51, 52, 55, 61, 63, 64, 67, 69, 70.79.

                            "Epidemiological forecasts anticipate that Puerto Rico will go through the highest peak of contagion approximately for the first week of May, which means that the most critical moment of this pandemic on the Island has not yet arrived. Once again we ask the citizens to cooperate and follow the instructions established by the Executive Order issued by Governor Wanda V?zquez Garced. We are making all the necessary efforts and efforts so that we can best face this crisis in the country, but the best way you have to protect yourself is to stay at home, "emphasized Dr. Lorenzo Gonz?lez, secretary of the Department of Health.

                            For his part, Dr. Segundo Rodr?guez Quilinchini, coordinator of the Puerto Rico Medical Task Force, stated that “the increase in positive cases is imminent and the future of the Country and its citizens will depend to a large extent on the support received from them by respecting the containment and prevention measures that we have recommended. Please, this is not the time to visit family members that I had not seen in a long time or to go out unnecessarily. For your health, for your community, stay home. We don't want to have the death charts that other countries are experiencing. It is time to stop and stop underestimating this virus. Anyone, healthy as it may seem, could be infected and can infect you. Do not leave your home, it is vital that these measures of social isolation are taken very seriously, "he said.

                            In Puerto Rico, a total of 3,041 Covid-19 tests have already been carried out, of which 1,604 have yielded negative results.


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                              Health: deaths rise to 15 and 378 infections by COVID-19
                              The Health Secretary says the "lockdown" is likely to continue.
                              By TELEMUNDO PR • 1 hour ago • Updated 1 hour ago

                              CORONAVIRUS UPDATE APRIL 2
                              Getty Images
                              The secretary of the Department of Health (DS), Lorenzo Gonz?lez, reported on Friday that the number of deaths from coronavirus (COVID-19) rose to 15 . Meanwhile, 62 new infections are added to the list for 378 in total.

                              Gonz?lez, offered a morning update during a radio interview (WKAQ), would be contemplating totally isolating -in hotels, for example- the positives to curb contagions locally.

                              " The 'lockdown' is the right decision and it will probably last. We are not talking about a day or two days ... " said Gonz?lez, who stressed the importance of wearing masks.
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