Cuomo Calls Indoor Dining in NYC ‘Negligent’ and ‘Reckless’ Without More Enforcement

The governor also mentioned a hypothetical scenario wherein restaurant capacity would be capped at 25 percent
by Ryan Sutton Updated Sep 8, 2020, 5:46pm EDT
Indoor dining won’t be allowed to return to New York City until the city has an adequate and expanded enforcement plan for social distancing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggested today during a press conference.

That will come as tough news to the city’s beleaguered restaurants, which continue to push (and sue) for the ability to serve customers indoors as COVID-19 infections continue to hover below one percent. All other areas of the state have been able to open for indoor dining, with restrictions, for more than two months.

As points of concern regarding indoor dining, Cuomo cited “egregious, voluminous violations of the rules” by bars, local governments that were “slow to provide enforcement,” issues with the return of indoor dining upstate, and maxed-out state inspectors.

“I would need additional enforcement capacity from local governments,” Cuomo said, adding that indoor dining would “roughly double” the number of venues that need monitoring...


NYS Restaurant Assoc
Sep 3

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