If the Department of Health requires the Cherry Hill Public Schools to close for an extended period of time, bagged lunches and grab-and-go options will be prepared and made available. Aramark has evaluated our inventory of food and is ordering appropriate items for bagged lunches and grab-and-go options.

Meal options would include items that are less temperature-sensitive (for example, a peanut and butter jelly Crustable over a deli sandwich; juice over milk). Options for students with allergies will also be made available. All meals will be pre-bagged. Menu options served will minimize touch exposure by wearing disposable gloves and using pre-wrapped food products when available. Disposable products such as utensils, napkins and plates will be utilized.

The District is permitted to share several days of meals at a time, so a weekly (or every three days, etc.) pick up/distribution schedule will be established. Communication regarding pick up times and locations will be shared via our emergency notification system (phone calls and emails), district and school websites, social media, television, and newspaper.

Options for distributing the meals include families doing a “drive by” pick-up at a predetermined location, such as a school. Alternate pick up locations, potentially bus stops, may be offered based on concentrations of where eligible students live. These alternate locations would be limited by the availability of a refrigerated vehicle.