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Illinois: Covid-19 in prisons/jails

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  • Illinois: Covid-19 in prisons/jails

    Over 100 Cook County Detainees Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Officials Say

    12 staff members have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began

    Published 16 mins ago • Updated 16 mins ago

    0:53/ 9:44
    An additional 12 detainees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus at the Cook County Jail, bringing the total number of positive tests to 101 since the pandemic began.

    According to the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, a total of 203 detainees have been tested for COVID-19 in recent days. Of those tests, 101 have returned positive, while nine detainees have tested negative for the virus.

    A total of 93 tests are pending....

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    Illinois inmate dies from COVID-19; dozens more sickened
    March 31, 2020
    7:34 am
    Associated Press

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Illinois officials have reported the death of a state prison inmate from COVID-19 and acknowledged the difficulty they face in stopping the spread of the virus in a crowded correctional system.

    Dr. Ngoze Ezike, the state's public health director, said a man at Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet had died from the respiratory illness...


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      2nd Stateville prison inmate dies of COVID-19
      The death comes six days after authorities announced another inmate at the correctional facility in Crest Hill had succumbed to the coronavirus, marking the first death from the disease at an Illinois prison.
      By Tom Schuba Apr 5, 2020, 10:04am CDT

      Officials announced Sunday that a second inmate at Stateville Correctional Center has died of COVID-19.

      Ronald Rice, 66, was being treated at Morris Hospital when he succumbed to the disease, according to the Grundy County coroner’s office...