New ‘Harvest of Shame:’ Most younger people dying from coronavirus are Black, Hispanic

By Joe Capozzi
By Chris Persaud
Posted at 7:45 AM

Claudia Martin, an aspiring nurse and the daughter of a Guatemalan landscaper, is the youngest person in Palm Beach County to die of complications from the novel coronavirus. She was 22.

Claribel Cardenas-Gamboa, a mother in Belle Glade, was 33. Jose Diaz Ayala, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, was 38.

The deadly respiratory disease killed Jose Antonio Sapon Alvarez, a healthy Jupiter landscape worker who was remembered as a “great goalkeeper” on his soccer team in Guatemala. He was 35.

It claimed Glorivi Andujar, 39, and her brother, Alexander, 41, 10 days apart after most of their family got infected. And it took Bayro Vazquez Escobar, a landscape worker who was the main provider for his wife and sons. He was 41.

They’re just a few of the faces behind a startling statistic about the pandemic’s toll: Although COVID-19 continues to kill predominantly white, older Floridians, when it becomes lethal for those under age 60 it’s disproportionately killing minorities, a Palm Beach Post analysis of state medical examiner records show.

While two-thirds of those 60 and older dying from COVID throughout Florida are white, the reverse is true for those younger: two-thirds are Black or Hispanic.

In Palm Beach County, the pattern is even more pronounced — 70 of the 78 deaths under 60 have been people of color. Among those 42 were Latino.

Only 14 people younger than 40 have died in Palm Beach County. Nine were Latino...