June 29
Los Angeles county health officials warned Monday that local hospitals could reach capacity in the next two weeks as the coronavirus infects more Angelenos through newly reopened businesses and public and private spaces.
L.A. County health officials also said:
  • The positivity rate has jumped to 9%, meaning about 9 out of every 100 people tested for the virus has a positive result. Transmission rates are also on the rise.
  • If steps aren’t taken to increase capacity, hospitals in L.A. County will likely run out of beds in the next two weeks and intensive care unit or ICU beds in the first week of July.
  • Hospitals are already implementing surge plans, including limiting elective procedures and preparing to turn areas like emergency rooms into COVID-19 treatment areas.
  • More younger people are getting the virus. There has been a 40% increase in cases in adults 40 and under.
  • The county has enough ventilators to meet the projected need for the next four weeks.