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Arkansas: From June 1 - 10th, 32 new Deaths, Active Cases rose 1,178

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  • Arkansas: From June 1 - 10th, 32 new Deaths, Active Cases rose 1,178

    On June 1st, there were 1,909 active cases. On June 10th, there were 3,087. 1,178 new active cases in 10 days.
    On June 1st there were 133 deaths. June 10th brought an accumulated 165. 32 new deaths in 10 days.

    Hutchinson announced that the state, as a whole, will move into Phase 2 effective Monday, June 15. He noted that Arkansas has already adopted many of the guidelines for Phase 2 of the White House’s Reopening America Again framework. This move will allow expanded capacity from 33% to 66% for restaurants, gyms, and other indoor facilities that can still maintain six-foot distancing.

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    In some states coronavirus hospitalizations on the rise, experts point to lack of social distancing

    June 11, 2020


    The states in which the hospitalization numbers are increasing are Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah, according to a new analysis by ABC News of public data from the past two weeks.

    In a few cases, the increases are stark, and hospitals are beginning to once again see signs of the surges that overwhelmed them during the height of the pandemic.

    Arkansas, for instance, has experienced a 74% increase in average hospitalizations since after the Memorial Day weekend, and one official in the state told ABC News some hospitals there are "nervous." Arizona has seen a 49% increase in the same time frame, and an official there said hospitals are "definitely strained."