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Thailand - Phuket province closed down due to "many infected people" for at least 14 days - April 11, 2020

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  • Thailand - Phuket province closed down due to "many infected people" for at least 14 days - April 11, 2020

    Phuket anti-epidemic upgrade again! All districts are closed, ordinary people are not allowed to cross-regional activities

    April 11, 2020

    Thailand's headline news agency, Thailand, Phuket Province, Yin issued a notice saying that due to the spread of the new crown virus, there have been many infected people in Phuket. Phuket Province decided to cancel the previously issued order to close high-risk towns including Patong, Karon, Rawai, Kathu, Chalong, and Srisoonthorn, as proposed by the Infectious Diseases Committee, and instead exercise the following order:
    1. Close the borders between each town, and control the movement of people to the greatest extent possible, seeing doctors, treating and nursing, exercising medical duties, communication and postal staff, civil servants and employees of government departments and state-owned enterprises serving the people, it is necessary to travel and obtain The special personnel agreed by the county governor, as well as the transportation of consumer goods, communication equipment, oil and gas, medical supplies, rescue vehicles, official vehicles, parcels and printed materials transportation vehicles, etc., can move across districts and towns.
    2. All counties set up quarantine screening points and must ensure that they do not cause danger and obstacles to the traffic. The county heads shall be the heads of the local checkpoint duty teams, and arrange joint duties with the police, regional management officials, village and town leaders.
    3. From 00:01 on April 13 to 23:59 on April 26 (a total of 14 days), or until the epidemic has eased, seek cooperation from the people, let them stay in their residences and minimize the number of outings The person in charge of each region should formulate a plan to deal with it, and try to minimize the impact on the people.
    4. The county magistrate or the person appointed by the magistrate, the person appointed by the regional police chief or the chief, and the personnel of the commercial department of Phuket Province jointly conduct a commodity price survey, and it is never allowed to hoard the goods that are necessary for people's daily life. Some people violated the rules and investigated strictly according to law.
    5. Strictly follow the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus:
    5.1) Phuket public health department personnel, county department personnel, local management personnel, etc., organize temperature tests on all the people in each town, and if someone is found to be infected with the new crown, they will be sent to the designated place for isolation, or sent to the designated place for temporary Forbidden to watch;
    5.2) The local management department shall arrange for the strict cleaning and disinfection of public places, streets, dwellings, shops, etc., and spraying medicine;
    5.3) Although Phuket has ordered the whole province to close non-epidemic hotels, if any hotel needs to allow employees to enter into financial work or maintenance and repair work, the hotel must arrange in-store accommodation for employees until the work is completed, and employees are not allowed Move out; the hotel must report to the county administrative unit the list and number of employees working and staying in the hotel. If it is found that someone is suspected of being infected with the new crown, it will be sent to the designated place for isolation, or sent to the designated place for a temporary ban to watch.
    6. Let the county heads, towns, and village heads of various places inform the people, let the people understand the relevant instructions, and arrange for the districts to prepare consumer goods for the local people for a total of 14 days. The people must stay at home and not come out to cause trouble.
    The above rules are required to be strictly followed by the public and all parties, otherwise, if violations are found, they will be held accountable in accordance with the law. They may face one year ’s imprisonment, a fine of less than 100,000 baht, or a combination of both; More crimes were found in the "International Emergency Regulations". This announcement will take effect from April 13 to April 26, or until the epidemic has eased (see follow-up situation).
    (Compile Zhongtai; Announcement from Phuket Province; Provide Special Reporter Cowboy in Phuket)