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Spain - Only 5% of Spaniards have antibodies against the coronavirus

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  • Spain - Only 5% of Spaniards have antibodies against the coronavirus

    May 13 2020

    The preliminary conclusions of the Health macro-study reveal that there is still no "herd immunity"

    The first results confirm the hypotheses on which the de-escalation plan is based.

    Only 5% of Spaniards (about two million citizens) have developed antibodies against covid-19, that is, they are immune to the virus or have been in contact with it. The prevalence is very similar in men and women, and lower in babies, children and young people. Furthermore, it remains fairly stable in older age groups. And yet, there is great geographic variability throughout Spain: the areas most affected by the virus, such as the Community of Madrid or Catalonia, have a prevalence of covid-19 up to five times higher than the others.

    This study, in which samples have been taken from 60,983 people (it is expected to reach 90,000 when it ends, in about six weeks), provides an "x-ray of the epidemic" in Spain, in the words of the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa . And, in addition, it "confirms the hypotheses" on which the Executive has been working and on which the de- escalation plans have been based . Warning to sailors: in Spain, with only 5% of the population with antibodies against the virus, there is currently no "herd immunity" (or group or group immunity, which occurs when a sufficient number of people are protected against to an infection).

    The Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, has described this study as "very, very important" and one of the "most solid" that has been done so far in western countries due to the "degree of representability" and the "number of tests done. " "This study marks a before and after in Spanish science in the fight against the pandemic," said Duque. The final objective is to "measure" the number of people infected.

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    Únicamente el 5% de los españoles (unos dos millones de ciudadanos) han desarrollado anticuerpos contra el covid-19, es decir, son inmunes al virus o han estado en contacto con él. La prevalencia es muy similar en hombres y mujeres, y menor en bebés, niños y jóvenes. Además, permanece bastante estable en grupos de...
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