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Cat catches coronavirus in Spain

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  • Cat catches coronavirus in Spain


    SPECIES JUMP Cat and owner both die after catching coronavirus in Spain
    Jon Lockett
    May 8 2020, 11:46 ETUpdated: May 8 2020, 12:31 ET

    A PET cat died after catching coronavirus from its Spanish owner - who was killed by the infection.

    The four-year-old moggy was taken to a veterinary hospital in Catalonia with breathing difficulties and a soaring temperature of 38.2C...

    Staff discovered he had heart failure and low platelet levels - meaning his blood was not able to clot properly.

    The cat, which belonged to a family from the Barcelona area, was put to sleep as it was deemed unlikely to recover.

    The pet - named Negrito - was just the sixth feline to be detected with the disease since the start of the outbreak.

    It belonged to a household where several family members had already caught the killer virus, reports Reuters.

    It was tested for coronavirus during a post-mortem on April 22 and found to have a low level of infection.

    But vets insist it was its pre-exisiting conditions which led to him being put to sleep.

    "The vet who euthanised the cat realised that the animal presented a very grave respiratory pathology and feared it might suffer from COVID-19," said Prof Joaquim Segales of Catalonia's Animal Health Research Centre.