Strategies to be updated as more is known of coronavirus
24 min ago
Research shows its transmission is different from Sars, more like H1N1 flu: Lawrence Wong
Fabian Koh

As more information on the coronavirus surfaces, Singapore will reassess and update its strategies to deal with the evolving situation, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said yesterday.

One potential strategy if widespread community transmission happens here would be to discontinue contact tracing for every individual, he said.

"Instead, we will look at the patients who come forward," he added. The majority of those with mild symptoms can visit GPs and, with necessary precautions, will recover in due course, he said.

The more severe cases will be referred to hospitals, where they can get more specialised treatment.

Mr Wong said the Government used the same strategy to handle the H1N1 situation in 2009.

"We are not saying we are there yet. This is not our strategy today, which is still to contain the spread of the virus," he emphasised.

"That is the strategy that countries everywhere are still adopting."...