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Pakistan’s Covid crisis could result in famine

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  • Pakistan’s Covid crisis could result in famine


    Pakistan’s Covid crisis could result in famine
    Wheat shortages caused by supply chain failures, poor state planning and pestilence threaten perfect storm of disease and hunger
    by FM Shakil July 28, 2020

    PESHAWAR – Pakistan’s Covid-19 outbreak is morphing into a food security crisis as massive wheat shortages emerge due to failing supply chains, poor government planning, unseasonal rains and, not least, pestilence.

    Wheat millers claim the virus-hit nation is on course for a 3.5 million ton shortfall of the targeted 27 million tons needed for this year. If accurate, the shortage could result in severe food shortages during the upcoming winter season.

    Pakistan’s economy has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As of July 28, the country had recorded over 275,000 cases and at least 5,865 deaths from the disease. Lockdowns and displacement, meanwhile, have disrupted food supply chains...