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New Zealand: Covid-19 - 1,782 cases; 24 deaths

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  • New Zealand: Covid-19 - 1,782 cases; 24 deaths

    the person was in the sixties, and was a permanent resident of New Zealand who had recently been in Iran
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    Jacinda Ardern has confirmed New Zealand has its first case of Coronavirus.

    The infected individual is in their 60s and is in Auckland Hospital in a stable condition.

    They are a New Zealand citizen who returned to the country from Iran via Bali, Indonesia on Tuesday.



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      "Household contacts are in isolation as a precautionary measure. Public health officials have begun tracing the patient’s other close contacts to ensure appropriate protection measures are in place, including on the flight involved which originated in Tehran and came via Bali."

      The Ministry of Health "It has asked anyone who was concerned and on the final leg of flight Emirates EK450 arriving Auckland on Wednesday February 26, to call the Healthline number 0800 358 5453. "


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        A barber in Auckland has temporarily closed his business after he discovered he was on the same flight as New Zealand's first confirmed coronavirus patient..... he wouldn't have even known he was on the same flight as the person infected if a friend didn't see it in the news. He said the lack of contact from the health department and the airline is a concern.


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          Coronavirus: Queues at supermarkets as panic-buying ramps up

          Panic-buying appears to have kicked in, with confirmation the coronavirus COVID-19 has arrived in New Zealand. And supermarket bosses are urging people to "resist" the urge to stock up.

          Lines at a Pak'nSave supermarket in Auckland were out the door on Friday evening, following the confirmation of New Zealand's first case.



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            Coronavirus: Lance O'Sullivan admits he 'got it wrong' in playing down fears, says thousands could die here


            If the virus gets loose in New Zealand, based on what we've seen so far, it's likely at least 5000 people would die - and that's a conservative estimate based on what happened on the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship on which the virus ran rampant.



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              Coronavirus: At least 23 people who sat near NZ coronavirus patient will be closely monitored


              The patient - in their 60s - had travelled to New Zealand from Iran via Bali and Dubai on flight EK450, which arrived in Auckland early Wednesday.


              Officials are concentrating on contacting people in the immediate rows in front of and behind the infected passenger, amounting to 33 seats, 20 of which were allocated to passengers. The flight was not full. Three other people came and occupied empty seats during the flight, he said.

              Healthline staff were proactively contacting the rest of the flight as a courtesy.



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                Two monitored for coronavirus in Nelson

                Nelson-Marlborough Health has confirmed that two people from the region are being monitored for any signs they have contracted coronavirus.

                A health board spokesperson said the two were passengers on the Emirates flight from Dubai to Auckland, via Bali, on which a traveller was confirmed on Friday as having the virus.

                The two people in the Nelson-Marlborough region were now in isolation and were being monitored daily by the Nelson Marlborough Public Health Services, but neither had been tested.



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                  Passenger on Bali Auckland Flight on 26 February confirmed with COVID-19

                  A passenger who flew from Tehran to Auckland through Dubai and Bali has been confirmed with COVID-19 and is now in isolation in Auckland City Hospital.

                  The woman travelled from Bali to Auckland on Emirates flight EK450 arriving at 5.25am on Wednesday 26 February. Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) will be contacting passengers in rows close to the person now diagnosed with the virus.

                  The Ministry of Health will be communicating with other international health agencies for passengers exposed on the other legs – Tehran to Dubai and Dubai to Bali.

                  Passengers in Row 37 – 40 on EK 450 arriving 26 Feb

                  ARPHS will be in contact with people in these rows who were close to this passenger, using details from flight arrival cards. People in these rows are considered close contacts, and will be asked to go into self-isolation for 14 days. Passengers in these rows can also ring ARPHS on 09 623 4600. Advice on self-isolation and a fact sheet for close contacts are available on the ARPHS website.

                  Public Health staff will check these passengers regularly for symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

                  Passengers elsewhere on the flight

                  Everyone on board should keep an eye out for the symptoms, but remember that there are a lot of diseases that you can catch overseas. There is advice for casual contacts, people who have been in the same space as someone with the virus, but not in face to face contact.

                  If passengers do become unwell, they should phone Healthline on 0800 358 5453 and tell the staff they may have been exposed on this flight.

                  Airport staff who processed this flight

                  You are not considered at risk from this case. If you would like more information on COVID-19, please check our resources here or call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or see the Auckland Regional Public Health Service COVID-19 page.

                  "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                  -Nelson Mandela


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                    Coronavirus: Showing symptoms but tests refused at Wellington Hospital

                    People with coronavirus-type symptoms are reportedly being turned away from testing at Wellington Hospital because they don't fit strict criteria.

                    As the Government awaits the results of two more people "highly suspicious" of having the virus, a senior Wellington Hospital doctor has told Stuff, under the condition of anonymity, that tests for Covid-19 were being refused for patients, even if they were showing symptoms of the virus.



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                      There aren't any confirmed cases in Nelson yet, but people still reacted to the announcement that there might soon be some:


                      Nelson businesses report a run on freeze-dried food, anti-viral herbs and hand sanitiser after COVID-19 announcement

                      Half an hour after Friday's Covid-19 coronavirus announcement of the virus arriving in the country, Nelson entrepreneur Andrew MacDonald's phone began pinging.

                      When the Absolute Wilderness director checked his phone, he saw that his freeze dried meals were flying off his virtual shelves.



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                        March 4, 2020 9:50 am AEDT
                        Second Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in NZ

                        The second case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a New Zealand citizen. The woman in her 30s recently returned to Auckland from northern Italy.

                        The results of the test were formally reported to the Ministry at about 6pm on Tuesday evening.

                        At that point, health authorities began notifying the woman and her family and started the process of contact tracing.

                        Although we have our second case of COVID-19, with continued vigilance the chance of widespread community outbreak is expected to remain low.

                        The woman confirmed with COVID-19 is in self-isolation in her home with appropriate clinical support from public health and district health board staff. Self-isolation at home is recognised by the World Health Organization as an appropriate response for people with mild to moderate symptoms. She doesn’t require hospital level care...


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                          Coronavirus: Third case confirmed in New Zealand
                          5 Mar, 2020 6:55am
                          NZ Herald

                          A third case of coronavirus has been confirmed in New Zealand.

                          Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield told RNZ he had received a report last night of a third positive test of Covid-19.

                          The case comes just one day after a woman in her 30s was confirmed to have the virus after arriving back in New Zealand on February 26 from northern Italy, where there is an outbreak.

                          That woman then took two domestic flights between Palmerston North and Auckland on March 2.

                          She also visited two medical centres before being diagnosed. Health authorities are contact tracing for the woman, who is in self isolation.

                          Her partner is also in self-isolation is displaying symptoms - his test for the virus is expected back later today...


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                            Coronavirus: Auckland clinic staff unaware infected patient treated on site
                            5 Mar, 2020 12:33pm

                            A staff member at a busy Auckland medical centre which treated a woman with coronavirus says the doctor who saw the woman continued working after taking her swabs and only took leave when the results came back positive for Covid-19.

                            And the staffer at Westgate Medical Centre was concerned they found out about the confirmed case through the news.

                            The clinic says it followed Auckland Regional Public Health guidelines and the patient didn't make close contact with anyone but the doctor.

                            It was this morning announced by Health Minister David Clark that there is now a confirmed third case of coronavirus, unrelated to this case.

                            The woman seen at Westgate Medical Centre had returned to Auckland from a holiday in northern Italy via Singapore on February 25...


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                              Ministry of Health confirms fourth case of Covid-19 coronavirus in NZ
                              Breaking 8 min ago • Source: 1 NEWS
                              The Ministry of Health has this morning officially confirmed a fourth positive test for coronavirus Covid-19 in New Zealand.
                              1 NEWS

                              The result came from a New Zealand citizen in his 30s, and is the partner of the second case confirmed earlier this week...