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New Zealand: 89 new cases - total 1106 cases; 1 death

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    Coronavirus update: Eight further cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand
    1:39 pm today

    Eight further cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus have been confirmed in New Zealand, bringing the total to 28, says the Health Ministry.

    Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has given the Ministry of Health's latest update on the Covid-19 coronavirus...


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      New Zealand has 11 new cases of Covid-19, Ministry of Health director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield has confirmed.

      Of the 11, 5 are in Auckland 2 Waikato, 2 in Wellington and one in Canterbury and Hawke's Bay.

      None of the new cases are in hospital - all are at home self-isolating, Bloomfield says.

      The new cases brings the country's total to 39.


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        There have been 14 new cases of coronavirus in New Zealand in the last 24 hours and the health ministry says community transmission of the virus may now be in New Zealand.

        Director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the 14 new cases were spread across four cases in Wellington , one in Taranaki, three in Auckland, one in Waikato, one in Manawatū, one in Taupō and two in Nelson.

        It brings New Zealand's total to 53 confirmed cases, with a further four probable cases.

        In two instances, no link to overseas travel had been found.


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          Media release

          22 March 2020

          Today we have 14 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory test in New Zealand.

          Locations are: Auckland 5, Northland 1, Christchurch 1, New Plymouth 2, Waikato 3 (including 1 in Hamilton), Tauranga 1, Dunedin 1.

          Close contacts of all these cases are being followed up.

          11 of these new cases have a history of international travel. One is a close contact of a confirmed case. Two were at the World Hereford Conference in Queenstown earlier in the month which had a range of New Zealand and international delegates.

          Just over 1200 laboratory tests were carried out yesterday, bringing the total number of completed tests to 6000.
          Community transmission status

          There were two cases announced yesterday where community transmission could not be ruled out. Our further investigations of these two cases have still not identified a firm link to overseas travel, says Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

          "For clarity, community transmission is when we cannot confirm exactly where the infection came from. As we investigate cases, close contact tracing continues to grow our understanding of the infection pathway and we can then communicate with anybody who may have been a close or casual contact and ensure appropriate action is taken. We can also then update local communities about events or situations where contact may have occurred.

          "I understand that people in those areas will be concerned about the risk of transmission so I also ask that you keep up good hygiene practices, physical distancing and seek advice if you have symptoms."

          Details for each of the cases mentioned today, and the tally of confirmed cases, will be on the Ministry of Health website as soon as they are finalised. The website will continue to be updated as further information is received.
          Cruise ships

          Dr Bloomfield provided an update on the two cruise ships, the Ruby Princess and Celebrity Solstice, which recently visited New Zealand and both of which had cases of COVID-19 confirmed after they left New Zealand.

          "We are asking any passengers who left the ships during their stay to New Zealand to self-isolate for 14 days since they last had contact with other ship passengers and be aware of symptoms and seek advice if they do develop symptoms.Details of the movement of the ships can be found on our website. As mentioned yesterday we are also in direct contact with New Zealanders who were on those vessels, asking them to self-isolate and register with Healthline."
          Hereford conference in Queenstown

          Dr Bloomfield says public health authorities are following up delegates to a cattle conference held from the 9 to 13 of March in Queenstown, where four attendees, including two New Zealanders, have tested positive for COVID-19.

          "Close contacts of those cases are being asked to self-isolate and other attendees at the conference, who are now considered as close contacts, have also been contacted and required to self-isolate for 14 days since they were in contact with people who were at that conference.

          "Southern District Health Board is doing the tracking and tracing work on this, with support from the Ministry of Health."

          Alert Level 2

          Alert Level remains at 2.

          "You’ll note that as part of Level 2, we are asking people over 70 and those with pre-existing conditions, such as chronic respiratory disease - including severe asthma, bronchiectasis and COPD - and those who are immunocompromised, to stay at home.

          "A message to the over 70s. We know many of you are fit and healthy and living active lives but the older we are, the less our immune system is able to fight off this virus and we have seen from overseas that older people are at more risk of serious complications. Please heed advice to stay at home and ask friends and family, particularly children, not to visit. For the moment this might mean talking to family on phone, Skype or other methods."

          Today's cases bring the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Zealand to a total of 66 (not 67, as previously mentioned) .

          Also please note earlier reference to a case in Coromandel has been updated to Waikato. There are no cases in Coromandel at this time.


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            There have been 36 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number in New Zealand to 102 confirmed cases. Two of those cases are now considered community transmission cases.



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              Just had a look at which has not been updated. Looks like the MOH is getting swamped. Information flow is about to constrict.
              "Bother!" said Pooh.


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                Current case count up to 155 as of 13:20 local time. No update on the MoH web site by 15:00 so I'm guessing they no longer have time or interest in providing the level of detail they did to start with.

                In all likleyhood the updating system is very manual, which was fine while the case count was low, but now the person doing it can't keep up. Hopefully someone is working on a more streamlined update method. I hope this does not mark a transition to Mushroom Management for this event. It is well established that compliance is better with a better informed population.
                "Bother!" said Pooh.


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                  Media release

                  24 March 2020

                  There are 40 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand as at 10 am this morning.

                  We also have 3 new probable cases. In these cases, the person has returned a negative laboratory result, but the clinician treating the person has diagnosed them as a probable case due to their exposure history and clinical symptoms.

                  These cases are treated as if they were a positive laboratory confirmed case and the actions taken are the same as for confirmed cases, that is self-isolation and active contact tracing.

                  Therefore, our combined total of confirmed and probable cases is 155. We will now report the total combined confirmed and probable cases each day.

                  More details of the new cases, including the probable cases, will be provided via our website shortly and updated as new details emerge.

                  There are 12 cases that we can confirm are recovered. We will be updating this number also on a daily basis.

                  Our laboratories are working to process and clear test results as quickly as possible.

                  Anyone who has been tested is expected to be in strict self-isolation until advised of the result of their test.

                  So far, we have information on around one third of the cases reported today and all of those have a link to overseas travel, including being in the same household as someone who has returned from overseas, or they have attended a known event where transmission was occurring (eg, World Hereford cattle conference in Queenstown recently) or are close contacts of a confirmed case.

                  Recent travel from overseas is still the main driver of our new infections. Anybody who has recently travelled from overseas should already be in strict self-isolation. Close household contacts should be particularly vigilant for any symptoms they may develop.

                  At this point we are classifying four cases as community transmission – three in Auckland and one in Wairarapa. In these cases, we have been unable to confirm a definite link to overseas travel or to an existing confirmed case. Contact tracing is underway for all cases.

                  We continue to look carefully at all new cases as more information is reported by public health services.

                  More than 900 laboratory tests were carried out yesterday, bringing the total number of completed tests to over 8300.

                  We continue to test people who need to be tested.

                  As you will all be aware, we are preparing to move to Alert level 4. There is a clear consensus that the sooner we do this the better and this gives New Zealand our best chance of breaking the chain of community transmission. This will require all our efforts and I strongly urge all New Zealanders to play their part



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                    Confirmed cases in New Zealand increased by 40 today.

                    Including probable cases (cases that return a negative test but have been in close contact with confirmed cases) the total number of Covid-19 cases in New Zealand is now 155.

                    Four of those cases are being treated as community transmission. The Ministry of Health was unable to link two of the cases to travel or known cases, pointing to community transmission.



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                      Early analysis suggests NZ Covid-19 cases fit pattern of victims being older
                      25 minutes ago
                      Kate Newton , Senior Journalist, In Depth

                      Two-thirds of New Zealand's Covid-19 cases so far are in older people but the patterns are still too "idiosyncratic" to draw any strong predictions from, a researcher modelling the virus says.

                      Among the New Zealand cases, slightly more males have been infected - 77 compared with 65 females. File photo Photo: AFP

                      New Zealand has 155 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and the Ministry of Health has released age, gender and location details for 142 of them.

                      Like many countries overseas, many of New Zealand's cases are in older people. There are 94 cases in people aged 40 and older, or 66 percent...


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                        Coronavirus: 50 new COVID-19 cases in New Zealand
                        49 minutes ago

                        The number of confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 has risen by 50, officials announced on Wednesday.

                        There were 47 confirmed and three probable cases in the past 24 hours.

                        Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield made the announcement at 1pm.

                        New Zealand now has 205 cases, he said. The majority of cases are still connected to overseas travel, however there are four confirmed cases and several suspected cases caused by community transmission...


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                          Media release

                          26 March 2020

                          There are 78 new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand made up of 73 new confirmed cases and 5 probable cases. This is as at 9.30 am this morning.

                          More details of the new cases, including the probable cases, will be provided via our website shortly and updated as new details emerge.

                          There are 27 individuals that we can confirm have recovered.

                          We have seven people in hospital with COVID-19 - all in a stable condition. There are three in Wellington regional hospital, two in Nelson hospital and one each in Waikato and Northland hospitals. None are in ICU.

                          Our laboratories are working to process and report test results as quickly as possible. Yesterday we processed 2417 tests around the country. The total number of tests processed to date is 12683.

                          Anyone who has been tested is expected to be in strict self-isolation until advised of the result of their test – that means effectively quarantining themselves from other members of their family.

                          Our public health staff actively investigate every case they are notified about and activate contact tracing.

                          Of our new cases today, the majority still have a link to overseas travel, including being in the same household as someone who has returned from overseas, have attended a known event or linked to a cluster of other cases or are close contacts of a confirmed case.

                          We are currently investigating several possible clusters:
                          • Marist College in Auckland
                          • the World Hereford cattle conference in Queenstown
                          • a wedding in Wellington
                          • a trip by a Wellington group of friends to the US
                          • a contact with the Ruby Princess in Hawkes Bay
                          • a rest home in Hamilton.

                          In summary, the combined total of confirmed and probable cases in New Zealand is 283.
                          Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

                          It’s important our health workers and those working in essential services have access to PPE. It is already available for health workers and we are also providing a supply to essential workers.

                          Measures to address immediate needs for PPE equipment are being taken with urgency.

                          For example, later today we will be sending 600,000 masks to DHBs.

                          We are also continuing to manufacture more masks in New Zealand, more than 200,000 produced each day and source masks and equipment from overseas.
                          Change to pharmaceutical schedule

                          To address issues of stockpiling of medicines PHARMAC will be making an announcement later today of a change to the pharmaceutical schedule to address this.

                          There is no issue with the medicine supply chain.

                          From later tonight, pharmacists will be limited to providing only one month’s supply of prescribed medicines, or a limit of 3 months for the supply of oral contraceptives.

                          There will be no change to the way prescriptions are issued, it is simply a change to the amount of medicine able to be distributed by the pharmacy for each prescribed medicine.

                          Pharmacists still able be to make exceptions to provide additional amounts where people live remotely or for individuals with disability and would have difficulty in more regular refills of prescriptions.

                          These are unprecedented times for New Zealand and other countries around the globe. We are all in this together. We will expect the number of cases to increase for at least the next ten days. If we all do our bit, and we break the chain of transmission, slow the spread of COVID-19 and we will be able to get on top of this.

                          As always look after yourselves, look after your loved ones and look after your community.

                          Media contact
                          Name: Peter Abernethy



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                            Covid-19 live updates, March 27: 85 new cases of Covid-19, Nelson patient in ICU
                            The Spinoff | Staff writers
                            1.05pm: 85 new cases of Covid-19, one patient in ICU

                            There are 76 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, and nine probable cases, according to the Ministry of Health’s Dr Ashley Bloomfield. The total combined number of confirmed and probable cases is now up to 368.

                            As has been the case for all other daily updates, the vast majority of new cases are related to international travel. Dr Bloomfield said there are no new clusters of cases being investigated.

                            37 patients have now recovered, and eight are in hospital. Three of those are in Wellington, two are in Nelson, and there are one each in Waikato, Auckland and Whangarei. Six patients are in a stable condition, two in a less stable condition, and of those one is in intensive care.

                            The patient in the ICU is in Nelson hospital, where they have been for several days. However, their condition has deteriorated in the last 24 hours. They had “significant underlying health conditions,” and are the only Covid-19 patient in the country currently requiring a ventilator...


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                              Coronavirus: New Zealand's total number of virus cases jumps to 451
                              Collette Devlin and Brittney Deguara13:58, Mar 28 2020

                              New Zealand's total number of coronavirus cases has jumped to 451.

                              Health officials identified 83 new cases of Covid-19, including 78 new confirmed cases and five probable cases.

                              There are currently 12 people in hospital across the country, including two patients with Covid-19 in intensive care...


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                                Coronavirus: New Zealand has 514 cases - one person dead on West Coast
                                Collette Devlin and Thomas Manch13:45, Mar 29 2020

                                One person has died in New Zealand of Covid-19, says Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

                                Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the death reinforced the importance of the move to Alert Level Four, and the measures being are taken to limit the spread, break the chain of transmission and prevent deaths...