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Nepal Covid-19 cases - 53,120 cases, 336 deaths

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  • Nepal Covid-19 cases - 53,120 cases, 336 deaths

    January 24, 2020

    KATHMANDU: It has been verified that a person presumably infected with coronavirus has been infected with the deadly virus. It is the first case of the coronavirus reported in Nepal.

    Holding a press conference on Friday, Ministry for Health and Population confirmed it.

    A 32-year-old youth who had recently returned from China was admitted at the Sukraraj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku following a high fever. He was later discharged from the hospital.

    A swab sample of the youth was sent to Hong Kong for test and it was confirmed that he was infected with the virus.

    Senior Public Health Officer Sagar Dahal said, “We conducted different tests here. But, he could not confirm if it was coronavirus. The sample was then sent to Hong Kong in coordination with the World Health Origination. The lab test confirmed that the youth was infected with the virus.”

    Spokesperson at the Ministry Mahendra Shrestha said that health screening has been managed at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

    Shrestha said three more people with symptoms similar to the virus were found at the airport. He added that preparations were underway to send their swab samples to Hong Kong for a diagnosis.

    He further stated that facilities for treatment have been managed at the Sukraraj and Patan hospitals for those infected with the virus.

    Chief of Sukraraj Hospital Dr. Basudev Pandey said that one person who had arrived from Hong Kong is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

    Speaking at the press meet, Minister for Health Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal said that the precaution has been adapted to the fullest to stop the spread of the virus. He requested all to be highly cautious.
    KATHMANDU: It has been verified that a person presumably infected with coronavirus has been infected with the deadly virus. It is the first case of the coronavirus reported in Nepal. Holding a press conference on Friday, Ministry for Health and Population confirmed it. A 32-year-old youth who had re
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    Nepal suspects 2 new cases of coronavirus infection
    2020-01-25 23:24:33 Source: CCTV News

    央 According to CCTV news, local media reported on the 25th that after the first case of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus was confirmed in Nepal on the 24th, there are currently 2 suspected cases. Mahendra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the two patients are currently being observed and treated in isolation at Teku Hospital in Kathmandu. It is reported that the two returned from China earlier.

    (Article source: CCTV News)


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      American citizen suspected with coronavirus
      January 26, 2020

      KATHMANDU: An American citizen has been sent to Teku-based Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Kathmandu suspecting of being infected with the coronavirus...
      ...It is reported that he spent five hours in China during a transit flight to Nepal.


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        Two Nepalis, one Chinese admitted to STIDH in suspicion of contracting COVID-19
        Published: February 12, 2020 7:34 pm On: Nepal
        THT Online

        KATHMANDU: Two Nepalis and one Chinese national have been admitted to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH) in Teku, in suspicion of contracting coronavirus, the Ministry of Health and Population said today.

        All three persons are said to have visited China before returning to Nepal recently...


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          Patient suspected to be infected with coronavirus flees from hospital in Nepal
          A Saudi national who recently came to Nepal from China bearing symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has fled from a Nepali hospital after doctors advised him to be quarantined, officials said on Wednesday.

          ANI | Kathmandu | Updated: 13-02-2020 01:57 IST | Created: 13-02-2020 01:57 IST

          A Saudi national who recently came to Nepal from China bearing symptoms of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has fled from a Nepali hospital after doctors advised him to be quarantined, officials said on Wednesday. A spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population acknowledged that a patient has gone on loose nearly a week after doctors at Teku Hospital advised the foreign national to be admitted for observation.

          "He didn't want to be admitted, the Saudi national who only speaks Farsi was here from China. He came to the hospital after suffering from cold and was advised to be admitted at the hospital. He denied to be admitted, there was a problem in communication because he only spoke Farsi. He is not able to be contacted and is not admitted at the hospital. He was having fever and cold," Mahendra Shrestha, spokesperson at the Ministry of Health told reporters. "It has been about a week, 5-6 days," Shrestha added...


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            Coronavirus appears to have been ruled out because of the lack of tangible contacts between the area and China. This would appear to be premature as the following article states that they have only just sent out a medical team to evaluate the situation.


            Durga Dutta Chapore, director of the district's health department, said they have been investigating the virus infection since Tuesday and eventually ruled out the possibility of a new coronavirus infection because the region is not currently coming from anyone or other contacts with China. activity. Relevant local authorities have designated health department personnel to treat people infected with the virus.

            KATHMANDU: Jugal Rural Municipality Office of Sindhupalchok district has written to the Ministry of Health and Population asking to dispatch a team of medical experts and doctors to examine local residents of Gumba village who, according to the letter, have shown symptoms similar to that of coronavirus infection.

            The letter states that locals in Gumba village are suffering from cold, cough and high fever, which match the symptoms of coronavirus infection. This has created fear among the local residents.
            According to the MoHP, Sindhupalchok District Health Office has dispatched a seven-member team of doctors including Dr Amrit Prajapati, health assistants and auxiliary health workers led by Dr Pitambar Khanal to the rural municipality office in Jugal-3, formerly Gumba VDC in the district.
            The health team that has been dispatched will look into the cases and rule out the problem. If any of the cases tested positive for coronavirus infection, the ministry would further give direction to the team on what to do next,” said chief of Health Emergency Operation Center, Sagar Dahal at MoHP.
            The ministry has yet to receive details of the numbers of patients showing the symptoms. A local health official states that though the symptoms among patients seem to match with what is believed to be coronavirus symptoms, many of whom are being administered medication are feeling better, indicating that this is not the feared infection.
            Meanwhile, the ministry has urged locals not to panic since it could be the symptoms of influenza.

            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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              Kavre, February 13

              The common cold and viral fever that has spread at Gumbagaun of Jugal Rural Municipality in Sindhupalchowk over the last four days is being brought under control.

              Villagers at Gumbagaun are in fear as patients are showing coronavirus like symptoms. As many as 320 locals have fallen ill due to flu in the past one week.
              According to District Public Health Office Chief Durga Datta Chapagain, the flu that has spread in Gumbagaun is gradually being brought under control. He said coronavirus had been ruled out after primary investigation. He added four health workers, including two experts, today returned from the flu-affected area after taking samples.
              “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                The Himalayan Times > Kathmandu > Hospitals ill-equipped to handle COVID-19 patients Hospitals ill-equipped to handle COVID-19 patients

                Published: February 27, 2020 11:45 am On: Kathmandu

                SABITRI DHAKAL

                Kathmandu, February 26

                Hospitals in Kathmandu are not prepared to prevent and contain coronavirus outbreak.

                Both government and private hospitals lack manpower, infrastructure, medical equipment and personal protective equipment to fight the disease.

                Various government and private hospitals such as Bir Hospital, Patan Hospital, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Bhaktapur Hospital, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Norvic International Hospital and Nepal Mediciti Hospital have admitted that they can’t handle the situation if the disease assumes epidemic proportion.

                “We have a rapid response team to attend to critical situation.

                But we can’t handle too many patients as we lack necessary equipment. We don’t have coronavirus test kits. We can only use available resource,” said an official of Norvic International Hospital in the condition of anonymity.

                The hospital has separated six beds for isolation for suspected coronavirus cases.

                There have been reports of increased spread of the virus in South Korea, Iran, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan and experts have been suggesting to strengthen preparations.

                Patan Hospital, which the government has designated for treatment of suspected cases of coronavirus has only five isolated beds. “Though we have trained manpower we still lack proper infrastructure,” said Dr Bishnu Prasad Sharma, director at Patan Hospital.

                Similar is the situation of other hospitals. “We are in a situation to take only five patients to the maximum. We admit immune compromised patients and they are on a regular follow up. These patients are under high risk of infection,” said Jwala Dhakal, infection control nurse at Civil Service Hospital, adding, “Doctors have been saying that critically ill patients require invasive breathing support. But our hospital lacks the facility,” she said.

                “Some patients need to be treated in intensive care unit. We have only four ICUs. Patients need to be kept in isolation in ICU. We don’t have that set up,” said Dhakal.

                Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, which the government has designated for treatment of suspected coronavirus patients has only three ICUs. World Health Organisation has said infection prevention and control measures include hand hygiene and waste management materials.

                Health workers should be provided with gloves, mask and gown. In case of blood or airborne infection, face protection, goggles and mask, gloves, gown or coveralls, head cover and rubber boots, are necessary, according to WHO.

                Our hospital does not have complete sets for health workers. “We have been demanding personal protective equipment with the government, but haven’t got any. We also need well trained manpower,” said Dr Kedar Century, director of Bir Hospital....snip
                “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                  Photo of three happy people on a motorbike - Tibetan New Year 2020 February 24th - 26th

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                Spain has confirmed its first death from coronavirus.
                Health officials in Valencia said the virus was to blame for the death of a man on February 13 in a city hospital.

                Confirmation came after what was described as a 'retrospective investigation' following the death of the man - who had travelled to Nepal.

                At the time it was put down to a type of pneumonia of unknown origin.
                “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                  2nd case - Nepali who returned from China:


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                    Kathmandu, March 15

                    The government has decided to mobilise three hospitals of Kathmandu Valley to take care of the patients who test positive for coronavirus infection and who show symptoms of the infection.

                    Minister for Health and Population, Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, informs that Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Patan Hospital and Kirtipur Hospital will be dedicated to the needful care of patients related to the global epidemic COVID-19. Likewise, the government will prepare a new building of Bir Hospital also for the same, according to him.

                    Addressing a National Assembly meeting in Kathmandu on Sunday, the minister said the government would soon add 235 ICU beds to various hospitals of the country. He assured the lawmakers that the government was competent in controlling the infection when it would be confirmed in Nepal, urging the public not to panic about the issue.

                    Nevertheless, he maintained that the growing number of positive cases in India had increased the risk in Nepal as the two countries share an open border.

                    So far, Nepal tested 464 persons but all of them tested negative, according to Dhakal. He claimed the government was ready to handle as many as 4,500 cases at once.

                    Meanwhile, the government has barred chief district officers and concerned health officials from leaving the districts if the infection was reported in their jurisdictions, informed the minister.

                    Published on March 15th, Sunday, 2020 4:09 PM
                    “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                      Nepal has had just one confirmed case of coronavirus, but Basu Dev Pandey, director of the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease hospital in Kathmandu, warned the country was at risk due its location between China and India.

                      With so many businesses dependent on tourism, the knock-on effect is “tremendous”, said Raj Gyawali, director of Social Tours. “But Nepal’s capacity to deal with the crisis is very low, so I think what the government is doing is probably going to be seen in a positive light in the end. Time will tell.”
                      “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                        A 31-year-old man confirmed as third COVID-19 case in Nepal
                        2020-03-25 16:57:35Xinhua Editor : Gu Liping

                        Nepal on Wednesday confirmed a new infection with novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Nepal Ministry of Health and Population said.

                        It is the third confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Himalayan country after first was identified in late January and second on Monday...


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                          10,000 tourists stuck in Nepal being evacuated
                          Nepali Times March 26, 2020

                          A meeting of the COVID-19 control committee headed by Defence Minister Ishwar Pokhrel on Wednesday and decided to also allow foreign embassies to gather their stranded nationals in Kathmandu and to fly them out.

                          The Germany Embassy has organised two Qatar Airways ferry flights from Doha to take its nationals out on Friday and Saturday. The French, British and Australian Embassies are also said to be planning flights out for their nationals...


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                            A Qatar Airways charter flight arranged by the German government has picked up hundreds of tourists stranded in Nepal as the country went on lockdown at the beginning of this week.

                            The tourists, who were mostly German nationals or had some connection to the country, flew out of Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport on Friday, a Nepalese immigration official said.

                            The airport in Nepal’s capital reopened for the flight, which was designated to pick up the tourists and did not bring any passengers to the country.

                            The government ordered a countrywide lockdown that included halting all flights and road travel as a prophylactic measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Businesses and government offices were also closed.

                            Up to 10,000 tourists were stranded in Nepal as result of shutdown.

                            Nepal has confirmed only three cases of the coronavirus, including one person who has recovered.
                            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."