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Iran public transport cleaning concerns

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  • Iran public transport cleaning concerns

    We are exposed to any kind of disease

    A number of workers on the Tehran subway train expressed concern over the Corona virus outbreak, saying: "Despite all the labor and livelihood problems, the spread of Corona virus outbreaks in the country has alarmed the subway workers who are working in a flood of crowds. Is.

    The workers said: Despite the Urban Train's efforts to prevent the virus from spreading between wagons and stations, the concern is growing every day for workers not to be infected with the disease.

    According to urban train workers, experienced subway service staff who are responsible for cleaning the wagons at various terminals are the most at risk of the disease and any other disease.

    They stated that the Tehran Metro workers at the end of each night are responsible for cleaning and washing the wagons, but said that it seems we have shortcomings such as masks and gloves to observe disease prevention.

    "We expect subway officials to find a way to support workers to reduce working hours or shift work," they said, stressing that we had to be present at work.

    Workers reiterated: All the facilities that the subway provides for the comfort of citizens and the trust of the subway for public transport are disinfected by the work of the workers.
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."