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Germany: Nurses and caregivers from abroad wanted

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  • Germany: Nurses and caregivers from abroad wanted

    Nicolas Martin

    Germany has a shortage of nurses and caregivers. Health Minister Jens Spahn has made an effort to ease the hiring of foreign workers, but the coronavirus pandemic brought this recruitment drive to a halt.

    For years, Germany has reported a dearth of nurses and caregivers. According to German Health Minister Jens Spahn, some 50,000 positions need to be filled. And the German Nursing Council (DPR) predicts up to 300,000 vacant positions may have to be filled until 2030. In 2013, the federal employment agency launched a recruitment drive, encouraging foreign nurses and caregivers to relocate to Germany.

    ... A total of 38 caregivers were scheduled to move to Germany in May of this year.

    But because of the pandemic, they have remained at home, studying German. "They will be taking their German exams in mid-August, afterwards we can start planning the move to Germany," Hesse tells DW. He estimates they will be in the country by October, provided nothing unexpected happens.

    ... A mere 4,000 nurses and caregivers from abroad have come to Germany since the country's employment agency launched its recruitment drive in 2013. Additional staff may have been hired through other agencies. Yet it is unlikely any more foreign nurses and caregivers will come to Germany this year, due to the pandemic.