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First case of corona virus confirmed in Germany
The corona virus continues to spread. Now there is the first case in Bavaria.
28.01.2020, 00:08 a.m.

In Germany there is the first confirmed case of the MLADEN ANTONOV / AFP coronavirus
In Germany, an infection with the novel corona virus has been confirmed for the first time. A man from the district of Starnberg in Bavaria was infected, said a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of Health in Munich late Monday evening.

The ministry said in a press release that the patient was in good condition. The man is medically monitored and is isolated, it is said. The contact persons would be informed in detail and informed about possible symptoms, hygiene measures and transmission routes.

The communication further states that the risk for the population from the "Task Force Infectiology" of the State Office for Health and Food Safety and from the Robert Koch Institute is considered low.

Almost 2800 infections with the virus have now been confirmed worldwide. The number of deaths in China rose to 80.

The pathogen is similar to that of the Sars epidemic
The first people are said to have become infected at a market in Wuhan, where it is believed that wild animals traded from there spread to people. China has taken drastic measures to combat further expansion: in Hubei province, more than 45 million people have largely been isolated from the outside world. Long-distance and local traffic have been stopped.

There is no protective vaccination or special therapy to treat the disease. However, the symptoms can be alleviated with medication.

According to the current assessment of experts, the new type of lung disease is in most cases mild, possibly even without symptoms. According to current knowledge, most of the deaths registered in China are due to older patients with severe previous illnesses.

The new pathogen is very similar to the virus behind the 2002/2003 Sars epidemic. At that time, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) between November 2002 and July 2003 there were only nine records in Germany. There were no deaths in the Federal Republic.
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