"We are ready at any time." Aswan declares emergency in the isolation hospitals .. Forming a committee from the governorate to monitor the quarantine readiness .. Deputy Governor: Safe passages between patients to avoid infection ... and solving the problem of oxygen deficiency with health insurance .. Pictures

Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 02:00 AM

"We are ready at any time" slogan raised by the Governor of Aswan, Major General Ashraf Attia, and his deputy, Dr. Ahmed Shaaban, who chaired a committee from the governorate for the sudden passage of all Aswan hospitals to ensure their readiness to deal with cases, especially those infected with the emerging corona virus, and to report to the governor on the situation inside these hospitals .
The Aswan Governorate Committee was chaired by Dr. Ahmed Shaaban, Deputy Governor, and Major General Hazem Izzat, Secretary General of the Governorate, and accompanied by Dr. Ehab Hanafy, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, and Dr. Ahmed Ghallab, President of Aswan University .