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Ecuador- Guayaquil: Bodies of coronavirus victims are on streets, in hospitals and inside houses.

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  • Ecuador- Guayaquil: Bodies of coronavirus victims are on streets, in hospitals and inside houses.

    Source: Ecuador: Bodies of coronavirus victims are on streets

    Ecuador: Bodies of coronavirus victims are on streets
    City of Guayaquil is epicenter of pandemic in South American country

    Laura Gamba | 03.04.2020

    BOGOTA, Colombia

    In Guayaquil, ground zero for the spread of COVID-19 in Ecuador, dead bodies have been piling up on the streets, in hospitals and inside houses.

    According to official records, 70% of the country's cases are located in the city of Guayaquil, where 2,243 of the 3,163 cases nationwide have been registered.

    The mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, requested on Thursday that the Ecuadorian government allow the municipality she leads to remove the bodies of those who died from the COVID-19 disease or other circumstances, as a result of the “alarming situation” the coastal city is going through due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    "In view of the alarming situation caused by the removal of fatal victims led by the Joint Task Force appointed by the Government, we ask the competent authorities to authorize that we remove the bodies that remain in the houses," reads a message on the Twitter account of the local leader...

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    from a town counselor's twitter account -

    Andres Guschmer T.
    Por favor les pido replicar este mensaje para quienes conocen casos de v?ctimas mortales en hogares. -Llamen al 911 con datos personales -Informen si ya tienen servicios exequiales. -Pidan info sobre protocolos de retiro de v?ctimas -Tranquilos, NO habr? fosa com?n en Guayaquil.

    Translated from Spanish by

    Please ask those of you who know cases of home fatalities to replicate this message.
    -Call 911 with personal data
    -Report if they already have funeral services.
    -Ask for info on victim withdrawal protocols
    -Calm down, there will be NO mass grave in Guayaquil.


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      Bodies on the sidewalk: Ecuador city becomes grim coronavirus warning for region



      APRIL 02, 2020 01:55 PM, UPDATED APRIL 03, 2020 07:14 AM


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        Please see picture at link. Many bodies are being wrapped up by families and left on streets. It appears some my have been dumped in the ocean too.

        "An abandoned corpse lies on the sidewalk in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on April 6. Due to bottlenecks in collecting the dead, people were wrapping the bodies of deceased relatives in plastic and bed sheets and, in some cases, moving them outside because of the odor."