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Ecuador: Covid-19 cases - 114.732 cases, 7.054 deaths

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  • Ecuador: Covid-19 cases - 114.732 cases, 7.054 deaths


    Ecuador confirms first case of coronavirus
    February 29, 2020 - 10:15

    The Ministry of Health of Ecuador confirmed the first case of coronavirus on Saturday morning.

    This is a patient who arrived on a trip last February 14. The patient is in intensive care.

    She entered Ecuador without symptoms and presented symptoms in Guayaquil, according to government authorities.

    The tests that were performed on the patient were confirmed positive for the coronavirus.

    The patient is in intensive care. The state is critical and with a reserved forecast. She is a patient with restricted visits.

    The Ministry is tracking people who were in contact with the patient. Some 80 people are being watched.

    So far none of the people under surveillance have symptoms of coronavirus.

    The woman arrived from a direct flight from Madrid.

    While in Ca?ar a student from an Azogues school who had arrived from Italy four days ago is isolated.

    The authorities have followed the protocols so that it remains isolated and is evaluated to determine whether or not it presents with Coronavirus symptoms.

    This week Ecuador activated greater surveillance at airports for travelers arriving from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, countries that report the highest number of coronavirus cases. (I)
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    Ecuador confirms its first case of new coronavirus

    QUITO (Reuters) - Ecuador has confirmed the first case of a fast-spreading new coronavirus in the Andean country, its health minister said on Saturday.

    The patient is an elderly female Ecuadorean residing in Spain, Catalina Andramu?o, the health minister, told reporters. The patient arrived in Ecuador on Feb. 14 on a direct flight from Madrid without showing any symptoms, but soon felt ill and went to a hospital where she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

    “The patient is currently in intensive care at one of the hospitals we had designated to attend to coronavirus,” Andramu?o said, adding that the government was monitoring people who may have come into contact with the patient.

    "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
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      March 1, 2020 / 6:10 PM / Updated 11 minutes ago
      Ecuador confirms five new cases of coronavirus, all close to initial patient

      GUAYAQUIL (Reuters) - Ecuador has confirmed five cases of the new coronavirus in patients who all had direct contact with an elderly woman who brought the virus to the Andean country from Spain, health minister Catalina Andramu?o said on Sunday.

      The woman, an Ecuadorean citizen who resides in Spain, arrived in Ecuador on a direct flight from Madrid on Feb. 14 without presenting symptoms, but soon began to feel ill and was admitted to one of the public hospitals the government equipped to deal with the new virus.

      The announcement brought the total number of confirmed cases in the country to six. The five new cases are all relatives of the woman who had direct contact with her since she arrived, Andramu?o said, adding that they were all quarantined at their homes...


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        Ecuador records 10 cases of coronavirus
        By CNN in Spanish
        11:15 ET (16:15 GMT) March 4, 2020
        (CNN Spanish) - - Ecuador reports on Wednesday three new cases of new coronavirus. According to the latest statement from the Ministry of Public Health, they correspond to family members and people of the “primary nucleus” of the first patient diagnosed in the country.

        The tests were performed by the National Public Health Research Institute (Inspi). They explained in the official note that these new cases are people who were already isolated in their homes and under epidemiological surveillance.

        On the other hand, the patient of the first positive case of coronavirus remains with a “reserved prognosis”. The other six cases detected on March 1 "have mild symptoms and are isolated in their homes." With these three new cases the total in the country amounts to 10 confirmed.


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          Number Of COVID-19 Cases In Ecuador Reaches 13 - Health Ministry
          Muhammad Irfan 17 minutes ago Thu 05th March 2020 | 11:50 PM

          ..."The Health Ministry has detected three more patients with the coronavirus disease, the total number of [COVID-19] cases in Ecuador is 13," the ministry wrote on Twitter.

          The new patients were infected with the virus after coming into contact with the country's first person to contract the disease, an Ecuadorian woman in her 70s who came back from a trip to Spain on February 14. She was registered on Saturday and is currently in intensive care...


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            COVID-19 coronavirus cases rise to 15 in Ecuador
            Sunday 08 March 2020 | 21:32

            Through a press release published on its social networks, the Ministry of Health of Ecuador announced that the cases of coronavirus COVID-19 increased to 15 in the country.

            “This Sunday, March 8, one more case of COVID -19 was confirmed in the country. The new patient has mild symptoms, belonging to the near circle of the first infected person and was within the respective epidemiological fence, ”said the State portfolio in its bulletin.
            In addition, Salud explained that the first patient with COVID confirmed in Paraguay, who was in Ecuadorian days before, “would be linked to the older adult that corresponds to the primary case” in our country...


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              New case of COVID-19 in Ecuador
              WEB Writing - March 9, 2020. 09:05

              A total of 15 patients with coronavirus are registered in Ecuador, as reported by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) on Sunday night, March 8, 2020 in a statement posted on Twitter.

              "The patient has mild symptoms, belongs to the circle near the first infected and was within the respective epidemiological fence," said the statement.

              They also make reference that one of the people diagnosed in previous days was transferred from his home to a hospital. "His state of health is stable," he reports.

              In addition, the health authorities determined that the positive Paraguayan citizen for COVID-19, who visited the country, was infected by the older adult woman who is in critical condition. They explain that they maintain a joint work with the citizen's country of origin ...


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                Ministry of Health confirms 19 cases of coronavirus in Ecuador

                Passengers arriving from the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Guangdong, Spain, France, Iran, Germany, Korea, and Italy must comply with the isolation.

                The Ministry of Health confirmed that two new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the last hours. With these cases, the number increases to 19 people infected in the country.

                Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner said that more than 200 people are in the epidemiological fence, seeking to prevent the spread of the virus.

                The announcement was made during the installation of the National Emergency Operation Committee (COE), which will be the entity that coordinates the health emergency in the country. Foreign Minister Jos? Valencia said that from 00:00 on Friday, March 13, 2020, passengers from the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Guangdong, Spain, France, Iran, Germany, Korea and Italy must comply with the mandatory isolation for 14 days. . Valencia added that people who refuse to comply with this provision may not enter the country.


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                  COVID-19 Cases Increase to 20 in Ecuador
                  By Metro Ecuador
                  Friday, March 13, 2020, at 10:56
                  New case of coronavirus in Ecuador - API

                  Alexandra Ocles, head of the Ecuadorian Risk Management Secretariat, reported that the number of COVID-19 coronavirus infections rose to 20 in Ecuador. Furthermore, the epidemiological fence increased to 205.

                  About the new case, it is imported. “Thanks to the new measures, it has been immediately controlled; a very small epidemiological fence is maintained, "said the vice president of Ecuador. The new case has only had contact with two people (family) so the fence is reduced.

                  This is an Ecuadorian citizen who traveled from New York to Quito. The people who are within the epidemiological fence are his wife and daughter.

                  "Many of the people who are within the epidemiological fence of coronavirus would come out of this measure next week," added Otto Sonnenholzner.

                  Mar?a Paula Romo, through a press conference on the health emergency in Ecuador, indicated that events with a capacity of more than 250 people will be suspended. These statements come after the analysis of the COE at the end of the afternoon of Thursday, March 12.

                  Romo also clarified that the number of people who have entered the country has reduced. Data has been evaluated at the country's two international airports.
                  Quito airport

                  1035 (last week)

                  637 (yesterday, Thursday, March 12)
                  Guayaquil airports

                  963 (last week)

                  454 (yesterday, Thursday, March 12)

                  As of midnight, 310 control operations were carried out. 35 events and 16 clauses were suspended.

                  The COVID-19 coronavirus leaves more than 140,000 cases of contagion in more than a hundred countries around the world, the vast majority (about 81,000) in China, where more than 3,170 deaths from this cause have been recorded. The number of deaths worldwide exceeds 5,000 and that of those recovered, 65,000.


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                    23 cases; 1st death reported:


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                      They rise to 37 cases of COVID-19 in Ecuador
                      Updated 2020-03-16 02:16:09 | Spanish. xinhuanet. com

                      QUITO, March 15 (Xinhua) - Ecuador registers nine more cases of the COVID-19 disease, bringing the number of people infected today to 37, according to the latest report from the Emergency Operations Committee (COE). ), entity in charge of managing the health emergency in the country.

                      The report was disseminated through the National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE), according to which two people are also recorded dead and 273 in an epidemiological fence.

                      Of the 37 cases of infection, two people are hospitalized "with a reserved prognosis", three stable in hospitals and 30 patients remain stable in home isolation, in addition to 51 having already left the epidemiological fence.

                      The Ecuadorian government decreed a health emergency on March 11, after the declaration of a pandemic made by the World Health Organization (WHO).

                      In the context of the emergency, the South American country has reinforced preventive measures in recent days to prevent the spread of the disease in its territory.


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                        Ecuador adds 58 confirmed cases of COVID-19
                        Updated 2020-03-17 00:48:45 | Spanish. xinhuanet. com

                        QUITO, March 16 (Xinhua) - The number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Ecuador rose to 58 on Thursday, after the Ministry of Public Health reported 21 new patients.

                        According to the latest official balance, released by the National Risk and Emergency Management Service, so far there have been two deaths from the new coronavirus, 58 infected and 273 people in epidemiological purse.

                        The report detailed that of the 58 positive cases, two are hospitalized "with reserved prognosis", seven stable hospitalized and 47 patients remain stable in home isolation.

                        In addition, 51 people have already completed the epidemiological fence.

                        The provinces with the most COVID-19 infections are Guayas (southwest) with 38 cases, followed by Los R?os (west) with 10 cases and Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, with seven cases.

                        Ecuador is in a health emergency decreed by the government since March 11, after the declaration of a pandemic made by the World Health Organization (WHO).


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                          Ecuador initiated a night curfew to counter COVID-19
                          By EFE -
                          March 18, 2020 10:02 am

                          Ecuador started an eight-hour nocturnal curfew on Tuesday, decreed by the Government, until further notice, with the aim of stopping an expansion of COVID-19 in the country, which registers 111 cases, nearly double that of Monday.

                          From 21:00 local time (02:00 GMT on Wednesday) the measure entered into force throughout the national territory and will be extended until 5:00 local time (10:00 GMT), under the provisions decreed by the state of sanitary emergency.
                          Desert urban Quito

                          With the entry into force of the measure, the streets of the urban area of ​​Quito and its surroundings were deserted tonight and only a few vehicles, mostly services and municipal vehicles such as cleaning and garbage trucks, or distribution, circulated sporadically. Of gas.

                          Patrols of the Metropolitan Traffic and National Police were also visible at various points in the Ecuadorian capital.

                          In an effective access road, the police and the military established a control where they deployed fences, pending a government decision to interrupt the entry of vehicles to the city.

                          Some gas stations remained open, as well as food establishments, where the workers carried out their work from the inside, without customers and dressed in gloves and masks.
                          Authorized to circulate without limitations

                          On the other hand, the Ecuadorian Government Minister, Mar?a Paula Romo, recalled today in an appearance that medical and health personnel, as well as all those workers who contribute to the health field, will be authorized to circulate without limitations.

                          Also those who work in activities designated by the Government and considered vital to meet the needs of the population, such as banks, supermarkets or pharmacies, where the limit of people was reduced to half the normally authorized capacity.

                          Personnel authorized to mobilize under a curfew must carry passports issued by the authorities in order to carry out their work.
                          Venezuelans in Ecuador lucky in employment

                          This is the case of home and food delivery people, who tonight circulated without limitation in Quito on motorcycles or bicycles carrying delivery boxes with distinctive colors and mostly of Venezuelan nationality.

                          "Somehow the curfew benefits us because people cannot leave home and we with the pass can and do carry medicines, alcohol, food," said Saul Ar?valo, a 28-year-old Venezuelan delivery man who has been living in Mexico for six years. Ecuador.

                          Asked if he fears the virus, he acknowledges: "I am indeed afraid, but above that fear is a family who is waiting at home for food, the homeowner who is waiting for the rent to be paid, etc".

                          Along with other compatriots, he waits next to a pizzeria on United Nations Street, one of the widest avenues in the north of the city and that looked unusually soulless, as the setting for an apocalyptic movie.

                          The last time a curfew was decreed and the state of emergency in Ecuador was five months ago, following violent riots in the context of a social protest against the elimination of the gasoline subsidy, a measure that was repealed by the Government. in order to pacify the country. EFE


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                            March 19, 2020 16:08 Covid-19 in Ecuador: 260 infected, three recovered, four deceased
                            Valeria Heredia (I)

                            Ecuador registered an increase of 30% in confirmed cases of people infected with covid-19, between report number 12 issued by the Government at 10:00 on Thursday, March 19, 2020 and number 13 released at 16:00 , in Quito.

                            Through public television, the director of the National Risk Management Service, Alexandra Ocles, reported this afternoon that 260 people are infected and that up to that moment four deaths from the coronavirus were reported in the country. He also revealed that this day it was verified with laboratory analysis that three infected people recovered.

                            Ocles explained that the first people recovered in Ecuador are three men, who underwent the test on March 1 and completed a 14-day preventive isolation. A new examination was negative. The official explained that after 24 hours the test is performed again and confirms the preliminary examination. Their ages are 33, 36 and 66 years old; they were isolated in their homes. "They must remain careful," said Ocles.

                            The number of deceased increased to four in the country. The latest victim is an older adult patient from the province of Manab? who has no relation to the primary case, according to {an Ocles. The person's immediate circle is in the epidemiological fence, added the official.

                            The other three people lost their lives to the virus in Ecuador on March 13 (an older adult; the first patient, an Ecuadorian from Spain), on March 14 (sister of the first victim) and on March 18 (one person 63 years).

                            There are now 260 cases of the disease in the country. Guayas concentrates the highest number of infections, with 187. In Pichincha there are 16 positive diagnoses, all in Quito. There are also the provinces of Los R?os with 16 cases, Azuay 14, Manab? 8, El Oro 1, Sucumb?os 2, Loja 4 cases, Ca?ar 3, Chimborazo 2, Imbabura 1, Morona Santiago 3 cases, Bol?var with 2 cases and Santo Domingo de the Ts?chilas 1.

                            The Risk Management Secretary also referred to the case of the mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri, diagnosed with covid-19, and noted that the same measures are taken as in the other cases.

                            Undersecretary Ocles stressed the importance of maintaining home isolation, which has been requested of the entire population. He said that this morning he told the representative of the Pan American Health Organization, Gina Watson, and she replied that a code. Now it has been asked to avoid effusive greetings with kisses and hugs, to stop the spread of contagion.


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                              March 20, 2020 11:07 AM Alexandra Ocles confirms 367 cases of people infected with covid-19 in Ecuador this March 20, 2020
                              Drafting and Drafting Society

                              Alexandra Ocles, director of the Emergency Management Service (Sngre), reported on the morning of this Friday, March 20, 2020 that there are 367 people infected with the covid-19 coronavirus in Ecuador. The death toll reached five this Friday.

                              According to the report, which collects data until 08:00 today, the province of Guayas is still the most affected by the infections, with 273 cases, Guayaquil, its capital, has 174 cases.

                              The provinces of Pichincha follow with 32 cases, Los R?os with 18 cases, Azuay with 14, Manab? 7, Loja 4, Ca?ar 3, Chimborazo 3, Morona Santiago 3, Bol?var 2, El Oro 2, Imbabura 2, Sucumb?os 2, Santo Sunday of the Ts?chilas 1 and Santa Elena 1.

                              The number of people recovered remains at three; they belong to the primary fence. They were tested on Sunday, March 1 and they fulfilled the preventive isolation in their homes. That is, they spent 14 days in quarantine and the results were negative. After 24 hours, a new analysis was performed and the response was similar. The three people are 33, 36 and 66 years old. "They must remain in care," he explained.

                              In addition, there are 746 people in the epidemiological fence, 5 deceased, 483 cases discarded. Stable in home isolation 345 people, hospitalized stable 9, people hospitalized with reserved prognosis 5, Ocles reported in a virtual press conference, in which the Ministers of Health, Catalina Andramu?o, and Defense, Oswaldo Jarr?n also participated.

                              For her part, the Minister of Health noted that there are medical personnel who have tested positive for the covid-19. "We have 24 people among the health personnel (infected with the disease) ... 17 are doctors, there are nurses, nursing assistants and a health worker. They are monitored and supervised. Only one is hospitalized," he said ...