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Japan Covid-19 13 Urgent symptoms for home carers to be aware of.

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  • Japan Covid-19 13 Urgent symptoms for home carers to be aware of.

    Patients with mild illness Released a list of 13 symptoms with high urgency Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Corona

    April 29, 2020 11:32New coronavirus

    For patients with mild illness who are infected with the new coronavirus and are treated at accommodations or at home, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says that the lips are purple and that you cannot breathe without sitting. We have published a list where you can check for high symptoms yourself.
    Initially, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare had a policy of treating patients with mild illness and people with no symptoms at accommodation facilities and at home, but in response to the death of a man who was waiting at home in Saitama prefecture, We have changed the policy based on medical treatment at accommodation facilities.

    However, because there are patients who are treated at home due to family circumstances and the condition may change suddenly, we have published a list that allows you to check for urgent symptoms yourself.

    Among these, examples of symptoms include "clearly poor complexion" in expression and appearance, "purple in lips", and symptoms of breathlessness include "chest pain" and "lie sideways". There are 13 items in total, such as "I can't breathe without sitting." And "I breathe on my shoulder."

    MHLW confirms these items twice a day by patients and their families, and if there is even one of the applicable items, the person at home is the contact point of the local government, and if it is an accommodation facility, the nurses etc. Would like to contact you soon.

    What are 13 items?

    [Facial expression / appearance]
    ▽ The complexion is obviously bad
    ▽ Lips are purple

    Unusual, strange appearance [Sighing difficulty , etc.]
    ▽ Breath became rough (breath rate increased)
    ▽ Suddenly choked I have become
    ▽, I feel suffocating when I am living and move a little
    ▽ I have chest pain
    ▽ I cannot lie down. I can't breathe if I don't sit
    ▽ I'm breathing on my shoulder ▽ Suddenly (within 2 hours) I've started to see

    [Disturbance of consciousness]
    ▽ Vague (weak reaction)
    ▽ I'm about to leave )
    ▽ The pulse flies and the rhythm of the pulse is disturbed.
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."