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Prime Minister Abe to make Emergency Declaration tomorrow (7th April)

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  • Prime Minister Abe to make Emergency Declaration tomorrow (7th April)
    Prime Minister Abe said, "To minimize the contact between people who can lead to infection with the goal of about one month, we will ask the people to cooperate more than ever, and make sure that the medical provision system is in place. It's a declaration of emergency for that. "

    He said, "In Japan, experts declare that even if a state of emergency is declared, cities will not be blocked as in foreign countries, and that there is no need to do so." Operates and supermarkets continue to operate.

    He added, "This is no different from the traditional Japanese method of preventing the spread of infection by preventing the three tightnesses of sealing, crowding, and closeness while maintaining economic and social activities as much as possible. We would like to ask for further strengthening and thoroughness.

    After hearing the opinions of the Advisory Committee, he made an emergency declaration on the 7th, held a press conference and showed his thoughts to carefully explain to the people.
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."