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Japan Intensive Care has half the capacity per capita of Italy

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  • Japan Intensive Care has half the capacity per capita of Italy

    Intensive care may cause early collapse of medical system

    April 5, 2020 17:53New coronavirus

    The Japanese Association of Intensive Care Medicine is urgently seeking specialists and experienced physicians, etc., regarding the intensive care that may be taken if the new coronavirus patient becomes severe, as the medical system may collapse very quickly Issued an urgent statement that it should be.
    The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, which is made up of specialist doctors, issued an emergency statement on the 1st of this month.

    The mortality rate in Italy was 11.7% at the end of last month, compared with 1.1% in Germany at the end of last month, mainly due to differences in intensive care regimes

    Japan has a sense of danger that intensive care units per 100,000 population are less than half that of Italy and that the intensive care system is likely to collapse very quickly.

    In the case of new coronavirus patients, intensive care units need four times as many nurses to prevent infection.

    He pointed out that few doctors and nurses can handle equipment such as ventilators and cardiopulmonary bypass (ECMO), which is used for patients with extremely severe symptoms.

    For this reason, of the approximately 6,500 intensive care units in Japan, there may be less than 1,000 beds that can actually respond to patients with the new coronavirus, and even if the number is increased, the current system does Point out that it cannot be done.

    The Society has therefore urged that all measures be taken to maintain an intensive care system, including the immediate acquisition of physicians who have experienced the treatment of critically ill patients.
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."