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China - Medical expert Zhang Wenhong says second COVID-19 wave is "positive" for autumn and winter - June 1, 2020

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  • China - Medical expert Zhang Wenhong says second COVID-19 wave is "positive" for autumn and winter - June 1, 2020

    Zhang Wenhong: The second wave of outbreaks in autumn and winter is positive
    May 31, 2020 23:52 Surging News
      Original title: Zhang Wenhong: The second wave of outbreaks in autumn and winter is positive

      With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, colleges and universities and elementary and secondary schools across the country began to resume school. Among them, candidates preparing for the 2020 high school entrance examination, especially affected the hearts of all walks of life.

      How to prevent epidemic after students return to school? Should students prepare for the college entrance examination? What issues should be considered before applying for the medical profession? On May 31st, Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infection, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, and Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Treatment Expert Group, answered questions for the majority of teachers, students and parents.

      Video source: Tianmu News

      What does the school do? One school and one policy

      Why are all places now starting to resume school one after another? Zhang Wenhong explained that the confidence in resuming school comes from the first stage of resuming production. After the resumption of production in the first stage, the entire epidemic situation was very well controlled. Today's prevention and control system is also orderly, and there is no rebound in the epidemic situation. So at this time we are going back to school.

      The biggest challenge for returning to school is to stop the spread of campus. "So we first need to know how it spread in the school, basically because a certain student brought the virus from home. Therefore, first of all, parents should do their own epidemic prevention work, and do a good cooperation between home and school. If the family does not do well, it will bring the virus to school. "Zhang Wenhong said.

      On the basis of good home epidemic prevention, what should the school do? Zhang Wenhong pointed out that the desks should be kept at a distance of one meter as far as possible, so that the classrooms are often ventilated, and everyone should wear masks when gathering. In this case, even if there is a case, but because everyone has taken good protective measures, one meter of the desk, wash hands frequently, wear masks, ventilate to avoid the spread of droplets.

      In view of the limited conditions of some schools, the desks cannot be spaced one meter apart. Zhang Wenhong suggested that everyone can do according to their own conditions and do one school and one policy. There is no absolute standard. For example, the farther away the school desks are, the better. But if you ca n’t do it, each school should consider it yourself. You can relax in this strategy and use other strategies to make up for it.

      What do parents worry about? The second wave of outbreaks in autumn and winter do not have to panic

      Some parents worry that there will be a second wave of outbreaks in autumn and winter. Zhang Wenhong responded: "The second wave of outbreaks in autumn and winter is affirmative, because the epidemic in foreign countries is still relatively serious, and once the epidemic prevention of foreign production and resumption of production is not in place, the epidemic will still spread. risks of."

      Zhang Wenhong believes that as long as the basic protection is well done, there is no need to worry too much. The establishment of a closed-loop epidemic prevention and control system in China has been very complete and prepared for the imported epidemic. In the future, epidemic prevention and control will be properly managed, and the virus may coexist with people for a year or two, but the impact on our daily lives is very small.

      "After the school starts every year, there will be people with fever in the class. It is a normal phenomenon and there is no need to cause panic." Zhang Wenhong believes that cold and fever are generally caused by seasonal flu, and the probability of new coronary pneumonia is very small. Once someone has a fever, medical school linkage is crucial. The school should follow the process and start the process plan as soon as possible, so that students can go to the nearby hospital to make a hot clinic for testing, do isolation work, and avoid contact with other students.

      For how to accurately measure the body temperature, Zhang Wenhong set a point for everyone. When measuring body temperature, forehead temperature measurement is more accurate than wrist temperature measurement. The body temperature cannot be measured after eating a meal. After eating, the body temperature will rise by half a degree. It cannot be measured after exercise, and the body temperature will be half a degree higher. Therefore, generally speaking, to measure the body temperature of students, it is suitable to measure one hour after a meal after avoiding exercise.

      How do students wear masks scientifically? Zhang Wenhong introduced that in the classroom, everyone can wear a surgical mask. The thin one does not need to wear an N95 mask. In physical education classes, the distance between students is widened. At this time, wearing a mask is excessive protection, which is detrimental to the physical and mental health of children.

      How do students prepare for high school entrance examination? Completely forget the epidemic

      For this year's high school entrance examination sprint students, Zhang Wenhong also gave suggestions. "The key is to adjust the mentality, forget the epidemic, and completely get rid of the impact of the epidemic psychologically. Eat, drink, sleep well, just like the epidemic has never been there, concentrate on preparing for the exam, we are now working on epidemic prevention, just for your good exam creating condition."

      Should students prepare for the college entrance examination? Zhang Wenhong replied that, scientifically eating and drinking, the protein intake must be guaranteed. The daily intake of protein is equivalent to 3 to 4 eggs. In addition to eggs, chicken, duck and fish meat can provide high-quality protein. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the diversity of food ingredients, 10 to 12 kinds of food a day. Second, more than 25 kinds of ingredients should be consumed within a week.

      Want to apply for a medical major? I really love it

      After the epidemic, many students wanted to apply for medical majors. In the medical field for decades, Zhang Wenhong made some suggestions to these students: first of all, you have to think clearly, not to make a lot of money to be a doctor, and the career of a doctor is also very hard.

      "This kind of medical treatment and rescue work is not only highly technical, it is relatively stable on the whole, and it is very respected. If you like to do such a thing, then this occupation is very good." At the same time, Zhang Wenhong also said that this The requirements of the profession are very high, which requires strong professional skills and extensive communication with the society. If your liberal arts is also good, good at communicating with people, science is good, and natural science is good, then medicine is a very good choice.

      "I do n’t want our doctors to be like heroes because of the outbreak. In fact, what doctors like to do most is ordinary. They can serve the public, let our profession be reflected, and get a copy of the application. For some remuneration, I think this is a very good occupation. "Zhang Wenhong admitted.

      For parents, how to help children choose a major? Zhang Wenhong said that if you want a child to find a major that he likes, he must let him read more books, read more books, and have seen more people in the world, he will be more and more likely to determine what he wants to grow up. "Medicine is a very serious and sacred profession. I hope that everyone can really love this profession through long-term understanding before they go into this profession." Zhang Wenhong said.