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China: 2019nCov - Cases, Outbreak News and Information Week 7 (February 9 - February 15, 2020)

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    On February 12, 2 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in Xiamen, 3 suspected, and 7 new confirmed in Fujian
    2020-02-13 08: 28Source: Fujian Health and Health Commission

    0 On February 12th, 04:00, Fujian Province reported 7 newly confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. among them:

    2 2 cases in Xiamen (2 cases in Xiang'an District);

    1 case in Qiquan City (1 case in Jinjiang City);

    2 cases in Putian City (1 case in Chengxiang District, 1 case in Xianyou County);

    1 case in Nanping City (1 case in Jian'ou City);

    There was 1 case in Suiningde City (1 case in Gutian County).

    8 new cases were cured and discharged.

    Reported 16 new suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. among them:

    10 cases in Fuzhou City (1 case in Gulou District, 2 cases in Cangshan District, 1 case in Jin'an District, 3 cases in Minhou County, 1 case in Lianjiang County, 1 case in Minqing County, and 1 case in Fuqing City);

    3 cases in Xiamen (3 cases in Xiang'an District);

    2 cases in Sanming City (1 case in Meilie District, 1 case in Sha County);

    One case in Putian City (one case in Licheng District).

    As of 24:00 on February 12, 279 cases of confirmed new-type coronavirus pneumonia have been reported in Fujian (8 severe cases, 15 severe cases, and no death cases). among them:

    Fuzhou City 64 cases (2 cases in Gulou District, 7 cases in Cangshan District, 9 cases in Jin'an District, 8 cases in Changle District, 3 cases in Minhou County, 8 cases in Lianjiang County, 1 case in Luoyuan County, 6 cases in Minqing County, 2 cases in Yongtai County, 15 cases in Fuqing City, 1 case in Gutian County, Ningde City, and 2 cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province);

    34 cases in Xiamen (13 cases in Siming District, 2 cases in Haicang District, 2 cases in Huli District, 4 cases in Jimei District, 3 cases in Xiang'an District, 1 case in Shishi City, Quanzhou City, and 9 cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province);

    19 cases in Zhangzhou City (9 cases in Wucheng District, 1 case in Longwen District, 2 cases in Yunxiao County, 2 cases in Zhaoan County, 3 cases in Changtai County, 1 case in Dongshan County, and 1 case in Longhai City);

    44 cases in Quanzhou (1 in Licheng District, 4 in Fengze District, 1 in Luojiang District, 2 in Hui'an County, 2 in Anxi County, 2 in Yongchun County, 2 in Shishi City, 18 in Jinjiang City, and 12 in Nan'an City example);

    13 cases in Sanming City (2 cases in Sanyuan District, 1 case in Ninghua County, 1 case in Youxi County, 5 cases in Sha County, 1 case in Jiangle County, 3 cases in Yongan City);

    54 cases in Putian City (31 cases in Chengxiang District, 3 cases in Hanjiang District, 6 cases in Licheng District, 6 cases in Xiuyu District, 3 cases in the northern shore of Meizhou Bay, and 5 cases in Xianyou County);

    20 cases in Nanping City (4 cases in Yanping District, 1 case in Jianyang District, 1 case in Shunchang County, 1 case in Pucheng County, 1 case in Guangze County, 5 cases in Songxi County, 1 case in Zhenghe County, 3 cases in Wuyishan City, Jianye 2 cases in Shanghai, 1 case in Xiaogan City, Hubei Province);

    6 cases in Panlongyan City (5 cases in Yongding District and 1 case in Wuping County);

    There were 25 cases in Juningde City (3 cases in Jiaocheng District, 4 cases in Xiapu County, 10 cases in Gutian County, 6 cases in Zhouning County, 1 case in Fuan City, and 1 case in Fuding City).

    A total of 54 discharged patients were cured and 225 currently hospitalized.

    A total of 69 suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been reported. among them:

    20 cases in Fuzhou City (3 cases in Gulou District, 1 case in Taijiang District, 4 cases in Cangshan District, 3 cases in Jin'an District, 1 case in Changle District, 3 cases in Minhou County, 2 cases in Lianjiang County, 2 cases in Minqing County, 1 case in Fuqing City);

    1414 cases in Xiamen (9 cases in Siming District, 1 case in Jimei District, 4 cases in Xiang'an District);

    4 cases in Zhangzhou City (1 case in Wucheng District, 1 case in Changtai County, 1 case in Hua'an County, and 1 case in Longhai City);

    1 case in Qiquan City (1 case in Jinjiang City);

    3 cases in Sanming City (1 case in Meilie District, 1 case in Datian County, and 1 case in Sha County);

    18 cases in Putian City (12 cases in Chengxiang District, 5 cases in Licheng District, and 1 case in the northern shore of Meizhou Bay);

    2 cases in Luanping City (1 case in Jianyang District, 1 case in Shunchang County);

    1 case in Panlongyan City (1 case in Shanghang County);

    There were 6 cases in Juningde City (4 cases in Jiaocheng District and 2 cases in Gutian County).

    At present, close contacts of confirmed and suspected cases have been lifted from medical observations to 6,394 people, and 3001 are still undergoing medical observations.
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      Epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia in Guangxi on February 12
      2020-02-13 08:25:37 Source: Autonomous Region Health Committee

      At 04:00 on February 12, there were no new confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in our district; 81 new suspected cases; 2 new cured and discharged cases (1 in Nanning and 1 in Liuzhou); new deaths 1 case (1 case in Beihai City).

      Currently, 222 confirmed cases and 33 discharged cases have been reported in the district. There are 251 suspected cases and 7 severe cases (1 in Nanning, 1 in Beihai, 1 in Fangchenggang, 1 in Guigang, 1 in Yulin, and 2 in Hechi), and 7 in critical cases (Nanning 1 case, 1 case in Guilin, 1 case in Fangchenggang City, 4 cases in Hechi City), and 2 cases of deaths (1 case in Hechi City and 1 case in Beihai City).

      Of the confirmed cases, 44 were in Nanning, 22 in Liuzhou, 31 in Guilin, 5 in Wuzhou, 39 in Beihai, 17 in Fangchenggang, 8 in Qinzhou, 8 in Guigang, 9 in Yulin, There were 3 cases in Baise City, 4 cases in Hezhou City, 21 cases in Hechi City, and 11 cases in Laibin City.

      At present, 13,075 people have been traced to close contacts, and 3,256 people are undergoing medical observation...


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        Liaoning confirmed 116 new cases of coronavirus pneumonia and 1 died
        2020-02-13 08:37:12 Source: Liaoning Daily

        On February 12, the Provincial Health and Health Committee informed that as of 19:00 on February 12, Liaoning Province had reported 116 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, 20 were discharged, and 1 died.

        16 On February 11, from 16:00 to 24:00, five new cases of new coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Liaoning Province. One case in Shenyang was a common case; one case in Jinzhou (a confirmed case of asymptomatic infection) was a mild case; and three cases in Tieling city (all cases were confirmed in an asymptomatic infection) were ordinary cases. One case was cured and discharged from Dalian.

        零 On February 12th, from 09:00 to 19:00, one new cured case was discharged from Liaoning Province, which was confirmed in Liaoyang City; the first case reported was a confirmed case in Huludao City.

        The dead man was 87 years old and was bedridden for a long time. He was diagnosed as a local infection on February 7 and was a severe case. The patient's bilateral femoral head necrosis was paralyzed for 10 years, and he suffered from basic diseases such as aspiration pneumonia, coronary heart disease, heart failure, and grade IV heart function. The medical staff immediately treated them with all their strength after admission. On the evening of February 11, the patient's condition worsened, and multiple organ failure became a critical illness. On February 12, no effort was made to rescue the dead.

        Of the 116 confirmed cases, 28 in Shenyang, 16 in Dalian, 3 in Anshan, 3 in Benxi, 7 in Dandong, 12 in Jinzhou, 1 in Yingkou, 8 in Fuxin, and 3 in Liaoyang 7 cases in Tieling City, 6 cases in Chaoyang City, 11 cases in Panjin City and 11 cases in Huludao City.

        Currently, 95 patients are being treated in isolation at designated medical institutions, including 11 severe cases and 2 critical cases. Of the 95 patients treated, 60 were imported cases and 35 were local infections.

        At present, 2,196 close contacts have been tracked, 1,615 medical observations have been lifted, and 581 are currently undergoing medical observations.


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          Newly confirmed 27 new cases of coronavirus pneumonia in Jiangsu
          2020-02-13 08:44:00 Source: Health Jiangsu 8

          0 At 02:00 on February 12, 2020, Jiangsu Province reported 27 new confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. Among them, 6 were mild cases and 21 were ordinary cases. 37 new cases were discharged.

          Among the newly confirmed cases, 3 were in Nanjing, 1 in Wuxi, 5 in Xuzhou, 2 in Changzhou, 1 in Suzhou, 1 in Nantong, 3 in Lianyungang, 4 in Huai'an, and 4 in Yancheng. 2 cases in Yangzhou and 1 case in Taizhou. Among them, the oldest is 91 years old and the youngest is 7 years old. There are 17 males and 10 females. All cases have been treated in designated hospitals with stable conditions.

          As of 24:00 on February 12, Jiangsu Province has reported a total of 570 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. Among them, 45 were light cases, 516 were normal cases, 6 were severe cases, and 3 were critical cases. There were 131 discharged patients. Of the confirmed cases, 90 were in Nanjing, 49 in Wuxi, 71 in Xuzhou, 38 in Changzhou, 85 in Suzhou, 38 in Nantong, 42 in Lianyungang, 51 in Huai'an, 25 in Yancheng, and Yangzhou. There were 20 cases in city, 12 cases in Zhenjiang city, 37 cases in Taizhou city, and 12 cases in Suqian city. Among the severe cases, one was in Nanjing, one in Xuzhou, one in Suzhou, one in Nantong, one in Yancheng, and one in Zhenjiang. Among the severe cases, one was in Xuzhou, one in Lianyungang, and one in Huaian. Among the discharged patients, there were 24 cases in Nanjing, 8 in Wuxi, 16 in Xuzhou, 11 in Changzhou, 16 in Suzhou, 10 in Nantong, 5 in Lianyungang, 6 in Huai'an, 6 in Yancheng, and Yangzhou. There were 6 cases in city, 2 cases in Zhenjiang city, 15 cases in Taizhou city, and 6 cases in Suqian city.

          At present, Jiangsu Province has tracked 11,522 close contacts, 6,969 people have been lifted from medical observation, and 4,553 people are still receiving medical observation.


          • According to the WeChat public account issued by Shiyan, on the 12th, the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province issued the No. 27 Announcement, announcing the implementation of wartime in Zhangwan District from 24:00 on February 12th. Control, in principle, takes 14 days as a cycle, depending on the effect of epidemic prevention and control in the city and Zhangwan District, it can be lifted or implemented in advance.

            The following is the body of the announcement:

            Urgent Notice of Wartime Control in Zhangwan District

            Strict implementation of home isolation and group prevention and treatment is a scientific policy to prevent infection and infection of New Coronary Pneumonia, and an urgent need to safeguard the health and life of the people. In order to reduce the flow of people, force the exposure of the source of the disease, curb the spread of the epidemic, and avoid long-term consumption, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Law on Public Security Management Punishment, the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and the Regulations on Public Health Emergencies, etc. The matters concerning the urgent implementation of wartime control in the Bay Area are as follows:

            1. All buildings will be fully closed. All residents, non-medical personnel, medical supplies practitioners, anti-epidemic officials, and basic people's livelihood security practitioners such as hydropower, oil and gas, communication networks, food and vegetables will not be allowed to enter the building.

            2. All communities, courtyards, and residential areas shall be strictly sealed and controlled. Non-epidemic vehicles, official vehicles, medical personnel vehicles, trucks and special vehicles such as ambulance, fire fighting, rescue, police vehicles, etc. are prohibited from entering and exiting.

            3. All residential areas (points) shall strictly implement wartime control. The basic necessities of residents are provided by townships, sub-districts (development zones, new industrial zones) and village (neighbourhood) committees for regular, fixed-type and...



            • hat tip PenquinSix

              my bolding

              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎

              1. There's a lot of buzz on the astronomical jump in cases from Hubei on Wednesday -- 14,840 new confirmed cases, almost 10 x compared to a day earlier. New deaths rose to 242, more than double fr day b4. The govt has changed the diagnostic criteria used to confirm cases. More ..
              8:21 PM Feb 12, 2020TweetDeck
              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎


              Replying to
              2. Effectively, this means the govt is giving doctors greater discretion to clinically diagnose patients. Previously, they could only confirm cases with the nucleic acid test kits. But a govt expert said recently these were only 30-40 percent accurate.

              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎


              3. More crucially, we were interviewing patients, who were showing all the symptoms of the new coronavirus, who said they were tested four to five times before they got a positive result. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower doctor, was one of them.
              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎


              4. Chinese health experts say this is why there's a change: they now realize that there's a group of patients who only test positive very late with the nucleic acid testing. Because of how transmissible the disease is, they want to include these people as confirmed cases.
              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎


              5. The point is to isolate these patients quickly and treat them. Doctors are now clinically diagnosing these people with CT scans. The advantage of these scans are they are immediate. Previously, patients had to wait at least two days for their results.
              Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎


              6. Samples had to be transported for hours to the province's relatively few labs. The nucleic acid tests are also dependent on the people sampling these patients. There's room for error. But the disadvantage of using CT scans is that they might not catch people w mild symptoms.


              • China Coronavirus Cases Surge Almost 15,000 After Data Revision

                Bloomberg News February 12, 2020, 7:15 PM EST Updated on February 12, 2020, 8:28 PM EST



                • The National Health Committee report for the entire country is very late tonight. I am watching for it and will post as soon as it is available.


                  The report is now 5 hours late. Hopefully it will appear.

                  This is the link
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                  • [Xinhuanet] Approved by Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, to send 2,600 more medical personnel to support Wuhan in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic

                    Release time: 2020-02-13Source :
                      Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 13 (Zhu Hongliang, Zhou Na) With the approval of Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, the army has sent an additional 2,600 medical staff to support the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan. Hubei Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital Guanggu Hospital confirmed medical treatment tasks.
                      Wuhan Taikang Tongji Hospital plans to expand 860 beds, and Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital Guanggu District plans to expand 700 beds. Both hospitals have clinical wards with auxiliary departments such as infection control, inspection, special consultation, radiological diagnosis, medicinal equipment, disinfection supply, information, and medical engineering.
                      The medical forces drawn this time came from multiple medical units of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army, Strategic Support Force, Joint Logistics Support Force, and Armed Police Force. According to the hospital's capacity and construction progress, military medical staff will be put into support in batches. The first batch of 1,400 troops arrived in Wuhan on February 13 and plans to start relevant medical treatment work as soon as possible.
                      Up to now, the army has sent 3 batches of more than 4,000 medical personnel to support Wuhan in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. (Source: Xinhuanet, February 13, 2020)



                    • Translation Google

                      What is the number of clinically diagnosed cases in Hubei that includes the number of clinically diagnosed cases for the first time? Expert interpretation

                      CCTV News Client CCTV News Client February 13, 2020 08:52A-A +

                      Today (February 13), the latest epidemic situation released by the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission's official website, including the number of clinically diagnosed cases, is announced. The report showed that there were 14,840 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hubei Province (including 13332 clinically diagnosed cases).

                      What does a clinically diagnosed case refer to? How is it different from a confirmed case? CCTV reporters exclusively interviewed Tong Zhaohui, an expert from the Central Steering Group and vice president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.

                      Why set the level of clinical diagnosis? On February 5, "News 1 + 1", Bai Yansong contacted Wang Chen, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and mentioned this issue.

                      What are clinically diagnosed cases? How is it different from a confirmed case?

                      Tong Zhaohui: The fifth edition of the health and health committee's plan has already raised the issue of clinical diagnosis of cases in Hubei.
                      △ Pneumonitis diagnosis and treatment plan for new type of coronavirus infection (trial version of trial version 5)

                      We also have clinical diagnosis in our daily work. In the usual diagnosis of pneumonia, in fact, two to thirty percent of the etiology depends on clinical seventy to eighty percent of the diagnosis. Therefore, the number of clinically diagnosed cases was increased in Hubei this time. Some time ago, we mainly relied on nucleic acids to diagnose cases, but in fact, most of the suspected cases were based on clinical manifestations: 1. A history of epidemiology; 2. Fever, respiratory cough, and belching symptoms. Then check the clinical characteristics of the physical examination and make a comprehensive diagnosis after CT imaging.

                      Wang Chen: It is necessary to set the grade of clinical diagnosis.

                      Now the ability to detect viral nucleic acid is constantly improving, but the accuracy of different reagents is different. Not all patients can detect nucleic acid positive, so there are a lot of clinical symptoms in the history of epidemiology and contact history. It ’s also like, but patients whose nucleic acid has not been confirmed are now listed as suspected cases. I suggest that such patients in Wuhan should be classified as clinically diagnosed cases because the positive rate of nucleic acid for confirmed patients is only 30. % ~ 50%, so it is necessary to set the level of clinical diagnosis.

                      The circular issued by the official website of the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission pointed out that with the deepening of the understanding of new coronavirus pneumonia and the accumulation of experience in diagnosis and treatment, in response to the characteristics of the epidemic situation in Hubei Province, Coronary virus-infected pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version 5) adds "clinical diagnosis" to the case diagnosis classification in Hubei Province, so that patients can receive standardized treatment according to confirmed cases as early as possible, and further improve the success rate of treatment. According to the plan, Hubei Province has recently conducted investigations on suspected cases and revised the diagnosis results, and newly diagnosed patients were diagnosed according to the new diagnosis classification.


                      See also:

                      How is the "false negative" of new coronary pneumonia caused?

                      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                      -Nelson Mandela


                      • China reports 15,152 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection, 254 new deaths

                        Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-13 16:23:42

                        BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Chinese health authorities said Thursday that they received reports of 15,152 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection and 254 deaths Wednesday from 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

                        Among the deaths, 242 were in Hubei Province, according to Mi Feng, a spokesperson with the National Health Commission.



                        • China ships 726,700 protective suits to virus epicenter

                          BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- China had shipped a total of 726,700 protective suits among other medical supplies to Hubei as of Wednesday to help the hardest-hit province fight the COVID-19 outbreak, according to an official with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

                          "We are working to put key factories back into production and boost their productivity to meet the demands of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan," Cao Xuejun, a senior official with the MIIT, the leading ministry to guarantee medical supplies in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, told a press conference Thursday.

                          Other medical supplies that had been delivered to Hubei as of Wednesday include 358,400 medical masks and protective goggles, 156 negative pressure ambulances, 2,286 respirators, 6,929 electrocardiograph monitors and 761 automatic infrared thermometers, she said, pledging further support of medical equipment to the virus epicenter.


                          • 21 medical teams newly formed as China steps up severe COVID-19 cases treatment

                            Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-13 17:26:54
                            BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- A total of 21 medics teams have been newly formed amid China's increased efforts to treat severe cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in Wuhan, the epicenter city of the virus outbreak, the National Health Commission (NHC) said Thursday.

                            With 3,170 healthcare personnel in total, the 21 teams were dispatched by the commission on Wednesday to take over the treatment of patients at 10 intensive care wards and one intensive care unit of Tumor Center of Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, as well as nine intensive care wards and one intensive care unit of Wuhan No. 1 Hospital.

                            The teams consist of healthcare professionals from provincial-level regions including Sichuan, Zhejiang, Tianjin and Jiangsu.


                            • China Focus: Hubei reports jump in new COVID-19 cases after diagnosis criteria loosened

                              Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-13 15:52:37

                              WUHAN, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Hubei Province, center of the novel coronavirus outbreak, reported 14,840 new confirmed cases and 242 new deaths Wednesday, the highest daily increases so far, after the diagnosis criteria for confirmed COVID-19 cases were further loosened for timely treatment of more patients.

                              The Hubei Provincial Health Commission said Thursday the number of new cases included 13,332 clinically diagnosed cases, which now have been seen as confirmed cases.

                              The 242 new deaths also include 135 people who were only clinically diagnosed.

                              The latest report brought the total confirmed cases in the hard-hit province to 48,206. The province had a total of 1,310 deaths as of Wednesday. The provincial capital Wuhan, with 32,994 total confirmed cases and 1,036 deaths, accounted for the majority of the provincial tally.

                              The commission said the province now has 9,028 suspected cases of infection, after 3,317 suspected cases were ruled out on Wednesday.

                              The province also saw 3,441 patients discharged from hospital after recovery as of Wednesday. Among the 33,693 hospitalized patients, 5,647 were still in severe condition and another 1,437 in critical condition.



                              • Update on the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia as of 24:00 on February 12

                                Published: 2020-02-13Source : Health Emergency Office
                                  At 04:00 on February 12, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 15152 newly confirmed cases (including 13332 clinical diagnosis cases in Hubei), 174 cases of severe cases were reduced, and 254 death cases were newly added. Cases (242 in Hubei, 2 in Henan, 1 each in Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps), and 2807 suspected cases were added.
                                  1171 new cases were cured and discharged on the same day, and 29,429 close contacts were lifted from medical observation.
                                  As of 24:00 on February 12, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 52,526 confirmed cases (of which 8,030 were severe cases), 5,911 were cured and discharged, and 1,367 were dead. A total of 59,804 confirmed cases have been reported, with 13,435 suspected cases. A total of 471,531 close contacts were traced, and 181,386 close contacts were still in medical observation.
                                  There were 14840 newly confirmed cases in Hubei (13436 in Wuhan), 802 cured cases (538 in Wuhan), 242 death cases (216 in Wuhan), and 43455 confirmed cases (30043 in Wuhan). Among them, 7084 cases were severe cases (5426 cases in Wuhan). A total of 3,441 discharged patients (1915 in Wuhan) were cured, a total of 1,310 deaths (1036 in Wuhan), and a total of 48,206 confirmed cases (32,994 in Wuhan). There were 1377 new suspected cases (620 in Wuhan) and 9028 suspected cases (4904 in Wuhan).
                                  In order to do a good job of early diagnosis and early treatment of patients with new type of coronavirus pneumonia, and to implement the work of receivables and treatments of patients in Hubei, according to the "New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Fifth Revised Edition)", The diagnostic criteria for cases in other provinces other than Hubei Province have been differentiated. Hubei Province has added a "clinical diagnosis case" classification to identify suspected cases with pneumonia imaging features as clinical diagnosis cases so that patients can be accepted as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant requirements of confirmed cases Standardize treatment and further improve the success rate of treatment. At present, 13,332 clinically diagnosed cases reported by Hubei Province are included in the statistics of confirmed cases, and case treatment is being strengthened to reduce severe illness and mortality.
                                  A total of 78 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 50 cases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1 death and 1 discharge), 10 cases in the Macau Special Administrative Region (2 discharges), and 18 cases in Taiwan (1 discharge).

                                (Note: When quoted by the media, please mark "Information comes from the official website of the National Health and Health Commission.")
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