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Li Wenliang - Chinese doctor and early coronavirus whistleblower dies- True. Hospital admits it

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  • sharon sanders

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  • Pathfinder
    December 30, 2021
    11:35 AM CST
    Last Updated an hour ago

    Thousands message late Chinese COVID whistleblower doctor 2 years on

    By Martin Quin Pollard

    SHANGHAI, Dec 30 (Reuters) - Thousands of people left messages on the social media account of the late Chinese COVID-19 whistleblower Li Wenliang on the anniversary of the day he learned of possible pneumonia-causing virus cases in Wuhan and shared the information with fellow doctors.

    On Dec. 30, 2019, Li, an ophthalmologist at a hospital in Wuhan where the Sars-CoV-2 virus outbreak was first detected, saw a medical report showing potential SARS coronavirus cases were confirmed in the city, he wrote in a post on his Weibo account on Jan. 31.

    In early January, after the information on "SARS cases" was shared in a WeChat group, Li was reprimanded by the local police, according to the same Weibo post.

    On Jan. 12 he went to hospital, infected with the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease and died on Feb. 7, 2020.

    His death led to an outpouring of grief on social media at a time when people were on edge about the virus and authorities were under fire over a perceived lack of transparency and a hardline approach taken to whistleblowers like Li.

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  • Shiloh

    Li Wenliang: Coronavirus death of Wuhan doctor sparks anger
    1 hour ago
    The death of a Chinese doctor who tried to warn about the coronavirus outbreak has sparked an unprecedented level of public anger and grief in China.

    Li Wenliang died after contracting the virus while treating patients in Wuhan.

    Last December he sent a message to fellow medics warning of a virus he thought looked like Sars - another deadly coronavirus.

    But he was told by police to "stop making false comments" and was investigated for "spreading rumours".

    "I don't think he was rumour-mongering. Hasn't this turned into reality now?" his father, Li Shuying, told the BBC. "My son was wonderful."...

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  • Emily
    replied Wuhan hospital announces death of whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang

    By Yong Xiong, Hande Atay Alam and Nectar Gan, CNN
    Updated 3:06 AM ET, Fri February 7, 2020

    This story has been updated to reflect the latest statement from Wuhan Central Hospital, after confusion in state media reports.
    Beijing (CNN)The death of a doctor widely regarded as a hero in China for blowing the whistle on the threat posed by the Wuhan coronavirus has led to a massive outpouring of grief and anger online.
    Li Wenliang died of the virus in the early hours of Friday morning local time, Wuhan Central Hospital, where he worked, said in a statement. The confirmation follows a series of conflicting statements about his condition from the hospital and Chinese state media outlets.

    "Our hospital's ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected with coronavirus during his work in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic," the hospital said. "He died at 2:58 am on Feb 7 after attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful."

    Li was among a number of supposed "rumormongers" detained in December for spreading news about the virus. He had warned about a potential "SARS-like" virus spreading in Wuhan. Nothing Li said was incorrect, but it came as officials in the city were downplaying the severity of the outbreak and its risk to the public....

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  • Shiloh
    A doctor broke a culture of secrecy to warn China about coronavirus. Then he died from it
    By Alice SuChina Correspondent
    Feb. 6, 2020
    2:07 PM

    He appeared on social media, a solitary man in a surgical mask, warning of a deadly virus. The Chinese government moved to downplay the emergency, but Dr. Li Wenliang’s insistence that an epidemic was coming turned him into a folk hero in a country that prizes secrecy and crushes dissent.

    Li and seven other whistleblowers were arrested for spreading rumors. Only last week, as the coronavirus outbreak kept 50 million Chinese people on lockdown and accelerated around the world, did authorities concede that Li and the others should not have been censured.

    “It’s not so important to me if I’m vindicated or not,” Li said in an interview from a quarantine room with Chinese publication Caixin. “What’s more important is that everyone knows the truth.”...

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  • Pathfinder

    Wuhan Central Hospital
    Wuhan Central Hospital
    29 minutes ago from HUAWEI P30 Pro
    Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang of our hospital, who was unfortunately infected during the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, failed after all efforts, and died at 2:58 on February 7, 2020. We deeply regret and mourn this.

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Coronavirus whistleblower doctor dies, sparking public outcry

    Li Wenliang was reprimanded by Wuhan police but was later vindicated by top court

    NIKKI SUN, Nikkei staff writer

    FEBRUARY 07, 2020 05:11 JST

    HONG KONG -- The Wuhan doctor who was punished for warning colleagues about the new coronavirus in the early days of the outbreak died Friday from the very illness he raised the alarm about, Chinese media report.

    Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang passed away at 2:58 a.m., according to the official Weibo account of Wuhan Central Hospital, where Li worked.
    HONG KONG -- The Wuhan doctor who was punished for warning colleagues about the new coronavirus in the early days of the outbreak died Friday from the

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  • Shiloh

    Wuhan Central Hospital announces the death of Dr. Li Wenliang

    Beijing News Express According to the official blog of Wuhan Central Hospital, Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist in our hospital, was unfortunately infected during the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and was not rescued by all efforts. He died at 2:58 on February 7, 2020. We deeply deplore and mourn this.

    Edit Liu Jiani

    Source: Official Blog of Wuhan Central Hospital

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  • Pathfinder

    At today's #2019nCoV media briefing
    was asked about reports that Dr Li Wenliang had passed away, and he expressed condolences. WHO has no information on the status of Dr Li.

    12:35 PM ? Feb 6, 2020

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  • Readymom
    American news is reporting that he is 'near death': Doctor who sounded alarm on coronavirus near death at Chinese hospital

    Chinese doctor reprimanded by local authorities for trying to sound the alarm on the coronavirus, which has infected more than 28,000 and killed more than 560, is near death after contracting the disease.

    Dr. Li Wenliang, 34, is on a life-support machine at a hospital in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, officials said Thursday. ---CONTINUED---

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  • Pathfinder
    This is the post from Wuhan Hospital of Weibo:

    Wuhan Central Hospital
    Wuhan Central Hospital
    00:38 today from the micro-blog
    In the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, our hospital's ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected. He is currently in critical condition and is trying his best to rescue him.

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  • Gert van der Hoek
    Coronavirus: Chinese media confusion over doctor's death

    Chinese media have changed a report that a doctor who blew the whistle on the coronavirus outbreak has died of the infection.

    The state-run Global Times said Li Wenliang had died in Wuhan but later reported he was instead critically ill.

    The People's Daily had earlier sent out a tweet saying Dr Li's death had sparked "national grief".

    Dr Li warned fellow medics about the virus on 30 December but was told by police to stop making "false comments".

    Global Times and other Chinese media initially sent out reports that Dr Li, 34, had died from coronavirus.

    It was carried in other Chinese state media and picked up by international news organisations. The World Health Organization sent out a tweet expressing sorrow at his death.

    But Global Times then carried a report from Wuhan Central Hospital saying that Dr Li's heart had stopped beating at 21:30 local time (13:30 GMT) and he was given resuscitation treatment. Dr Li was currently in a critical condition, it said.

    The news of his death had triggered a huge wave of popular reaction on Weibo - China's equivalent of Twitter.

    Most of the coronavirus victims have been over the age of 60 or have suffered from other medical conditions, according to China's health authorities. Dr Li's medical history is not known.
    Reports said coronavirus whistleblower Li Wenliang had died but then said he was critically ill.

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  • Shiloh

    Coronavirus: Hospital denies that Li Wenliang, doctor who alerted public to the outbreak, has died
    Li, 34, was one of eight doctors who tried to share information about the coronavirus only to be reprimanded by Wuhan police
    Cissy Zhou
    Published: 12:05am, 7 Feb, 2020
    Updated: 1:37am, 7 Feb, 2020

    Wuhan Central Hospital has denied that Li Wenliang — one of the eight doctors who tried to alert the public about the coronavirus when it was first emerging in Wuhan only to be reprimanded by local police — has died.

    “In the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, our hospital's ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was unfortunately infected. He is currently in critical condition and we are trying our best to resuscitate him," it said in its official Weibo account.

    The hospital’s statement came amid conflicting reports about whether Li had died, with some reports saying that the doctor’s heart had stopped beating and was then given treatment with ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation).

    Multiple Chinese media outlets, including Beijing News and Global Times, earlier reported Li’s death, leading to an outpouring of mourning and tribute both on Chinese social media and at health agencies trying to stem the outbreak...

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  • sharon sanders
    [Wuhan pneumonia] public outbreak was warned Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang died of illness

    Li Wenliang

    At the beginning of the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, eight "whistleblower" doctors were cautioned for public outbreaks. Mainland media reported that one of the confirmed "whistleblower" doctors, Li Wenliang, had recently become more ill and died.

    "21st Century Business Herald" quoted news that Li Wenliang's pregnant wife and father might have been infected with Wuhan pneumonia, but "Daily Economic News" said that the news has not been confirmed.

    Li Wenliang is an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital. On December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang revealed in his medical school alumni WeChat group that the hospital where he worked treated 7 patients suspected of being infected with SARS from the local seafood market. Li Wenliang explained later in the group that the virus detected was a new type of coronavirus similar to, but not identical to, the SARS virus.

    "Beijing Youth Daily" reported that Li Wenliang's hospital summoned him on the 31st and asked him where he heard those cases. On January 3, he was warned and admonished by the police station in his jurisdiction over "publishing false statements on the Internet." According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, on January 8th, Li Wenliang was suspected of being infected while receiving an elderly woman with eye disease and received treatment from 24 to 31 of the same month, but his condition has not been confirmed. By early February, Li Wenliang had posted on Weibo that "the dust had settled, and the diagnosis was finally confirmed."

    Li Wenliang recently received an exclusive interview with CNN in the intensive care unit (ICU) ward about the epidemic situation. He also said that he was afraid of being arrested. "If I am detained for a few days, my family must be worried about death.

    Because of his cough and dyspnea, in an interview with a CNN reporter, he only typed and spoke in WeChat.

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  • Pathfinder
    Translation Google

    Wuhan pneumonia: Li Wenliang, the "whistleblower" who has publicly reported the death, dies

    52 minutes ago

    Li Wenliang, a "whistleblower" who publicly reported the epidemic in Wuhan, died on February 6 at the age of 34, leaving behind his wife and 5-year-old child.

    Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was known as the "whistleblower" for the epidemic because he first issued a protective alert to the outside world on December 30, 2019.

    In early January 2020, the vast majority of Chinese are still at work and immersed in preparations and expectations for the upcoming Spring Festival. But what many people don't know is that a new type of coronavirus is quietly raging in Wuhan, a big city in China.

    On December 30, 2019, he sent a message to the group of students about the epidemic situation in the South China Seafood Market.

    Because he saw a patient's test report showing a high level of confidence in the detection of SARS coronavirus, he issued a warning message in order to remind fellow clinicians to pay attention to protection.

    In fact, what he didn't know at the time was that it was not a SARS virus, but a completely new virus.

    But shortly after, he was warned and criticized by the local police station for "posting false statements on the Internet."

    The Public Security Bureau found him and asked him to sign a statement of caution and warn him severely, admonishing him that he would be punished by law if he did not follow the advice and repentance and continued to engage in illegal activities.

    Wuhan Police issued a notice saying that some netizens posted and forwarded false information on the Internet without verification, causing adverse social impact.

    After investigation and verification by the public security organs, eight illegal personnel have been summoned and handled according to law.

    Li Wenliang is one of the eight "offenders."

    virus infection

    After signing the instruction, Li Wenliang continued to work in the hospital. At this time, the Wuhan authorities are also trying to stop people from "making rumors and spreading rumors" and stabilize the hearts of the people.

    But with the fermentation of the virus epidemic, the number of deaths and infections has increased, Wuhan has implemented an unprecedented closure plan.

    No one further said that the eight "whistleblower" were rumors.

    The problem is that it is too late and the virus epidemic has spread in Wuhan and throughout China.

    Li Wenliang uploaded a cautionary statement signed by the police station of Wuhan Public Security Bureau.

    On January 8, Li Wenliang accepted an elderly glaucoma patient. The next day, the patient had a fever and developed symptoms of pneumonia.

    At that time, Li Wenliang had high suspicions that this patient was suffering from this new type of pneumonia.

    On January 10, Li Wenliang started coughing, and then became more ill and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

    On January 31, Li Wenliang, who was still receiving treatment on his bed, told his story of being summoned by the police through social media.

    He also uploaded a photo of a statement issued by the police station of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau.

    Doctor Li Wenliang, who was once identified by the authorities as one of the rumors.

    Not only that, but Li Wenliang's parents were infected with the new coronavirus and sent to the hospital.

    On January 20, China finally acknowledged the serious situation of the virus epidemic, and then implemented the closure of Wuhan.

    "Today's nucleic acid test result is positive, the dust has settled, and the diagnosis is finally confirmed," Li Wenliang said on January 30.

    His previous tests were negative, but the last test was confirmed.

    Li Wenliang's Weibo post was immediately supported by thousands of comments.

    Some people have described him as a hero, but he is concerned about China's national conditions as reflected in Li Wenliang's experience. "In the future, if doctors find signs of infectious diseases, they will be even more scared and dare not give early warning."

    Others commented: "China needs tens of millions of Li Wenliang to have a safer public health environment."


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