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China: 2019nCov - Cases, Outbreak News and Information Week 6 (February 2 - February 8, 2020)

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    ... On February 3, a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection in Beijing was held.According to Miao Jianhong, deputy head of Xicheng District, 9 cases were diagnosed in the intensive care unit of the Cardiology Department of Fuxing Hospital, of which 5 were medical staff and 4 were hospitalized patients...


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      Beijing has found 41 clustered cases involving more than 120 people

      02-03 17:09.. the afternoon of the 3rd, a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia of a new type of coronavirus infection in Beijing was introduced...41 cluster cases have been found in Beijing, involving more than 120 people... With half of all confirmed cases in Beijing, the situation is grim.


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        all it says about the party..
        25 people infected at a party in Ningbo



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          ‘Striking’ coronavirus mutations found within one family cluster, Chinese scientists say

          11:30pm, 3 Feb, 2020

          While the effects of the mutations on the virus are not known, they do have the potential to alter the way the virus behaves.

          Researchers studying a cluster of infections within a family in the southern province of Guangdong said the genes of the virus went through some significant changes as it spread within the family.

          Viruses mutate all the time, but most changes are synonymous or “silent”, having little effect on the way the virus behaves. Others, known as nonsynonymous substitutions, can alter biological traits, allowing them to adapt to different environments.

          Two nonsynonymous changes took place in the viral strains isolated from the family, according to new study by professor Cui Jie and colleagues from the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai...
          It is not clear yet what the mutations mean for patients. Qiu Haibo, a member of the national expert panel advising the government on the fight against the virus, said on Sunday that so far there was no evidence that mutations could cause “repeated infections”....



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            A woman prays after a meal, 25 people are infected!
            February 03, 2020 22:58 Source: People's Network

            On February 3, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province notified three clustered epidemics. Among them, the patient Humou attended a dinner with Wuhan people on the evening of January 17 and took a bus to and from a temple to participate in a blessing activity on the 19th. She felt cold and fever on the same day and did not go to the doctor in time. Subsequently, the woman, her husband and daughter were diagnosed with confirmed cases of pneumonitis infected by the new coronavirus. As of 24:00 on February 2, 25 people who participated in the blessing and close contacts of some cases had been diagnosed with pneumonitis infected by the new coronavirus.

            加 Huang Jiacheng, deputy director of the office of the Leading Group for Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control of New-type Coronavirus Infection in Ningbo City, and a member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Health and Health Committee reported three cases:

            Case 1: Aggregated outbreak caused by party activities

            Patient Hu, who has no history of living in Hubei (Wuhan), reported that he attended a dinner organized by the boss of a beauty health club in Haishu District on the evening of January 17th, with Wuhan people participating in the dinner; at 10am on January 19th, Hu took a bus The car traveled from Haishu District to a temple in Ningbo to participate in a blessing activity organized by a travel agency. On the same day, she felt cold and fever, and did not seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

            丈夫 Both her husband and daughter became ill on January 22 and were diagnosed with new coronavirus-infected pneumonia on January 26. On January 27, Hu himself was also confirmed as a confirmed case of pneumonitis with a new coronavirus infection. On the 19th, 14 people who participated in the blessing activities with the car onset and had a diagnosis.

            As of 24:00 on February 2, 25 people who participated in the blessing and close contacts of some cases have been diagnosed with pneumonitis infected by the new coronavirus.

            Case two: cluster epidemic caused by the conference

            On January 22, Yinzhou District of Ningbo City reported a suspected clustered outbreak of pneumonitis associated with a new coronavirus infection. Three cases were from employees of the same company, and one positive tester was the family member of the affected employee.

            The first case, Chen, participated in a business meeting in Hangzhou on January 12-14. Wuhan was among the participants. Chen became sick on January 17 and was diagnosed with pneumonia of a new coronavirus infection on January 22. Case. Wang Moumou, who attended the meeting with the company, became ill on January 19 and was diagnosed on January 22. Chen Moumou's colleague Chai Moumou had a dinner with Chen Moumou on the evening of January 17, and he became ill on January 21 and was diagnosed on January 24. Wang Moumou's husband tested positive on January 31 and was asymptomatic.

            杭州 A total of 30 people attended the Hangzhou conference, and a total of 11 people in Zhejiang Province were diagnosed with pneumococcal infection.

            Case 3: Family cluster epidemic

            On January 30th, Ninghai reported a family epidemic of pneumonitis infected with a new type of coronavirus. Four cases were family members, and they were diagnosed with pneumonia of new coronavirus on January 30 and January 31.

            The four people mentioned above met with a friend from Xinjiang, Liu, on January 18. Liu received a Wuhan guest in Xinjiang before coming to Ningbo. He had symptoms on January 17, and was diagnosed as a new type in Shenzhen on January 28. Coronavirus-infected pneumonia.
            [Edit: Wei Xingwen]


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              Virus mutations in asymptomatic confirmed cases? Health Committee experts respond

     2020 at 05:23 on February 3 Phoenix

              On the evening of February 3, Hubei Province held a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections. When asked "How to treat asymptomatic confirmed cases" and "Does it mean that the virus has mutated?" Jiang Rongmeng, a member of the expert group of the National Health and Health Commission and chief physician of the Second Department of Infectious Diseases of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that no mutations were found and no symptoms The case is less contagious, so don't worry too much.



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                 ..Hua Chunying said that according to the relevant authorities, as of February 2, 16 foreigners in China had been infected with the new coronavirus pneumonia, of which 2 had been cured and discharged, and 14 were receiving isolation treatment with stable conditions...



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                  To fight coronavirus spread, the U.S. may expand ‘social distancing’ measures. But it comes at a cost
                  By Shraddha Chakradhar @scchak
                  February 3, 2020

                  Canceling large public gatherings. Asking students to stay home from school. Closing down borders.

                  Many places around the world have already implemented such drastic steps in response to the new coronavirus outbreak that originated in China and has spread to at least 27 territories outside mainland China. If the U.S., which has 11 cases so far, begins to see sustained human-to-human transmission, health officials may also have to rapidly step up their own use of “social distancing” measures to prevent further spread...


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                    Expert: No new coronavirus found in pets
                    February 03, 2020 23:51:55 Source: People's Daily Official Micro
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                    荣 Jiang Rongmeng, chief physician of the Second Department of Infectious Diseases, Beijing Ditan Hospital, said: Infecting a human virus does not mean that it can infect other animals. So far, no transmission of coronavirus in pets to humans has been detected, nor has it been detected in infected patients with cats and dogs.
                    (Responsible editor: Donghua)

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                      ...Millions of Chinese people have been ordered to stay in their homes tonight as health bosses try to disinfect an entire city ravaged by coronavirus.

                      Trucks will drive around spraying disinfectant through the streets of Huangshi, a city of 2.7million in Hubei province that neighbours the outbreak's epicentre, Wuhan.

                      They will target roads, shops, public parks, rubbish bins, public toilets, markets, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, buses, taxis and office buildings while the streets are empty.

                      Residents have been asked to close their doors and windows by 9pm and refrain from going out while the entire city is sanitised. ...



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                        Source: reports 41 cluster cases
                        2020-02-04 00:55:33 Beijing Youth Daily

                        Beijing reports 41 cluster cases

                        无 There is no contact history of Hubei within 14 days before arriving in Beijing. No 14-day supervised medical observation is required.

                        Yesterday, a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection in Beijing was held. Relevant persons in charge of Beijing Municipal Health and Health Committee, Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, and Xicheng District responded to hot issues. Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, said that for those who have no contact history in Hubei within 14 days before Beijing, they do not need to conduct 14-day supervised medical observation on the premise of ensuring that their own body temperature is normal and that they have cohabitation history After the daily temperature measurement is normal, normal work can be performed.

                        At the press conference, Chen Bei responded to the question of how to resume work by the public, according to the relevant regulations of Beijing, the return of returnees to Beijing is divided into two categories-one is to leave Hubei within 14 days or People from Beijing who have a history of close contact with Hubei personnel. After such personnel arrive in Beijing, they should conduct supervised medical observation for 14 days under the guidance of the community. During this period, you cannot work temporarily, and you can also work through the Internet. At the end of the observation period, relevant personnel can resume normal work.

                        The second is that within 14 days before arriving in Beijing, people from non-Hubei areas who have no contact history with Hubei people. They do not need to conduct 14-day supervision on the premise of ensuring that their body temperature is normal and the health of their families and co-residents. Sexual Medicine Observation. Chen Bei emphasized that such personnel can go to work under normal daily morning and evening temperature measurements. After arriving at work, you must also strengthen your own protection. Work units also need to provide well-ventilated and health-protected working conditions to "do both production and epidemic prevention." At the same time, Chen Bei said that returnees should use remote office work as far as possible to prevent and control their work. If you do not have the conditions to work remotely, you should work as flexibly as possible to reduce the density of people and better block the spread of the epidemic. Employers should come up with detailed plans to minimize centralized office situations. While enterprises understand the workplace environment, they also need to understand the collective dormitory and living conditions of employees.


                        A total of 212 confirmed cases were reported in the city

                        As of 24:00 on February 2, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in this city exceeded 200, reaching 212. The age span of confirmed cases is relatively large, from 9 months to 89 years. At a press conference on prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection held in Beijing yesterday afternoon, Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Health, introduced the latest situation of pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in this city.

                        From 12:00 to 24:00 on February 2, 24 new pneumonia cases of new coronavirus infection were reported in the city, 11 cases had contact history in Hubei and other provinces, 12 were close contacts of confirmed cases, 4 of whom had Hubei And contact history in other provinces are close contacts of confirmed cases. Four cases denied contact history in Hubei, and one case had not completed epidemiological investigation. All have been sent to designated medical institutions for treatment.

                        As of 24:00 on February 2, a total of 212 confirmed cases (three reductions) have been confirmed in this city. After verification, 2 cases were confirmed in Dongcheng District, 26 in Xicheng District, 31 in Chaoyang District, 42 in Haidian District, 17 in Fengtai District, 5 in Shijingshan District, 3 in Mentougou District, 4 in Fangshan District, and Tongzhou. There were 13 cases in district, 5 cases in Shunyi district, 13 cases in Changping district, 28 cases in Daxing district, 3 cases in Huairou district, 1 case in Yanqing district, and 19 cases came from overseas. No cases have been reported in Pinggu District and Miyun District.

                        Among the 212 confirmed cases, 103 were reported by men, accounting for 48.6%, 109 were reported by women, accounting for 51.4%, and the gender ratio was 1: 1.1. The age range was 9 months to 89 years, of which 8 were 5 years and younger. There were 135 cases aged 35 to 74, accounting for 63.7%. As of 24:00 on February 2, 1 died, 12 were discharged, and 199 were treated in isolation at designated hospitals, of which 11 were critically ill.

                        Reported 41 clustered cases involving more than 120 people

                        He Xiong, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the so-called clustered cases refer to cases where two or more cases were found in a small area (such as a family, a construction site, a unit, etc.) within 14 days, and there was interpersonal transmission caused by close contact. Likelihood, or likelihood of infection due to co-exposure.

                        At present, the city has reported a total of 41 cluster cases, involving more than 120 people, more than half of the confirmed number. The main reason for the occurrence of clustered cases is that family members or colleagues have a history of contact with Hubei personnel. For example, after someone returns from Hubei, he does not isolate himself, which leads to clustered cases around him.

                        9 confirmed cases in Fuxing Hospital

                        缪 Miao Jianhong, deputy head of Xicheng District, Beijing, reported that 9 confirmed cases of new coronavirus appeared in the Department of Cardiology of Fuxing Hospital, including 5 medical staff and 4 patients. In response to nine confirmed cases of new coronavirus in Fuxing Hospital, Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission spokesman Gao Xiaojun responded that Beijing requires all hospitals in its jurisdiction to manage in accordance with relevant guidelines of the National Health and Health Commission, and to do a good job of protecting and training medical staff. The time for visiting patients in the hospital should be reduced. When leaving the hospital, disinfection should be performed with hand sanitizer to prevent infection.

                        Prevention and Control

                        Protection is safe for delivery and delivery

                        Many citizens are concerned about the safety of receiving express delivery and takeaway at this stage. He Xiong, deputy director of the CDC, said that the express delivery and takeaway liquidity is very high, and the Beijing CDC has prepared a health guide for the express delivery group for this group.

                        As an employer, express delivery and takeaway companies need to provide employees with the necessary protection, such as disinfectants, gloves and other supplies, do a good job of health monitoring, and establish a ledger. At the same time, the disease control department recommends that employers provide employees with opportunities for health education and remind employees to take a break. He Xiong introduced that after receiving the express delivery and takeaway, it is better for the citizens to throw away the packaging and take it to the house.

                        Chaoyang District has investigated 18,821 people with contact history in Hubei

                        Xu Chao, deputy secretary of the Chaoyang District Party Committee, said that Chaoyang District carried out knocking operations. As of 24:00 on February 2nd, the district had visited 1.55 million households, and 3878534 people visited, which basically achieved full awareness. Big data detection is used to strengthen the investigation and dynamic supervision of returnees who have left Hubei area or have contact history of Hubei people within 14 days before arriving in Beijing.

                        As of 24:00 on February 2, a total of 18,621 such personnel have been investigated. At the same time, a total of 113,000 people from Hubei nationality employees who are on social security in Chaoyang District and Hubei immigrants managed by the Flow Management Office will send reminders to remind them to pay attention to their health status, make home observations and provide timely feedback to communities and villages as required.

                        In addition, the health consultation hotline 87789709 was opened to do a good job of guiding the public's emotions. In response to the hot issues that residents care about, it sorted out the 8 major categories and 44 items of consultation, clarified the response, and coordinated psychologists to provide targeted services. As of February 2 A total of 587 consultations were received.

                        Infrared temperature measurement system in Ouhaidian District was put into temperature measurement in subway stations and hospitals

                        Zhang Ruobing, deputy head of Ouhaidian District, reported that Beijing is actively promoting the development and application of new technologies and products to provide solid scientific and technological support for epidemic prevention and control. For example, Baidu has completed a multi-body temperature rapid detection solution based on AI image recognition technology and infrared thermal imaging technology to achieve functions such as rapid preliminary screening, accurate temperature measurement of high-temperature crowds + precise positioning, real-time statistics of detection crowds and high-temperature crowds, etc. Completed deployment at Qinghe Railway Station. In addition, in order to catch the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the existing equipment of Gao Pule's online infrared temperature measurement system has been deployed urgently. It has been applied to Wuluju Metro Station and Haidian Hospital, etc., and screened about 1,500 people in two days. The rate is 100%.

                        In addition, the Global Health Drug R & D Center, in conjunction with Tsinghua University, has started drug development for new coronaviruses, and has cooperated with the Institute of Pathogen Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to find safe drugs that can act on the virus...


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                          ...An international team of experts led by the WHO could go to China as early as this week to investigate the coronavirus outbreak, as agreed between the WHO chief and Chinese President Xi Jinping, a WHO spokesman said. Reuters quoted a U.S. health official as saying talks are under way for American medical experts to take part in the team....



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                            Homeland Security orders enhanced coronavirus screening at Detroit Metro Airport

                            Today 12:57 PM
                            DETROIT – The Detroit Metropolitan Airport is one of 11 airports that will have enhanced security and receiving capabilities for passengers who have traveled to China during the coronavirus outbreak.

                            Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf announced the decision on Sunday, which means all flights from China and all passengers who have traveled to China within the last 14 days could be rerouted to one of the 11 designated airports, including DTW...



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                              ..“It’s very, very transmissible, and it almost certainly is going to be a pandemic,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

                              “But will it be catastrophic? I don’t know.”



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                                In addition to the designated Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals built to meet growing demand from #coronavirus patients, Wuhan will convert Hongshan Stadium and Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center into hospitals so it can provide 1,000 beds: local authorities@globaltimesnews