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China: 2019nCov - Cases, Outbreak News and Information Week 5 (January 26 - February 1, 2020)

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    Beijing junior high school, kindergarten, kindergarten spring semester postponed

    China News Network, Beijing, January 26 (Reporter Yu Lixiao) With the consent of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the city's universities, primary schools, and kindergartens have decided to postpone the spring semester of 2020, while suspending offline training activities outside the city's off-campus training institutions.

    Li Yi, deputy director and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in Beijing on the 26th, stating that the safety of teachers and students and their health must be put first One, fully understand the severe situation of the current epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely curb the pneumonia epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection, which may spread in primary and middle schools, kindergartens and off-school training institutions.


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      China News Network
      Net transmission "A woman in Beichuan died of SB250 virus infection"? Those who spread rumors were investigated
      January 26, 2020 21:41 Source: China News Network Mianyang, January 26 (Yang Yong, Lu Jie) Recently, in the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infections in the country, some netizens were eyeballs of bloggers, spreading "a Beichuan woman died of SB250 virus infection" in WeChat The rumors were widely reposted, causing bad effects. The Public Security Bureau of Beichuan County, Mianyang County, Sichuan Province and the Mianzhu City Public Security Bureau of Deyang City investigated and punished Zhou Moumou (male, 48 years old, Mianzhu people) who spread rumors according to law on January 26.

      The police reiterated that the Internet is not a place outside the law. Public security organs will investigate and deal with illegal acts that fabricate and spread rumors and disrupt public order. It is hoped that the majority of netizens will not believe or spread rumors, jointly maintain a good network environment, unite as one, and fight the epidemic together. (Finish)


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        2020-01-26 21:59:10 Reporter: Ni Jingyi
        Mayor of Wuhan: Confirmed cases may increase by another 1,000 or so

        According to CCTV News client news, on January 26, 2020, Hubei Province held a routine press conference on prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection. At the meeting, the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission briefed the province on the latest progress of the epidemic situation and prevention and control work.

        Zhou Xianwang, deputy secretary and mayor of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee: There are still 2209 suspected cases being treated in the hospital that have not yet been tested because this test takes a little longer. There are 643 people staying in our fever clinic, so these two items add up to more than 2700 cases. Then, according to our current test, these 2700 cases may be diagnosed at an estimated 45%. In addition to this, there may be an increase of about 1,000 cases regarding the current treatment and observation. Everyone feels that the society is so big and everyone reflects so big. Why are the published figures smaller and the diagnoses announced? It takes a long time for confirmatory tests and gene sequencing.

        Edit Lin Weiqi

        Source: CCTV News Client


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          There are confirmed cases of pneumonitis with new type of coronavirus infection in 16 cities in Anhui.
          Release time: 2020-01-26 22:42 Sunday
          Source: Legal Daily-Legal Network

          Fan Tianjiao, reporter of Legal Daily

          On January 26, Anhui Province held a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections. As of 24:00 on January 25, Anhui Province had reported a total of 60 confirmed cases, and 16 cities had confirmed cases. The province's epidemic situation is characterized by rapid growth of confirmed cases, high proportion of rural areas, high proportion of middle-aged and elderly people, and high proportion of commercial service personnel and farmers. Deng Xiangyang, member of the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor, gave a briefing.

          On January 25, 21 new cases of pneumonia confirmed by new coronavirus infection were newly added in Anhui Province. As of 24:00 on the 25th, a total of 60 confirmed cases were reported without deaths and discharges, of which 13 were in Hefei and 10 were in Fuyang. 7 cases in Maanshan City, 6 cases in Luzhou City, 5 cases in Anqing City, 3 cases in Lu'an City, 3 cases in Tongling City, 3 cases in Wuhu City, 2 cases in Suzhou City, 2 cases in Luzhou City, 1 case in Huaibei City, and Bengbu City. There were 1 case, 1 case in Huainan City, 1 case in Xuancheng City, 1 case in Chizhou City, and 1 case in Huangshan City. All 16 cities had confirmed cases. At present, 1023 close contacts have been traced, all of whom are undergoing medical observation.

          An analysis of the latest epidemic situation by the Anhui Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the province's epidemic situation is characterized by a rapid increase in confirmed cases, a high proportion in rural areas, a high proportion in middle-aged and elderly people, and a high proportion in commercial service personnel and farmers. Classified by current address, urban cases account for 20% of total cases and rural cases account for 80%. The youngest case was 22 years old and the largest was 62 years old. The top three age groups were 40 to 49 years old, 50 to 59 years old, and 30 to 39 years old. From the perspective of occupational distribution, the top three are commercial services, farmers, cadres and catering and food industries.

          Deng Xiangyang introduced that Anhui Province has established a joint conference system for provincial epidemic prevention and control work and a new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work group led by the provincial party committee and provincial government as the leader of the comrades to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control in the province. Work organization and leadership, the epidemic prevention and control emergency command department is set up under the leadership group, and unified command and coordination of epidemic prevention and control work. The province has deployed the "three defenses, three investigations and three strengthening" work measures. The "three defenses" means prevention and control measures are in place to prevent large-scale assemblies and personnel-intensive activities from being put in place, and the prevention and control consciousness is strengthened. Import sexual source of infection, check fever personnel, check unregistered and at-risk concealed people; "three strengthens" means to strengthen designated hospitals, designated doctors and grassroots work forces, strengthen testing reagents, disinfection equipment and protective supplies, therapeutic drugs and equipment Production, transportation, and reserve work, and strengthen publicity and guidance. Provincial relevant departments should work according to the task division of the epidemic prevention and control plan, formulate specific work plans, implement work responsibilities, and ensure that material security, staffing and funding are in place.

          In the next step, Anhui Province will strengthen unified leadership and command. Party and government leaders at all levels will be responsible for the first person responsible, establish a level-by-level scheduling mechanism, and consolidate work responsibilities. According to law, scientific and orderly prevention and control, we must investigate the source of the disease, do a good job of epidemic surveillance, investigation, early warning, etc., attach great importance to points such as rural and urban-rural junctions, strengthen personnel tracking, give full play to community front-line mobilization capabilities, and implement gridization. Carpet-style management, effectively implement comprehensive prevention and control measures, and effectively ensure that the county does not leak townships, townships do not leak villages, villages do not leak households, and households do not leak people. Focus on re-examination of people coming from Wuhan, people with fever symptoms, and hidden people who need special attention. It is necessary to prevent the source, pay close attention to the key periods, adopt the strictest measures, the hardest measures, the strongest control, and do a good job of epidemic monitoring, investigation and early warning; pay close attention to key areas, and implement "internal non-proliferation and external defense output" In particular, do a good job of entrance prevention of various transportation modes; keep an eye on key areas, strengthen special entrance temperature detection, set up temperature detection channels for personnel from Wuhan to Anhui, and use non-contact and other advanced detection equipment to strengthen detection. At the same time, efforts will be made to control personnel-intensive places and activities, reduce large-scale public activities during the Spring Festival, try to avoid large-scale gathering of personnel, and do ventilation and disinfection, temperature detection, and health quarantine in key places. It is necessary to strictly isolate, strengthen the surveillance and prevention and control of the epidemic situation of mobile workers, strictly isolate the confirmed patients, and isolate and inspect suspected cases and close contacts according to medical requirements. Centralized treatment, strictly in accordance with the principles of “concentrating patients, experts, resources, and treatment”, concentrate severe cases in designated comprehensive medical institutions for treatment, receive and treat all confirmed patients in a timely manner, improve the diagnosis and treatment plan, and adhere to traditional Chinese and Western medicine In combination, we should clarify the diagnosis and treatment procedures, effective treatment drugs, and rescue measures for critically ill patients as soon as possible, and try our best to reduce severe and death cases.

          Deng Xiangyang said that under the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee was in charge of the overall responsibility, and the provincial emergency command implemented it concretely. Resolutely "anti-input, non-proliferation, and anti-export", resolutely prevent Anhui Province from becoming a new source of infection, and resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control.
          Editor-in-chief: Wu Di


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            We had 1975 listed by the NHC as of last night so 76 more is not news. I would expect a lot more by the end of the day. link
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              Two TR188 flights arrived in Wuhan, passengers confirmed to be infected with new pneumonia
              January 26, 2020 22:58 Source: China News Network

              China News Network, Hangzhou, January 26 (Reporter Qian Chenfei) On the evening of the 26th, Hangzhou officially released the latest report on "New Coronavirus Pneumonia". At 9: 00-24 on January 25, the city newly added a new type of coronavirus infection. 15 confirmed cases of pneumonia. Among them, two Wuhan passengers who took off from Singapore and arrived in Hangzhou on TR188 flight were confirmed.

              According to the report, one of the patients was a male, 45 years old. This was a Wuhan passenger who took flight TR188 from Singapore to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. His temperature at the time of entry check-up was 38.1 ℃, and he had no other clinical manifestations such as cough. Institutional isolation treatment.

              Another confirmed patient was a female, 26 years old. She took flight TR188 from Singapore to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. During the immigration investigation, she reported symptoms of sore throat, body temperature of 36.8 ? C, and no other clinical manifestations. Now, the designated medical institution in Hangzhou is being treated separately .

              As of 24:00 on January 25, Hangzhou has reported 27 cases of pneumonia diagnosed with new coronavirus infection. (Finish)
              [Edit: Guo Zehua]


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                Protests erupting in Fanling Hong Kong over governments plan to make quarantine zone in unused public housing estate. Riot police arresting residents who have taken to the streets in opposition and reports of fire bombs being launched at the building.

                Twitter thread:



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                  Some 5,000 cruise passengers and 1,200 crew screened for coronavirus, 148 isolated

                  Mikhail VoytenkoNewsJanuary 26, 2020 2:18 pm Post Views: 386

                  Cruise ship COSTA VENEZIA returned to Shenzhen port, southeastern China, link between Hong Kong and China’s mainland, in the morning Jan 26, after a 6-day cruise to Vietnam. On arrival, cruise ship was boarded my medical team, all 4973 passengers and 12 49 crew were checked by medics for symptoms of fever and pneumonia, 4 were found to have high temperature. 148 passengers who’re residents of Wuhan or visited Wuhan rece...



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                    Latest test results: a large number of new coronaviruses exist in Wuhan South China seafood market

                    The reporter learned today from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that since the outbreak of a new coronavirus, the virus disease center of the center has continued to attack and made progress in the study of virus traceability. For the first time, 585 environmental samples from the South China Seafood Market detected 33 samples containing novel coronavirus nucleic acids and successfully isolated the virus from positive environmental specimens, suggesting that the virus originated from wild animals sold in the South China Seafood Market.

                    Most of the early confirmed cases of Wuhan's new coronavirus epidemic came from Wuhan South China Seafood Market. On December 31, 2019, according to the requirements of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the selected expert group went to Wuhan to participate in the epidemic prevention and control, and in the early morning of January 1, 2020, drafted the 'Environment Traceability Work Plan'. At 8 am on January 1st, I went to South China Seafood City to collect 515 environmental samples from case-related merchants and related neighborhoods, and transported them to the virus disease laboratory for testing. On January 12, experts from the Institute of Viral Diseases again collected 70 specimens of wild animal vendors in the South China Seafood Market and transferred them to the laboratory for testing.

                    A total of 585 samples were collected from two batches of South China Seafood City. PCR tests showed that 33 samples were positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid. These positive samples were distributed in 22 stalls and 1 garbage truck on the market, of which 93.9% (31/33) positive specimens were distributed in the western part of the South China Seafood Market. The investigation found that the South China Seafood Market was nominally a seafood market, but was actually a comprehensive market. There is a wildlife trade in the western part of the South China Seafood Market, especially in the areas near the 7th and 8th streets in the west, there are many wildlife dealers, and the positive samples in this area are also concentrated, accounting for 42.4% of all positive samples (14 / 33). In summary, it is highly suspected that the outbreak is related to the wildlife trade.

                    Coronavirus-sensitive cell lines used for viral disease-positive samples have been isolated for viral-positive samples. Electron microscopy, PCR, and in-depth sequencing results have shown that a new type of coronavirus has been successfully isolated from environmental samples, further confirming the seafood in South China There are a large number of new coronaviruses 2019-nCoV in urban environments.



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                      Coronavirus: Latest Emergency Measures Announced by the PRC Government

                      January 26, 2020Posted byChina BriefingWritten byDezan Shira & AssociatesReading Time:2 minutes

                      This is a brief summary of the emergency measures implemented by China’s central government in response to the coronavirus outbreak (as of January 26, 2020).

                      China’s central government has made an announcement concerning measures designed to combat the spread of the coronavirus, which has already been identified across many Chinese cities. The key points are as follows:
                      • The Chinese New Year holiday period will be extended “as appropriate”. This is designed to reduce the motivation for people to travel back from their home towns to where they work during this critical period.
                      • The start of the upcoming semester at schools and colleges around the country will also be delayed.

                      Detailed implementation rules will be announced by governments on a city-by-city basis in response to the particular set of circumstances they are facing.

                      The first formal announcement has come from the Suzhou government, Jiangxi Province (see official link here). The Suzhou announcement is summarized below as an example of the degree of seriousness with which local governments are treating the current situation:
                      1. Suzhou residents currently outside of the city – are not to return to Suzhou. Those residents currently in Suzhou shall only move around when required. For companies operating within the administrative district, staff may not come back to work before February 8. Schools may not re-open before February 17. Exceptions exist for organizations involved in providing basic services for residents (provision of water, gas, electricity etc.) and those involved in combating the spread of the virus.
                      2. For any Suzhou residents in transit (returning to Suzhou), inspections shall be carried out on every individual at stations, ports, roads, and highway exits. All such persons shall be restricted to their homes or sent to specialist facilities for a minimum period of 14 days after their return.
                      3. Any resident who has traveled to Hubei in the past two weeks, or those who have had physical contact with people from Hubei, or those who have had physical contact with anyone already infected with the coronavirus – are required to report to a medical center to report their health condition and have their temperature taken. They should then be restricted to their homes or go to specialist facilities for observation. If such people start displaying symptoms, such as a high temperature, they must wear a face-mask and go straight to the medical center.
                      4. Local administrative bodies should organize task forces to make house visits to propagate the measures put in place by the State Sanitation and Health Committee.
                      5. All meetings and gatherings are to be cancelled. Group social meals of all types, whether organized by companies or individuals, are prohibited. Any pre-planned events must be cancelled or delayed. All cinemas, leisure facilities, internet cafes, saunas, etc. are to be closed. Retirement homes and rehabilitation facilities are to be locked-down.
                      6. Some roads shall be closed. Road checks will be put in place on the roads that remain open. Light railway and bus routes will run on a reduced schedule.
                      7. Administration officials and companies shall put in place measures to monitor the situation within their organizations. If any risk is discovered, they must take immediate action.




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                        Three ministry officials respond to top ten concerns about new pneumonia
                        January 26, 2020 23:18 Source: China News Network

                        Video: National Health Commission: The epidemic situation is severe and complex at the critical period of prevention and control
                        Source: China News Network

                        Langzhong News Agency, Beijing, January 26th. Topic: China's three ministries and officials respond to ten major concerns about the new pneumonia epidemic

                        Langzhong News Agency reporter Ma Haiyan Li Chun

                        The pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection continues to attract attention. As of 24:00 on January 25, the National Health Committee of China has received a total of 1975 confirmed cases in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The Information Office of the State Council of China held a press conference in Beijing on the 26th. Officials from the three ministries and commissions introduced relevant situations and responded to popular concerns.

                        如何 How to solve the shortage of doctors?

                        晓 Ma Xiaowei, director of the National Health Committee, said that the central government has coordinated and dispatched medical resources across the country and has sent seven medical treatment teams of more than 900 people to Hubei to help Wuhan. The army has sent a medical team of 450 people in place. At the same time, there are 8 medical teams with more than 1,000 people on standby. On the 26th and 27th, 12 more teams of 1,600 will be dispatched.
                        On the first day of January 25th, the first affiliated hospital of Guangxi Medical University, more than 2,000 medical staff wore protective equipment, adhered to the clinical frontline, and built a new type of pneumonia prevention and control safety defense line with practical actions. Recently, pneumonia of a new type of coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan, Hubei and other regions. According to the Guangxi Health and Health Commission on the 25th, at present, Guangxi has reported a total of 23 confirmed cases of pneumonia due to new coronavirus infection. The picture shows medical personnel wearing protective equipment to adhere to the clinical front line. (Reporter Zhang Guangquan) Photo by Lan Feiyan
                        The picture shows medical personnel wearing protective equipment to adhere to the clinical front line. (Reporter Zhang Guangquan) Photo by Lan Feiyan

                        如何 How does bed tension increase?

                        Ma Xiaowei said that by the evening of the 25th, the adjustment of medical and health resources in Wuhan had improved significantly, and 2,400 new beds had been opened. In the next three days, Wuhan may open nearly 5,000 beds. The shortage of medical resources and the inability to live in hospitals will ease.

                        如何 How to alleviate the lack of supplies?

                        Wang Jiangping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, put forward four major measures: first, use the central reserve to ensure the needs of the epidemic area; second, do everything possible to resume production and resume production, and rapidly increase production capacity from 40%; Standard convergence enables export products that meet EU standards and US standards to be used in some areas of China. Fourth, strengthen international cooperation and promote international procurement to address domestic needs.

                        Is the new virus more severe than SARS?

                        Ma Xiaowei said that the new coronavirus is different from the SARS virus and the MERS virus. The spread of the virus appears to have increased, and the toxicity and pathogenicity of the virus need to be analyzed based on more clinical data.

                        How long will it take to process the epidemic?

                        Ma Xiaowei said that the source of the infection has not been found, and the mechanism of transmission and the mutation of the virus are unclear. The incubation period is about 10 days, with the shortest day onset and the longest 14 days. At present, the rate of development of the epidemic is accelerating. I am afraid that it will continue for some time, and the number of cases may increase.
                        On January 26, affected by a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, passengers at Beijing Daxing International Airport wore masks to travel. <a target='_blank' href=''> China News Agency </a> Reporter Jia Tianyong
                        On January 26, affected by a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, passengers at Beijing Daxing International Airport wore masks to travel. Photo by China News Agency reporter Jia Tianyong

                        如何 How to do the critical period of epidemic prevention and control?

                        Ma Xiaowei said that one is to keep a close eye on Wuhan, the other is to keep an eye on the country, and the third is to strengthen the case treatment.

                        如何 How to prevent weak links in rural areas?

                        斌 Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Committee, said that the first is to improve the health awareness, disease prevention awareness and disease prevention ability of farmers. The second is to carry out tracking and medical observation on returnees and mobile workers, especially those in Wuhan. The third is to do a good job in the diagnosis, treatment, tracking and screening of patients and suspected cases. Medical institutions at or above the county level should strengthen pre-checking and triage, set up fever clinics, make it easier for patients to seek medical treatment, and provide patients with protective supplies.

                        Does prion mutation appear?

                        高 Gao Fu, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that no evidence of virus mutation has been found, and the difference between the viruses was less than 1%.

                        是否 Is the traffic restriction measures extended to the whole country?

                        小 Liu Xiaoming, deputy minister of the Ministry of Transport, said that some localities and cities have restrictions on modes of transportation and transportation, and it is necessary to take measures according to local conditions. At the same time, priority should be given to ensuring reasonable travel, transportation of living materials and key materials for ordinary people.

                        如何 How is international cooperation progressing?

                        Ma Xiaowei said that one is to share the epidemic situation and technical information with the World Health Organization in a timely manner, and the other is to maintain close contact with the health administrations and embassies in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the United States and other countries to respond to foreign concerns in a timely manner. At the same time, experts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are invited to conduct on-site inspections in Wuhan. At the request of Hong Kong and Macau, diagnostic kits are provided free of charge. (Finish)
                        [Edit: Guo Zehua]


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                          68 confirmed cases in Beijing
                          Published: 2020-01-26 22:51:51 | Source: CCTV News microblogging | Author: Mou ROCKETS

                          According to Weibo news from CCTV News, on January 26 from 18:00 to 21:00, five new cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection were added in Beijing, of which 2 were close contacts of previously confirmed cases, and all have been sent to designated medical institutions. For treatment. As of 21:00 on January 26, the city has accumulated 68 confirmed cases, including 1 in Dongcheng District, 5 in Xicheng District, 11 in Chaoyang District, 16 in Haidian District, 4 in Fengtai District, 2 in Shijingshan District, and 6 in Tongzhou District. There were 1 case in Shunyi District, 3 cases in Daxing District, 7 cases in Changping District, and 12 cases came from overseas.


                          New pneumonia confirmed for 9 months
                          Published: 2020-01-26 23:06:42 | Source: CCTV News microblogging | Author: Anonymous

                          According to Weibo news from CCTV News, from January 18 to 21:00 on January 26, five new cases of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus infection were reported in Beijing, including a 9-month-old baby girl.



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                            Wuhan Mayor says 5 million left Wuhan. I don’t have access to the whole article but google showed it in the search results


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                              Originally posted by hawkeye View Post
                              Wuhan Mayor says 5 million left Wuhan. I don’t have access to the whole article but google showed it in the search results
                              [Wuhan Pneumonia] Mayor of Wuhan: More than 5 million people leave Wuhan (23:35)

                              Figure 1-1-Wuhan Hankou Yanjiang Avenue is inaccessible today (26th). (Xinhua News Agency) The outbreak of new-type coronavirus in the Mainland continues. Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang said today (26th) that more than 5 million people have left Wuhan and another 9 million are still in the city. It is estimated that there may be another 1,000 confirmed cases in Wuhan.

                              In addition, China's CDC detected for the first time from 585 environmental samples in the South China Seafood Market today that 33 samples contained novel coronavirus nucleic acids. These samples came from 22 stalls and a garbage truck in the market. Positive samples exceeded 90%. From the western part of the market, where there is a wildlife trade, it is highly suspected that the outbreak was related to wildlife trade.



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                                Beijing News
                                Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, these cities officially declared "not closed"
                                2020-01-27 00:02

                                Beijing News (Reporter Ying Yue) Recently, news about the closure of cities around the country has been spreading on the Internet. On the 26th, relevant departments in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Nanjing all said they would not "close the city." The Beijing News will continue to gather rumors about the epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia.

                                1. Will Beijing close the city?

                                Truth: External traffic is basically normal, there will be no closure, and no closure

                                At noon on the 25th, several news on WeChat, Weibo and other social media platforms successively spread the message "Beijing Expressway has entered the road in Beijing in order to prevent and control the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic". Subsequently, the news of Beijing's "closure" also spread on the Internet.

                                On the 26th, at a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in a new type of coronavirus infection in Beijing, Rong Jun, a spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, said: "Foreign traffic is basically normal. There is no closure or closure of the city."

                                At present, in Beijing's civil aviation, flights are operating normally, and flights to and from Hubei are suspended. Long-distance passenger lines will be shut down from the morning of the new year's eve to the afternoon of the third day of the week, and will be shut down in Hubei and other epidemic-prone areas, and other areas will gradually resume operations as the case may be. At present, Beijing expressways and ordinary highways are normally open, and buses and subways are operating normally, and temperature measurement and ventilation will be strengthened.

                                2. Shenzhen closed the city on January 27?

                                Truth: The message that Shenzhen is about to "close the city" is a rumor

                                On January 26, the news that "Shenzhen will be closed tomorrow, Longda, Nanguang and 107 will be closed" was circulated online.

                                On the same day, the office of the Leading Group for Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infections in Shenzhen responded that the information that Shenzhen was about to "close the city" was a rumor.

                                The person in charge of the Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Leading Group for Prevention and Control indicated that Shenzhen is doing its best to ensure the prevention and control of materials and strength for the epidemic, and is doing its best to ensure the supply of necessities for the people. It is hoped that the people will consciously resist rumors and jointly maintain a good social order. Win the battle for epidemic prevention and control.

                                3. Guangzhou wants to close the city?

                                Truth: Guangzhou market has ample supply, and internal and external traffic is normal

                                On the 26th, according to the information from the Guangzhou Municipal Leading Group on Prevention and Control of Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, especially to reduce imported cases, temperature monitoring measures were taken at airports, stations, docks and other places, but there was no " Closure of the city. "

                                At present, the market is plentiful, and internal and external traffic is normal. Airports, railways, highway passenger stations, expressways in and out of Guangzhou, and national and provincial highways all remain in normal operation. The transportation department will focus on ensuring the smooth transportation of medical supplies, living supplies and epidemic prevention work. The general public is requested not to believe or spread rumors, to avoid panic, to minimize the flow and to minimize the chance of infection.

                                4. From January 27, the traffic in Nanjing is suspended?

                                Truth: Internet rumors are not true

                                Recently, an article entitled "Nanjing City Traffic Suspended from January 27" was signed on the Internet, signed by Nanjing Daily reporter Zhao Yingguang. On January 26, a notice about the adjustment of bus line operation arrangements during the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection was circulating in the circle of friends. The announcement shows that from January 27, dozens of bus lines in the city will be suspended.

                                Regarding the above two untrue news, Nanjing Daily and Nanjing Bus conducted a rumor on the 26th. "Nanjing Daily" stated on its official Weibo that the unit found no such person and had never interviewed this content. The "Nanjing Bus" certified by Weibo as the official Weibo of Nanjing Public Transport (Group) Co., Ltd. also stated that the pictures circulating on the network were not the operating conditions of Nanjing Bus.

                                5. The Thai Immigration Office has issued a document that grants renewal to Chinese tourists for up to 2 months?

                                Truth: Those stranded at the airport may be exempt from fines due to airport closures and other reasons

                                Recently, the Internet circulated "Thailand Immigration Bureau issued a policy for Chinese tourists (mainly Hubei tourists). If you do not want to return, you can temporarily leave the country and can renew your visa for up to two months. Files ".

                                It is understood that at present, the Thai Tourism Authority and the major travel agencies in Hangzhou have not received a formal notification.

                                As for the pictures circulated on the Internet, as far as the Thai translation of the documents is concerned, the version circulated on the Internet is not the original text. According to the Metropolis Express reporter's verification, the original meaning was: "The Thai Immigration Service stated that if Wuhan and related areas are closed and the airport is closed, the time spent at the airport will be extended. There will be no penalty for this situation. There is no need to return to the country. For example, if other cities in China do not close the airport, passengers cannot stay casually; if it is longer than 15 days and does not belong to those stranded cities, it will be blacklisted.

                                Beijing News reporter Ying Yue

                                Edit Ding Tian returns to Sohu, see more