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Macau: Covid-19 cases - 37

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    Macau without COVID -19 virus cases for 11 days
    15 Feb, 2020

    The Macau government announced today that there have been no new cases of the COVID-19 virus in the territory for 11 days.

    During a press conference on the situation of the epidemic in Macau, health officials indicated that there are no new cases since the 4th of February and that amongst the seven patients still in hospital, some will be discharged soon.

    Macau recorded 10 cases of the virus, seven from tourists from Hubei province and three from Macau. Three tourists from Mainland China have been already discharged.

    The information comes at a time when the city of Macau is registering more and more people on the street despite government calls for the population to remain in their homes...


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      Macau casinos to reopen after virus fear
      February 17 2020 - 8:59PM

      Macau, the world's biggest gambling hub, will allow casinos to resume operations from February 20 after authorities imposed a two-week suspension to curb the spread of the coronavirus, public broadcaster TDM reports.

      The unprecedented halt of gaming operations started on February 5 and was due to end on February 19.

      Macau has not reported any new cases of the virus since February 4, authorities said. There have been 10 confirmed cases of the virus in total...


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        Macau government imposes 14-day quarantine on migrant workers
        17 Feb, 2020

        ...The officials said non-resident workers (as migrant workers are officially known in Macau) arriving from Zhuhai must first go into 14 days of quarantine in the adjacent city in Guangdong province and then present an official health certificate confirming that they are not infected with the novel coronavirus before they will be allowed to enter Macau...


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          18th case- imported from NY:


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            Local Covid-19 cases increase to 23
            By LUSA
            March 23, 2020

            Macau today announced yet another imported case of Covid-19, bringing the number of infected people to 23 since the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

            The new patient is a local resident and a student in England, aged 12, who traveled from London to Hong Kong, entered the territory on Friday and began to show symptoms on Sunday, the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre said in a statement...


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              Macau News > Social Affairs > Macau confirms 36th and 37th COVID-19 cases
              Macau confirms 36th and 37th COVID-19 cases
              28 Mar, 2020

              The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre announced tonight the city’s 36th and 37th novel coronavirus cases, both classified as imported

              The 36th case is a 21-year-old male Macau resident who departed from Portugal on March 13, taking the Emirates, flight EK194 (seat 40A) from Lisbon to Dubai. He then transferred onto the Emirates, flight EK380 (seat 46D) from Dubai to Hong Kong...


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                The Coordination Center for New Coronavirus Infection Response said that today (31) two new confirmed cases of imported new coronavirus pneumonia were added, the 40th and 41th, respectively.

                The 40th patient was a 47-year-old female, a Macao resident, a housewife, and returned to Australia from the UK. The 41st patient was a 20-year-old male, a British student, and the son of the 40th patient. The two of them departed from London, UK on Cathay Pacific (CX250, seats 22A and 22G) on March 26, arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport in the afternoon of March 27, and passed the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge by the Tourism Crisis Office in the evening of March 27. The port was returned to Macao. At that time, the quarantine measures of the Health Bureau were arranged to carry out medical observation at the Royal Dragon Hotel. Two people were positive for the detection of the new coronavirus nucleic acid in the nasopharyngeal swab test sample today (31), and the new coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed .