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China - Original COVID-19 coronavirus news thread: weeks 1 - 4 (December 30, 2019 - January 25, 2020)

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  • Wuhan No. 2 Announcement: Full Supply of Commodities, Food, Medical Protective Products, etc.
    Time: 23 January 2020 Source: Wuhan release micro-channel public number of: Editor: Zeng Jia Jia

    Wuhan City, New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters Notice

    (No. 2)

    Closing the Li-Han corridor is necessary to stop the spread of the epidemic.

    Facing the pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection, we have the cordial care of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the careful arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and the care and support of the people.

    Smooth supply. The general public is requested not to panic or hoard in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

    Wuhan New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Command

    January 23, 2020


    • The city is fund raising.

      Wuhan opens 24-hour phone call to receive donations

      Beijing News Express According to the WeChat public account of the Wuhan Municipal Government Information Office, in order to do a good job of receiving and allocating medical donations, protective supplies and other materials donated by Wuhan to fight the epidemic, Wuhan has opened a 24-hour phone call to receive donations from all walks of life.

      Wuhan Red Cross Society Telephone: 027-82788599, 027-82210181, 027-82812604, 027-82858499, 027-82856122.

      Contact: Luo Gangqiang 13297963117.

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      • General Office of the National Health and Health Commission
        Notice on Strengthening Medical Treatment of Severe Cases of Pneumonia Infected by New Coronavirus
        National Health Office Medical Letter [2020] No. 64

        The health and health committees of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities with separate plans, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

        Recently, pneumonia of a new type of coronavirus infection occurred in some provinces in China. In order to further strengthen the medical treatment of severe cases of pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus infection in the country (hereinafter referred to as severe cases), to ensure timely and effective medical treatment of severe cases, and to effectively protect the health of the people, the relevant work notice is as follows:

        First, attach great importance to the work of medical treatment and treatment of severe cases

        All localities must attach great importance to the medical treatment of severe cases of pneumonia caused by new-type coronavirus infection, strengthen organizational coordination, coordinate medical resources, and seriously organize the medical treatment of severe cases. It is necessary to strictly implement the principle of “concentrating patients, experts, resources, and treatment”, and arrange the most powerful medical forces and medical institutions for medical treatment. It is necessary to further strengthen the strength of key departments such as hot clinics, emergency departments, and respiratory and critical illnesses, and to strengthen the protection of medicines and materials for personnel. It is necessary to set up a provincial expert group for medical treatment of severe cases, organize expert consultation in time, and formulate an effective medical treatment plan.

        2. Standardize medical treatment

        It is necessary to strengthen the training of medical staff at all levels and various types of medical institutions, improve the ability of early identification and differential diagnosis of pneumonitis infected by new coronavirus, focus on the elderly and special populations with basic diseases, and closely observe the changes in the condition. Relevant medical institutions shall set up a working group for the treatment and treatment of severe cases, in accordance with the requirements of the "Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Severe and Critical Cases of Pneumonia Infected by the New Coronavirus (Trial)" (see attachment), and actively prevent complications based on symptomatic treatment and timely Provide organ functional support to minimize mortality. It is necessary to strengthen key consultations for severe cases, do a good job of discussing difficult and critical cases, implement dynamic assessment of severe cases, and adjust treatment plans in a timely manner.

        The treatment place is determined according to the severity of the patient's condition. Suspected and confirmed cases should be isolated and treated in designated hospitals with effective isolation and protection conditions. The hospital for severe cases should establish a medical treatment team in the hospital. Technical backbones participate in medical treatment.

        3. Strictly implement measures such as the transfer of severe cases and the prevention and control of nosocomial infections

        Severe cases should be transferred as soon as possible to the hospital with the strongest comprehensive strength in the area under their jurisdiction and protection against respiratory infectious diseases. Severe cases should be transported by special vehicles, and decontaminated in a timely, scientific and standardized manner; the staff on the vehicles must be protected in accordance with regulations. Medical institutions should strengthen training in the prevention and control of hospitals, implement post duties, strictly implement disinfection and isolation, and scientifically implement personal protective measures. At the same time, medical institutions should strengthen clinical laboratory biosafety management and do their best to avoid nosocomial infections.

        4. Accurately grasp the information of severe cases

        Provincial health administrative departments must grasp the medical treatment of severe cases in their respective jurisdictions, and report local conditions of severe cases in a timely manner in accordance with procedures. The provinces should make clear and clear the situation of local severe cases, effectively improve the accuracy of data reporting, prevent misreporting, and prevent concealment. To strengthen the analysis and judgment of severe cases, if the state needs to send experts to support medical treatment, you can apply to our committee.

        Contact: Cao Yulong, Du Qingyang

        Telephone: 010-68792094, 68792989


        • 17 new cases of pneumonia confirmed by new coronavirus infection in Zhejiang

          Beijing News Express According to the WeChat public account of Zhejiang Health and Health Commission, 17 new cases of pneumonia diagnosed with new coronavirus infection were newly added in Zhejiang province from 12:00 on January 22 to 12:00 on January 23, 2020, of which 5 were in Hangzhou, Two cases were in Ningbo, two in Wenzhou, one in Shaoxing, one in Jinhua, one in Luzhou, and five in Taizhou.

          As of 12:00 on January 23, 2020, a total of 27 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection were reported, including 6 in Hangzhou, 5 in Ningbo, 6 in Wenzhou, 1 in Shaoxing, 1 in Zhoushan, 1 in Jinhua, and 1 in Luzhou. Cases, 6 cases in Taizhou. All cases have a history of residence, travel and close contact in Wuhan. At present, they are receiving isolation treatment at designated medical institutions, with 3 severe cases, 1 critical case, and the rest are stable. Close contacts are undergoing medical observation, and no respiratory-related symptoms such as fever have been found.

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          Source: WeChat public account of Zhejiang Health and Health Commission

          Original title: Bulletin of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection in Zhejiang Province


          • Notice on Printing and Distributing Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version)

            National Health Office Medical Letter [2020] No. 66

            Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities with separate plans, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Health and Health Committee, and Chinese medicine management departments:

            In order to further guide the nationwide scientific regulation of the diagnosis and medical treatment of pneumonia cases of new-type coronavirus infection, we organized experts to revise the diagnosis and treatment plan, and formed the "New-type Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Implementation)". Is now issued to you, please refer to the implementation.

            Contact person of the State Administration of Health and Medical Care Administration: Du Qingyang

            Phone: 010-68792989

            Fax: 010-68791823

            Contact person, Department of Medical Affairs, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wang Jin

            Phone: 010-59957686

            Fax: 010-599576845

            Attachment: pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronavirus infection (trial version 3)

            General Office of the National Health and Health Commission Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

            January 22, 2020



            • The first suspected case of new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Gansu, having eaten with staff from Wuhan

              Gansu Provincial Health Committee

              2020-01-23 14:00
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              Patient Wu Moumou, 43 years old, male, now lives in Lanzhou. On January 11, 2020, he went to Hunan and Jiangxi provinces for business trips, during which he had dinner at the same table with people from Wuhan. He returned to Lanzhou on the evening of January 17 and suffered fever and other discomforts on January 18. He went to Lanzhou Pulmonary Hospital for treatment on January 21 and was treated in isolation. As tested by the provincial and Lanzhou CDC laboratories, they were all positive for the new coronavirus. On the morning of January 23, the specimens were sent to the China CDC for review and testing. Based on the clinical manifestations, epidemiological history, and laboratory test results, it was determined to be a suspected case of pneumonia due to new coronavirus infection. After full treatment, the patient is now in stable condition. The province has started tracking and medical observation of close contacts.
              (Originally entitled: 'The first suspected case of pneumonia in our province due to new coronavirus infection')



              • 4 cases of new pneumonia cases have been found in Tianjin

                According to CCTV news, at 15:00 on January 23, Tianjin City held the first press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia of new coronavirus infections, announcing the latest epidemic situation and prevention and control measures.

                As of 6:00 on January 23, a total of 4 cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection have been found in Tianjin, all of which have been treated in isolation at designated hospitals. There are currently no medical staff infections.

                In order to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, Tianjin Binhai International Airport has released a new plan for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic from January 20, opening up special channels for all passengers from Wuhan to Tianjin for temperature detection. Beginning on January 23, Tianjin Binhai International Airport installed 16 sets of infrared thermal imaging temperature detection systems at the departure, arrival, and baggage turntables of the terminal to more fully monitor the physical condition of passengers entering and leaving.

                In addition to the temperature detection of passengers at Tianjin railway stations, the daily cleaning and disinfection of public areas of the station shall be strengthened, and the epidemic prevention department shall be contacted to strengthen the inspection of baggage and cargo; the relevant train cargo, especially animals such as poultry, shall be banned and closed.

                On January 22, the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Health released a list of 47 outpatient fever clinics in Tianjin. Some of these hospitals expanded the area of ​​outpatient fever clinics, increased functional zoning, and stored more response materials. There are 4 confirmed cases of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in Tianjin, which are being treated in designated hospitals, and close contacts are receiving medical observation.

                At the same time, Tianjin Zoo strictly implements daily disinfection of key parts of the park, suspends business transactions outside the city, and establishes daily reporting systems.

                Beginning on the 21st, the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Corps launched a 'three-day clearing' operation of live poultry and wildlife trading, and carried out a net-type inspection of farmers' markets. Inspecting 50 farm trade (wholesale) markets, no wild animal transactions were found. Among them, live poultry sales were found in 3 markets, and a total of 266 live poultry were found. The competent industry department of the industry has been urged to do harmless treatment .

                Edit Peng Qihang

                Source: CCTV News

                Original title: 4 cases of pneumonia in Tianjin with new coronavirus infection



                • Pneumonia epidemic information of new coronavirus infection in Hainan Province

                  on January 23, 2020-new type ... From January 15 to 23 at 7:00 on January 22, 2020, one new confirmed case of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection in Hainan Province. There were no severe cases, deaths and discharges. Among the newly confirmed cases, one was reported in Sanya City. As of 7:00 on January 23, Hainan Province had reported a total of 5 confirmed cases of pneumonitis with new coronavirus infection, without severe cases, deaths, and discharged cases. Among the confirmed cases, 2 were in Sanya, 1 in Haikou, 1 in Wanning, and 1 in Lingao County. At present, 329 close contacts have been traced, 0 have been released from medical observation, and 329 are still receiving medical observation. A total of 32 suspicious cases have been reported in 12 cities and counties in the province. The results of laboratory tests of new coronavirus nucleic acids have been negative, and the results of the second nucleic acid test have yet to be confirmed. Among them, there were 7 cases in Xiuying District, Haikou City, 3 cases in Longhua District, Haikou City, 8 cases in Sanya City, 3 cases in Shengzhou City, 1 case in Qionghai City, 1 case in Wenchang City, 1 case in Wanning City, 1 case in Dongfang City, There were 2 cases in Wuzhishan City, 2 cases in Lingao County, 2 cases in Changjiang County, and 1 case in Qiongzhong County



                  • Source:

                    Reply of Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Committee on Several Issues Concerned by Citizens
                    Published by: Wuhan Municipal Health Commission | Published: 2020-01-23 17:22:11 | Hits: 723 | Font size: Large Middle Small

                    1. There are many people who come to the hot clinic, and the observation beds are very tight. How to allocate medical resources and strengthen the treatment to solve the outstanding problem of the hot clinic?
                    A: At present, the number of fever patients in the city is increasing. There is indeed a long queue of fever clinics and tight beds. For this reason, the city headquarters made an urgent study and decided to recruit related hospitals as designated hospitals for fever patients.
                    Seven hospitals, including the Hankou Hospital, the Red Cross Hospital, the Western Hospital of the Pu'ai Hospital, the Seventh Hospital, the Ninth Hospital, the Wuchang Hospital, and the Fifth Hospital, have been recruited as a whole. Fever patients in the city, and more than 3,000 beds were arranged to treat suspected and confirmed cases. At the same time, the city's second-level and above general hospitals still need to set up fever clinics, carry out pre-checks and triages, and diagnose and treat patients with general fever, and actively guide patients with fever with respiratory symptoms to the city's designated hospitals for fever patients. It is expected that the tension in the consultation of fever patients will ease.

                    2. At present, Wuhan has adopted a "7 to 7" insurance system. Why do you want to do this? How does it work?
                    Answer: In order to strengthen the medical service capabilities of the 7 designated hospitals for fever patients, select the ministry, provincial and municipal hospitals (Tongji Hospital, Xiehe Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital, Wuhan University South-South Hospital, City First Hospital, City) The Central Hospital and the No. 3 Hospital of the Municipality of the People's Republic of China have supported 7 designated hospitals for fever patients. The director of the supporting hospital will temporarily serve as the director of the corresponding designated diagnosis and treatment hospital. He will be responsible for the personnel, finance, and material management of the designated diagnosis and treatment hospital, coordinate the deployment of hospital resources on both sides, and make every effort to treat patients. The medical staff of the designated diagnosis and treatment hospitals are all transferred to the diagnosis and treatment of fever patients. When the strength is insufficient, the supporting hospitals will deploy and enrich them.

                    3. Many hospitals report that there are no results within a few days after the specimens are submitted for inspection, which affects the rapid diagnosis. What is the reason? How to improve the detection speed next?
                    Answer: As the country has incorporated pneumonitis of the new type of coronavirus into a Class B infectious disease and adopted Class A management, the detection of samples of this type of pathogen is managed in accordance with highly pathogenic pathogenic microorganisms (Class 2), and the relevant samples are tested and transported. It must meet the relevant requirements of biosafety management, and pathogen-related experimental activities should be carried out in a biosafety laboratory with the corresponding protection level.
                    In the early stage, the sample detection process for suspected cases was as follows: The first-patient hospital passed a standardized pre-test and triage, combined with clinical examination, laboratory inspection and chest imaging examination, confirmed the suspected case after sampling by the expert group, and sampled the disease. The control center will transfer the samples to the city's disease control center, and the city's disease control center will transfer to the provincial disease control center for nucleic acid detection. More than 200 samples can be detected every day. (Before January 16th, there is no kit in our province, and it needs to be sent to the national designated testing institution for virus isolation and nucleic acid detection.) It is estimated that it will take about 2 days from the start of sampling to the return of results (January 16th) Before, the samples had to be sent to the testing institution designated by the state of Beijing, and the results would take about 3-5 days to return).
                    In order to meet the needs of the current prevention and control situation and increase the speed of testing, upon requesting the consent of the relevant higher authorities, since January 22, the city has designated various designated treatment hospitals, counterpart assistance hospitals for fever fixed diagnosis and treatment hospitals, and the city's disease control center. Waiting for biosafety laboratories with corresponding protection levels to carry out the detection of pathogenic nucleic acids of related samples (the first batch of a total of 10 institutions), it is estimated that nearly 2,000 samples can be detected every day when all are run. To this end, the city plans to urgently transport 30,000 kits to the designated testing institutions, and has so far issued 6,000 copies.

                    4. Managing close contacts of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus is an effective means to control the spread of the disease. How does Wuhan manage the close contacts of pneumonitis infected by new coronavirus? How many of the close contacts were diagnosed with pneumonitis infected by a new coronavirus?
                    Answer: At the beginning of the outbreak, our city strictly regulated and organized the judgment, assignment, follow-up, and disposal of close contacts. The specific approach is summarized as follows:
                    (1) Full inclusion and full coverage. All persons who work with, observe, suspect, or diagnose with cases who work, study, live together with others, and who are in close contact with each other, and those who perform medical and nursing care of the cases, are tracked and investigated as close contacts. One person is missing.
                    (2) Territorialization and gridding. Mainly based on the current place of residence, timely and accurately hand over close contacts to the residential jurisdiction for management. The districts assign personnel lists to the grid management team to ensure that they receive standardized medical observations.
                    (3) Five Ones, Three Guarantees One. Each close contact is provided with a prevention and control knowledge manual, a pair of masks, a thermometer, a temperature detection table, and a recording pen. The medical observation team is composed of community leaders, community doctors, and community grid members, who enter the household daily (at least once a day), monitor daily, and report information in a timely manner. The observation period (14 days) is over, and the medical observation will be lifted after passing the assessment.
                    (4) Report in time and rule in time. When the close contact person develops abnormalities such as fever (37. ℃ and above), cough, etc., immediately report it and report it step by step. Immediately deploy an ambulance to transfer it to the designated hospital for treatment.
                    As of 24:00 on January 22, the number of close contacts increased by 260 on that day, a total of 1441 close contacts were tracked, 779 medical observations have been lifted, and 662 people are still receiving medical observations. There were 46 people with close fever symptoms, 10 were excluded, 35 were waiting to be queued, and 1 was suspected.
                    ************************************************** **********************************************


                    Traslation: notice
                    Published by: Wuhan Municipal Commission of Health and Health | Published: 2020-01-23 16:50:29 | Hits: 780 | Font size: Large Middle Small

                    Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission released a list of 61 fever clinics and designated medical institutions on January 20th. All 61 fever clinics must not close fever clinics for any reason, and continue to carry out pre-test triage and general fever Patient treatment.

                    The seven hot spot diagnosis and diagnosis hospitals announced on January 22 (City Hankou Hospital, City Red Cross Hospital, City Seven Hospital, West Fourth Hospital District, City Nine Hospital, Wuchang Hospital, City Five Hospital) are new types of coronavirus infection The suspected and confirmed cases were admitted to the hospital.


                    January 23, 2020
                    [Note: The above announce goes on to list all the health facilities]


                    • Source:

                      Google translation:

                      8 new cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, cumulative 22 cases
                      January 23, 2020 17:53 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

                      8 new cases in Beijing, 22 cumulative cases

                      下午 On the afternoon of January 23, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission informed the progress of the pneumonia epidemic in Beijing.

                      As of 14:00 today, the city has accumulated 22 confirmed cases, including 3 in Xicheng District, 2 in Chaoyang District, 3 in Haidian District, 1 in Fengtai District, 1 in Shijingshan District, 2 in Tongzhou District, 2 in Daxing District, and Changping. There were 2 cases in the district and 6 cases from overseas. A total of 205 close contacts have reported no abnormal symptoms. (Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang Ruojing)
                      [Edit: Fang Jialiang]


                      2020-01-23 04:30:48 Beijing News

                      New coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing has increased to 14 cases

                      Xinjing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) At 11 o'clock last night, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health issued the latest epidemic situation of new coronavirus, and 4 new cases of pneumonia were added in Beijing.

                      新增 4 new cases of pneumonia in Beijing

                      A 45-year-old male patient from Shijingshan District went to Wuhan on January 11 and returned to Beijing on January 14; he developed fever symptoms on January 19; he was seen at a medical institution in our city on January 21; and a 42-year-old male patient from Xicheng District in January I went to Wuhan twice on January 11 and January 18, returned to Beijing on January 19, developed fever symptoms on January 20, and went to a medical institution in our city; a 33-year-old female patient who usually lives in Wuhan City, developed fever symptoms in 1 At the medical institution of our city on January 20, a 33-year-old female patient from Wuhan came to Beijing on January 18 and temporarily lived in Chaoyang District. On January 20, she attended the medical institution of our city. According to clinical symptoms and epidemiological investigations, the above 4 patients were diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia on the 22nd after being tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluated by an expert group. Four patients were in stable condition and received isolation treatment at designated hospitals. Medical observation has been carried out on 35 close contacts, and there are no abnormalities such as fever.

                      As of 18:00 on January 22, a total of 14 cases of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection were confirmed in our city, including 2 in Xicheng District, 1 in Chaoyang District, 2 in Haidian District, 1 in Fengtai District, 1 in Shijingshan District, and Tongzhou District. There were 1 case, 2 cases in Daxing District, 2 cases in Changping District, and 2 cases in Wuhan.


                      • Source:

                        Drinking High Alcohol Can Resist New Coronavirus? These are fake, reposting rumors!

                        Xiao Jinbo, Intern Jiang Hong
                        January 23, 2020 17:59 Source: People's Daily Online-Social Channel
                        share to:

                        People's Daily Online, Beijing, January 23 As of around 18:00 on January 23, a total of 620 cases of pneumonia diagnosed with new-type coronavirus infection in China have been accumulated. The epidemic affected people's hearts and caused a lot of rumors. People's Network "Seek truth" column is launching "these rumors about new coronavirus pneumonia, don't believe it! 》 After that, take stock of new rumors for you again.

                        Rumors① Disinfection powder began to be spread over Wuhan

                        It is reported that "the Central Theater Air Force will begin to spread disinfectant powder over Wuhan today. Please do n’t go out and buy things outside. If you buy it, take it home and wash it!"

                        In response, a reporter verified with Wuhan authorities that the news was a rumor.

                        Another piece of information "From 5 pm to 9 pm today, please don't go out. The city transports fever patients to designated hospitals. Remember to keep in mind to avoid causing infections." There are discrepancies between time and facts. The reporter learned that starting from noon today, hospitals have been organizing the transfer of fever patients. Wuhan has not stipulated a centralized time for transferring fever patients to designated hospitals. Instead, each hospital is organized separately.

                        Rumor ② Hubei anchor wears mask to broadcast news

                        Yesterday, some netizens found that many hosts and reporters of Hubei Jingshi and Hubei Public News Channel wore masks in the broadcast. Later, the host in Hubei made a rumor on Weibo: instead of wearing a mask to broadcast the news, I showed the audience that a mask must be worn when going out, and how to wear a mask correctly. Please do n’t pass the word on!

                        Full text of the statement: I received a lot of friends' messages tonight asking about the situation of this photo. Here I will explain with everyone. This is the end of today ’s 19:25 "Economy Live Broadcasting". We call on the majority of Wuhan citizens to start with me, from now on, and from every health habit. It is best not to leave Wuhan and not to go intensive. Wear a mask when you go out, wash your hands frequently at home, and often ventilate the room. Work with medical staff to win this epidemic battle. The picture shows me how to wear a mask when going out. I hereby declare that I am not wearing a mask to broadcast the news.

                        Rumor ③ The three major operators can track down Wuhan people

                        Recently, there are rumors that the three major operators are analyzing data overtime and can judge the area of ​​mobile phone users flowing from Wuhan to other places. The Beijing News reporter verified the three major operators and their Beijing companies. As of press time, both China Unicom and Beijing Unicom informed the Beijing News that such data are not currently available.

                        Beijing Unicom insiders further stated that in theory, operators can do some big data analysis, but such data as "tracking Wuhan people" can only be a reference, and the actual guidance is of little significance. She said that users who pass a local train or car will be counted, and the actual destination may be less than one-tenth. Take China Unicom's Internet card as an example. In reality, cards will be chained everywhere, and the cards belonging to Wuhan will be sold to Shandong people for use.

                        Rumor ④ Drinking high-alcohol can resist new coronavirus

                        On the 22nd, a member of the National Health and Health Commission's high-level expert group and academician Li Lanjuan, a well-known infectious disease expert in China, said in an interview that the new coronavirus is afraid of alcohol and not resistant to high temperatures. 75% of alcohol can kill the virus. As a result, the topic #new coronavirus afraid of alcohol not resistant to high temperature # appeared on the hot search, and the news related to "drinking high alcohol against coronavirus" spread rapidly.

                        On the 23rd, Academician Li Lanjuan said that alcohol can be used for disinfection, but it does not mean that drinking more alcohol can disinfect. And Academician Li Lanjuan refers to medical alcohol, which can be disinfected by wiping.

                        Rumor ⑤ Free masks for 49 hospitals in Shenzhen

                        Recently, some netizens posted "Free masks for 49 hospitals in Shenzhen". Recently, in response to the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, Shenzhen announced the addresses and lists of 49 hot clinics. However, after two days of dissemination, some netizens misunderstood this, and posted information on free masks issued by 49 hospitals in Shenzhen on Weibo, causing some citizens to go to the hospital to collect masks.

                        In this regard, the Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Commission stated that these 49 hospitals sent out hot clinics and did not send free masks. The microblog information posted by some netizens is not true. Please do not trust them to avoid delaying disease prevention.

                        Rumor ⑥ Ningxia's first confirmed case went to a bar in Yinchuan on the 19th

                        Recently, the first confirmed case of Ningxia "was visited a bar in Yinchuan on the 19th". At noon on January 23, the official Weibo of Yinchuan City Health Committee @ 银川 健康 健康 released a message saying that the information is not true. I hope that the majority of netizens will consciously abide by the law and will not rumor or rumor.

                        Full text of Weibo: Ningxia's first confirmed case was untrue in silver-related information-Recently, the first confirmed case in Ningxia, "there was a trip to a bar in Yinchuan on the 19th," is not true. Verified by Yinchuan CDC: The patient is a 29-year-old male from Ningxia who works in Wuhan. On the night of January 19th, after returning to the airliner for flight, he went to the hospital for treatment and isolation after treatment. There was no activity during the period. A two-week home isolation medical observation of close contacts of patients has been carried out. Regarding the recent online information about the patient's related activities after coming to the bank, which is not true, I hope that the majority of netizens will consciously abide by the law, and do not believe rumors or rumors.

                        Rumors: Guangzhou Metro Line 2 forces passengers to wear masks or transfer

                        On the 23rd, there were rumors on the Internet that "a new type of pneumonia patient fled from the hospital and took the Guangzhou Metro Line 2. Therefore, passengers on Line 2 were required to wear masks."

                        In response to this, Guangzhou Metro just rumored through its official Weibo that "After verification, there is no so-called compulsory passenger wearing a mask on Metro Line 2 or there is a need to transfer. The editor here reminds everyone to refrain from rumors! Go to In densely populated areas, you can wear a mask to prevent respiratory infections! "

                        In addition, the Guangzhou Metro is deployed in response to the prevention and control of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemics, moved the prevention and control barrier forward, and started the body temperature monitoring mechanism in key traffic places. All stations in the Guangzhou Metro network and stations along the tram lines have launched public health epidemics Prevention and control plan. In addition to maintaining good ventilation of stations and vehicles, and strengthening disinfection and cleaning, starting from January 22, service will first take temperature measurements of incoming passengers at 12 hub stations, and gradually popularize them according to the availability of thermometers The other stations of the line network, please actively cooperate with the on-site staff to enter the station in an orderly manner.

                        Rumors ⑧ Wuhan gas station is closed

                        On the morning of the 23rd, it was reported that the gas station in Wuhan was closed.

                        In response, the official website of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the news that the gas station in Wuhan was circulated in the society this morning was false rumors. At present, gas stations in Wuhan have sufficient oil inventories and supplies are normal. The gas stations in the city are open for 24 hours.

                        The website of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce also states that there are sufficient supplies of important necessities for daily life in Wuhan and normal business hours, which can protect the daily needs of citizens. In addition, salt is a normal commodity with sufficient supply.

                        According to the official Weibo news of the Sinopec News Office on the 23rd, during the Spring Festival, Sinopec's sales of petrol stations affiliated to Hubei Wuhan Petroleum Branch were operating normally, doing their best to ensure market supply. The news of the “fuel cut” on the Internet is not true. The citizens need not panic, and do not have to concentrate on gas stations in advance to refuel.

                        In addition, the official Weibo of China National Petroleum Corporation also stated that during the Spring Festival, PetroChina gas stations in Wuhan were operating normally. In addition, we will distribute disposable masks for free at the 11 PetroChina gas stations in the east of the airport, Jinjiadun, Changma, Changquan, Heshan Road, Geely, Xudong, Hongtu Avenue, Changqing, Xinrong, and Hanhuang. .

                        Rumors 院 Academician Zhong Nanshan advises saline mouthwash to prevent virus

                        Recently, there are rumors on the Internet that "Mr. Zhong Nanshan suggested salt water mouthwash to prevent virus." In response to this, the official Weibo of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University announced that the team of Academician Zhong Nanshan of our hospital officially broke the rumor:

                        Saline mouthwash is good for cleaning the mouth and throat, and is helpful for sore throat. However, the area invaded by the new coronavirus is in the respiratory tract, and mouthwashing cannot clean the respiratory tract. Secondly, there are no research results suggesting that saline has a killing effect on the new coronavirus. Please don't believe the rumor.

                        Rumors: Chengdu man infected with new coronavirus after staying in Wuhan for 10 minutes

                        On the evening of January 20th, a medical history was circulated, showing a 20-year-old man got off the train and stopped for 10 minutes while passing through Wuhan. He developed cough and fever in Chengdu. Netizens associate it with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. The media contacted the man's family members, who said they had a common fever and had nothing to do with the new coronavirus.

                        Rumor? Deputy director of Wuhan Health Commission was quarantined after infection

                        According to the official Wuhan Health News, on January 22, the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a rumor statement stating that the information about Comrade Liu Qingxiang, deputy director of the Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission, was seriously false. Deputy Director Liu Qingxiang is 55 years old. Since the end of December last year, she has adhered to the front line of pneumonia prevention and control of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan. She has no daughter and only one son works in Han; she and her lover are not doctors, and her lover has cancer Healing has failed in Han last year. The online news is untrue rumors. Please do not believe or spread rumors.

                        Rumor? Peking Union Medical College Hospital confirms that Wuhan pneumonia patients fled

                        According to the official information of @ 北京 协和 医院, "Beijing Xiehe Hospital confirmed that the pneumonia patients in Wuhan ran away". After multiple investigations and verifications, the patient has not lost contact. Confirmed or ruled out cases of new coronavirus infection require multiple reviews and retests. The case was negative after a Beijing CDC review.

                        Rumors: 12 prescriptions for preventing pneumonia in Wuhan, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                        Recently, the so-called "Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Preventing Wuhan Pneumonia" has spread concern on the Internet. In response, the official WeChat public account of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued a statement saying that this party was not formulated by the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At present, hospital experts have been discussing plans for the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus infections in traditional Chinese medicine in accordance with the arrangements of higher authorities.

                        In addition, a doctor in a top three Chinese medicine hospital in South China told a reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald that antiviral oral solution, isatis root and the like would be useless if they were infected and drink, and they would not play a preventive role. According to the current situation, the prevention is unknown. The most effective method of pneumonia is still to wear a mask, wash your hands and ventilate frequently.

                        Rumor? Super communicators have appeared

                        On January 22, Gao Fu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference held by the State Council that there is no evidence that "super communicators" have appeared, but we will pay close attention. He further explained that MERS occurred in the Middle East and there has been no "super communicator". In Korea, "super communicator" has appeared. "Super communicator" refers to a highly contagious person who is more likely to infect others than a normal person, leading to a large-scale outbreak.

                        Rumor? Suspected new pneumonia case in Qingdao Jimo

                        On January 21, some netizens reposted “A Qilunet lightning news release found a case of pneumonia suspected of a new type of coronavirus infection in Wuhan” in Bei'an Street, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

                        In response, Jimo Police quickly organized an investigation and seized the rumor maker Yang Moujie (male, 26 years old and 0) and the rumor spreader Wang Moushi (male, 54 years old), Wang Moujin (male, 21 years old), An Moqin (female, 43 years old), four of whom are from Jimo. After review, the four confessed to the crimes of fabricating rumors and spreading rumors. At present, Jimo police are illegal for suspected fabrication and intentionally disrupting public order. The perpetrator Wang Moushi and the other three were sentenced to administrative detention for seven days and five days respectively.

                        Rumor? The first pneumonia case of suspected new coronavirus infection in Changzhou, Jiangsu

                        On January 21, the official Weibo of the Changzhou Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu issued a police report saying that some netizens had transmitted false information that "Changzhou suspected to be the first case of pneumonia infected with a new type of coronavirus has been isolated in the three hospitals" on WeChat groups. The public security organ immediately launched an investigation and seized the rumor maker Gu Moumou (female, 35 years old, native of this city).

                        According to Gu Moumou's account, he heard the story on the morning of the 21st. Without verification, he compiled the above content and posted it to a WeChat group, which aroused the attention of Internet users and forwarded it, which caused a certain impact. At present, the Public Security Bureau of the High-tech Zone has conducted legal education for Gu Moumou.

                        The police again reiterated that the Internet is not a place outside the law. For acts of fabricating, spreading rumors, and disrupting public order, the public security organs will investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law. It is hoped that the majority of netizens will not create rumors, believe rumors, or spread rumors, and jointly maintain a good network environment.

                        Rumor? A doctor in the emergency department of Wuhan Tongji Hospital died of Wuhan pneumonia

                        Earlier, social network rumors claimed that a doctor at the Emergency Department of Wuhan Tongji Hospital died of Wuhan pneumonia and was the first medical staff to die from Wuhan pneumonia.

                        However, according to a Caixin reporter, several people familiar with the matter revealed to the Caixin reporter that the emergency doctor was infected with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia when he was admitted, and developed fever and other symptoms around January 5. He was admitted to the hospital on the afternoon of January 10. After transferring to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for several days, he recovered well and was able to be discharged soon.

                        A person familiar with the matter told Caixin reporter that before Lu Jun was infected, there was no history of contact with the South China Seafood Market and wildlife. It was clear that he was infected during the hot clinic.

                        Rumors-Beijing bus drivers are not allowed to wear masks

                        According to the official Weibo news of Beijing Public Transport Group on January 23, this report is not true and it is pure rumor in response to the online transmission that the "bus driver is not allowed to wear a mask". According to Beijing's deployment of new coronavirus epidemics, Beijing Public Transport Group attaches great importance to proactive response and has formulated corresponding prevention and control measures. At present, during the period of key prevention and control, all employees on the job are required to wear masks and maintain good living habits and personal hygiene. At the same time, they must perform daily vehicle disinfection and ventilation to create a safe environment for passengers and employees.


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                          Two confirmed patients with new-type coronavirus pneumonia discharged from Shenzhen

                          17:48, January 23, 2020 Source: People's Daily Online-Shenzhen Channel

                          People's Network Shenzhen, January 23 (Wang Xing) This website learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Health and Health Commission that on January 23, after consultation with the provincial and municipal expert groups, two patients with pneumonitis infected with new-type coronavirus in Shenzhen recovered and were discharged.

                          It is reported that the discharged patients were a 35-year-old male patient and a 10-year-old boy patient, and both were confirmed cases reported by the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission. Among them, a 35-year-old male patient lived in Wuhan for a long time. On January 9, he developed symptoms of low fever (no body temperature), cough, muscle soreness, and fatigue. He flew from Wuhan to Shenzhen for training on the 15th and was admitted to the hospital on the 16th. A 10-year-old boy patient visited relatives in Wuhan on December 29, 2019. He developed fever, sore muscles, and sore throat in Wuhan on January 1 this year. He returned deep on January 4 and was admitted to the hospital on January 11.

                          静 Yuan Jing, director of the Second Department of Infectious Diseases, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, said that the two patients had fever and cough when they were admitted to the hospital. The nucleic acid test results were positive and the lungs were inflamed. After treatment, the temperature of the two patients returned to normal, symptoms such as cough disappeared, and lung lesions were significantly better than when they were admitted to the hospital.

                          On January 20, the Shenzhen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the results of two patients who had previously been positive for viral nucleic acid had turned negative; on January 22, the Shenzhen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention re-examined the viral nucleic acid test, and the results of 2 patients remained as Negative, it has met the criteria for isolation and discharge of confirmed cases in the "Diagnosis and Treatment Scheme for New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia" issued by the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission.

                          Yuan Jing said that according to the test results, the two patients no longer have the new coronavirus in their bodies, they are not contagious, and they have reached the discharge indication. "But patients need to be reviewed regularly after discharge."

                          介绍 The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission introduced that the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital (National Infectious Diseases Clinical Medical Research Center) has been set as a centralized treatment site, and the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Health has established a new expert group for coronavirus infection.

                          In addition, for suspected cases, Shenzhen has required various medical institutions to conduct isolation and treatment immediately after discovery, and organize experts to conduct consultations within 2 hours. After the review by the city-level expert team confirmed that the patients who needed to be referred for referral, the “120” dispatched a negative pressure ambulance to transfer the suspected cases to Shenzhen Third People's Hospital for centralized treatment. In terms of materials, Shenzhen focuses on supplementing materials such as testing, personal protection, and on-site killing.

                          As of 24:00 on January 22, Shenzhen has reported a total of 15 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, all of which were treated in isolation at designated hospitals. The 15 cases had a history of Wuhan residence, tourism or case contact.
                          (Responsible editor: Chen Yuzhu, Hu Weihang)
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                          • China is preparing to lock down a second city.


                            “A second Hubei city – Huanggang – is being put on lockdown”


                            • Source:


                              Experts from Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Family clusters should be more stringent in preventing and controlling families and communities
                              Source: Jinyang Author: Feng West Published: 2020-01-23 18:08
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                              Jinyang News. Reporter Feng Xixi and correspondent Huang Qiong reported: The pneumonia epidemic of a new coronavirus infection in Wuhan is touching. With the approach of the Spring Festival, the confirmed cases in various places are constantly updated. On the 23rd, Guangdong Province released the latest data. A total of 32 cases have been diagnosed in the province, 6 of which were family outbreaks involving 17 cases. This also makes many people more worried.

                              On the 23rd, the reporter interviewed Song Tie, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who has been fighting the frontline of epidemic prevention.

                              Reporter: Will the family cluster epidemic increase next? What pressure will be brought to the next epidemic prevention? How will we respond?

                              Song Tie: At present, we mainly focus on imported cases. There are family clusters, but there are also individual cases. Imported cases are on the rise. At present, an important goal of our prevention and control is to prevent it from spreading locally, especially the "second-generation" and "third-generation" cases. At this time, we know that local close contacts have become infected.

                              Judging from the current observations, the emergence of a family epidemic situation should be targeted by home and community prevention and control. For example, those who come to Guangdong from Wuhan or from an area where the epidemic has occurred in Hubei should pay more attention to and manage the health of family members The situation, once symptoms are found, we must pay great attention and go to the designated hospital for investigation in time. Other family members should also take protective measures, wear a mask and observe their condition closely, see a doctor in time if there is an illness, and inform the doctor's family members about the situation.

                              Reporter: Some people say that children with this new virus are not susceptible, but a case of 10-year-old children was reported in Guangdong. Parents are very worried. What do you think?

                              Song Tie: Since this is an emerging virus, we have not seen the characteristics of the affected population in Wuhan and cannot give a proper judgement. But our province did have a case of a 10-year-old child who also became infected in a family cluster. The current situation in our province is that old people, young people and children are getting sick. At present, there are many cases of family clusters. If someone in the family becomes sick, other family members are easily infected.

                              Reporter: Many people now wear masks, but many people don't think it is necessary to wear a mask. Could you please popularize it?

                              The home environment is good, no patients, and in an open area, no masks anyway. But it is recommended that if you go to a crowded place, it is best to wear a mask. If your family has catarrhal or flu-like symptoms, you should wear a mask to prevent infection, and better protect yourself.

                              In the season of high incidence of respiratory infections or diseases, everyone should generally learn the etiquette of masks. If you have respiratory symptoms, wear a mask. Families should also pay attention to the etiquette of masks as much as possible. Wearing a mask can prevent other people's diseases from being transmitted to you, and not from others.

                              This time, a new type of coronavirus infection caused pneumonia. At present, we are not clear about the natural history, development history, and evolution of this emerging virus. We really lack scientific evidence. However, we are all mobilized and controlled in groups. This is correct. We should be extremely vigilant against unknown risks. We also urge and hope that people will go out as little as possible at this time. If you want to go to a crowd gathering place, try to bring a mask and see a doctor in the hospital.

                              Reporter: In addition to wearing masks, many people are now buying goggles. Is it necessary for ordinary people to wear goggles? What is the most effective protective measure at the moment?

                              Song Tie: Goggles play a protective role in specific situations where the eyes are at risk of being contaminated by viruses. This is the same as professional masks, such as N95. Can be used if you are in the ward or caring for a sick member of the family. It is recommended to wear ordinary surgical masks everyday, and it is not necessary to wear goggles every day. At the same time, please pay more attention to the Guangdong CDC WeChat public account, which contains many daily prevention guidelines suitable for our public, as well as special topics on pneumonia.


                              • Source:


                                First confirmed diagnosis of 2 cases of imported new coronavirus infection in Xinjiang
                                Surging News Client 2020-01-23 18:07

                                (Source: Surging News)

                                According to, on January 23, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission confirmed for the first time two confirmed cases of pneumonia of a new type of coronavirus infection in our district. Patient Li, a 47-year-old male, went to Wuhan to study on January 15. After returning to Xinjiang on January 20, he was admitted to the hospital for isolation, treatment due to fever, fatigue, and muscle aches. The virus and nucleic acid test of the National and Autonomous Region Disease Control Center showed positive results. On January 23, the diagnosis and expert group of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control of the Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission evaluated and confirmed that the case was a confirmed case of pneumonia due to a new coronavirus infection. Currently, the patient continues to be treated in isolation at designated hospitals, and his condition is stable.

                                Patient Gu Mo, male, 52 years old, worked in Wuhan for a long time. After returning to Xinjiang on January 19, he was hospitalized for fever, fatigue, and muscle aches. The virus and nucleic acid test of the National and Autonomous Region Disease Control Center showed positive results. On January 23, the diagnosis and expert group of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control of the Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission evaluated and confirmed that the case was a confirmed case of pneumonia due to a new coronavirus infection. Currently, the patient continues to be treated in isolation at designated hospitals, and his condition is stable. Our district has carried out isolated medical observations on 3 close contacts of 2 patients. At present, there are no abnormalities such as fever.

                                Editor: Sichuan Daily Watch Editor