April 9, 2020
First case of ‘relapse of COVID-19’ detected in 40-year-old male in Cambodia

Cambodia’s first case of relapse of COVID-19 was reported today by the Ministry of Health.

The male, aged 40 lives in Phnom Penh’s Russey Keo district. He was treated and discharged approximately 15 days ago.

However, he developed symptoms synonymous with the virus over the weekend and was tested twice since than and both tests returned as COVID-19 positive.

Authorities are believed to be embarking on contact tracing of the said man since his release and return home to check as many of them as possible to ensure that there is no new cluster outbreak.

He has been admitted to the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital for treatment.

His case has been classified as “relapse of COVID-19 illness” by the Ministry of Health, Cambodia...