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Cambodian leader blasts online misinformation about virus

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  • Cambodian leader blasts online misinformation about virus


    Cambodian leader blasts online misinformation about virus
    UNB News Phnom Penh Publish- January 30, 2020, 06:11 PM AP/UNB - AP/UNB 53 Views

    Cambodia's leader urged people Thursday to remain calm about the new virus from China while threatening to kick out reporters or officials seen wearing a face mask.

    Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a live televised address that people should not be scared because the real illness they faced was fear, based on inaccurate information on social media.

    "The prime minister does not wear a mask, so why should you be wearing a mask here," he said.

    Hun Sen, who very actively posts on Facebook, was critical about misinformation about the virus on the social media site.

    He said the scarier illness was the irresponsible sharing of stories online that caused people without understanding of the virus to panic.

    Hun Sen appeared to be referring to unverified social media reports about sicknesses and deaths from the virus in Cambodia. The Southeast Asian country has reported one confirmed case, a Chinese man who traveled from the city hardest-hit by the outbreak...

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    La communication de crise est un Art tr?s difficile et tout le monde doit apprendre tout le temps