Australia to End Travel Ban in Pivot to Living With Covid-19
Fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents will be able to leave and return without seeking permission
By Mike Cherney
Oct. 1, 2021 3:01 am ET

SYDNEY—Australia plans to start reopening its international border in November, ending one of the world’s strictest pandemic-era travel bans as authorities pivot from trying to suppress Covid-19 to living with it.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said travel restrictions would be dropped for fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents, who would be able to leave and return to the country without seeking permission as is required now. They will also be allowed to quarantine at home for seven days, while current rules require returning travelers to pay thousands of dollars to quarantine at government-run hotels or camps for two weeks.

Travel restrictions for international students, skilled migrants and eventually tourists would be eased later. Mr. Morrison said that could happen next year, possibly sooner, for some of those groups.

“The time has come to give Australians their lives back,” Mr. Morrison said...