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Australian doctors demand coronavirus plan as some say they feel 'woefully unprepared'

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  • Australian doctors demand coronavirus plan as some say they feel 'woefully unprepared'


    Australian doctors demand coronavirus plan as some say they feel 'woefully unprepared'
    GPs raise concerns about their level of capacity as they prepare to meet with the chief medical officer
    Melissa Davey
    Thu 5 Mar 2020 16.30 GMT
    Last modified on Thu 5 Mar 2020 16.36 GMT

    Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone
    The Australian Medical Association’s Tony Bartone says not enough information on coronavirus is being shared with frontline health workers. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

    Doctors will demand to be told what the plan is to cope with coronavirus when they meet with the chief health officer on Friday, as some raise concerns about their level of capacity and preparedness.

    The federal government is holding a Covid-19 meeting with GPs and workers in primary care. While there have been 52 cases confirmed in Australia, with no sustained community transmission, new cases are identified every day. The source of infection is unclear in three cases.

    The Sydney GP Richard Nguyen said he felt “woefully unprepared” for patients that may start coming to his practice with symptoms or for testing.

    “There has been a lack of communication,” he said.

    “I don’t know of any GP practices that would be capable of testing or seeing a suspected case. In our practice we have four consult rooms plus a procedure room. We’d have to dedicate one room as an isolation room. And then you’d have to clean and disinfect the room – logistically it’s just impossible for several reasons, including that we don’t have the physical space.”

    The head of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Tony Bartone, said it was clear not enough information was being shared with frontline health workers including emergency doctors and general practitioners...

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    you probably need these "isolation points" where those cases are being "concentrated"

    and surveilled which can't safely isolate at home.

    Were these mobile units ? Or maybe offices or classrooms in areas where those are closed anyway.

    I remember how the Chinese report each day the number of people being

    "concentrated", "released", "suspected" (2 sorts of suspected, both translated as suspected by google)

    You should provide them with info, computer/tablet/smartphone, telefone, radio/TV, food, heating.

    And a 5-man-team to check by telefone the contacts, and whether someone gets worse.

    I assume these are only in the cities and suspects in the countryside that can't safely stay

    at home must first be safely transported to the next city

    It must be organised.

    People must cooperate. Will they accept Chinese levels of comfort during isolation/concentration ?
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
    my current links: ILI-charts: