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Coronavirus in Algeria: Several hospitals on the brink of saturation

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  • Coronavirus in Algeria: Several hospitals on the brink of saturation


    Coronavirus in Algeria: Several hospitals on the brink of saturation
    By Pica Ouazi
    June 23, 2020 3:26 p.m.
    In Society
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    Several hospitals in the country have found themselves saturated after the increase in coronavirus contaminations. Hospital units dedicated to the care of patients with Covid-19 are on the verge of explosion. They lack beds for new patients and find themselves in a complicated situation.

    For the nursing staff, hospitalization of new patients is becoming a real headache given the lack of beds in the regions where the pandemic has flared up in recent days. This is the case at the level of the hospital structures of Djelfa, Batna, SÚtif, Mila and Oran which were unable to meet the demand for hospitalization. Doctors have, moreover, repeatedly warned of the desperate lack of resources and especially of beds.

    Other wilayas, like Biskra, Ouargla, Mascara and Blida, are experiencing a new upsurge in contamination. Their hospitals will soon suffocate, knowing that they are already finding it difficult to "fit" the new patients. To counter this saturation, patients requiring immediate hospitalization are placed under observation in structures other than health, such as CFPAs and university housing estates. The premises of these institutions are naturally not suitable for medical care, as they are not equipped with the necessary equipment.

    This situation is due, according to specialists, to the total deconfinement of 19 wilayas and partial of 29 others, decided by the government. This decision raises fears of a return to square one, especially as the epidemiological situation in recent days is worsening, with an increase in positive cases in several regions of the country.

    A finding confirmed by the health authorities. The latter do not exclude, moreover, a total containment of areas that have become hotbeds of pandemics, as well as the strengthening of sanitary measures to contain it.