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Coronavirus and Iran: Hospitals refusing to treat Afghans living in the country
Fearful of Covid-19 and unable to access healthcare, tens of thousands Afghans are fleeing Iran. But is Afghanistan better poised to help?
By Ali M Latifi, Roya Heydari
in Kabul
Published date: 20 March 2020 09:55 UTC | Last update: 30 min 32 sec ago

For nearly a month, whenever Rafih called his family in Tehran, he noticed that each member sounded sick.

But the worst was his 60-year-old grandmother. “She was always coughing and coughing over the phone,” the 26-year-old waiter at a hip Kabul caf? said.

For weeks, starting in mid-February, the family, who had fled to Iran during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, went from hospital to hospital, seeking a diagnosis for their ailing grandmother...