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Taiwan Economics during outbreak

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  • Taiwan Economics during outbreak
    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As Taiwanese go out less to shop and dine due to coronavirus (COVID-19) fears, the e-commerce market has flourished.

    According to PChome 24h, the second-largest Taiwan e-tailer, its sales of food and beverages doubled after Taiwanese returned to work following the Lunar New Year vacation. The top three best-selling products included instant noodles, rice, and milk powder.

    The e-commerce platform believes, according to a CNA report, that people are choosing to eat at home rather than dine out. Instant noodles and rice are popular items, while milk powder for infants is also selling fast.

    Buy123, an e-tailer owned by KuoBrothers, has experienced a similar boost, with sales of prepared food climbing by up to 30 percent over the past two weeks. The company's top three food items are said to be dumplings, rice, pizza, and scallion pancakes
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."