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Overview of Variants in Countries

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  • Overview of Variants in Countries


    Graphs show for each country, the proportion of total number of sequences (not cases), over time, that fall into defined variant groups. Countries are displayed if they have at least 50 sequences in any variant being tracked. Countries are ordered by total number of sequences in tracked variants.

    The grey colour between the top of the coloured curve and '1' on the Y-axis is composed of variants, lineages, and mutations that we don't currently track.

    Since mutations could appear in multiple variant, only variants are plotted below.

    Particularly from early 2021 many countries have started preferentially sequencing samples to detect the main variants of concern (see 20I/501Y.V1, 20H/501Y.V2, 20J/501Y.V3). Often this is through sequencing samples that have an 'S-drop-out,' which in particular biases the frequencies of Variant 20A/S:439K and 501Y.V1 (shown here as a bias in the 3 variants of concern). Alternatively, this can be through preferentially sequencing cases with particular travel histories, or connections to known cases of the variants of concern.